The beautiful feminine art of receiving

September 22, 2022

The beautiful feminine art of receiving, an article for the woman who wants to learn how to receive from the masculine energy sources in her life.


One of the biggest challenges I faced on my journey of feminine embodiment was learning the feminine art of receiving.

Living in my hyper-masculine energy was my constant state. Forget about my dating matches, I didn’t even know how to receive from my peers, from my team, from friends in my social circle, or from my own family members.

In fact, my personal journey of feminine embodiment started first at my workplace. (all in my second book)

The more I softened in my feminine essence, the easier I started finding it to delegate tasks to my team, to receive support from my peers and managers and to let my work friends pay for me.

I went from being an epitome of over-giving and people-pleasing to a woman who felt worthy of receiving the love, respect, support, admiration from people in her life.


So, this is what I discovered in that process of transitioning from my hard, hyper-independent self to a soft, receptive version of me: 

The more connected we are with our femininity, the deeper our connection with our self-worth grows.

The more we believe we are worthy, the easier it becomes for us to receive. 

To receive from the..

  • Divine power.
  • loving matches in our dating circle.
  • our doting partner, friends, well-wishers, colleagues.
  • helping staff in our office, in our building residence, at the restaurant we eat. Basically from any and everyone we meet in our daily life. 

And finally the more comfortable we get with receiving, the stronger our connection with our feminine essence becomes. 

What a beautiful cycle, isn’t it? 

Our feminine energy is the energy of being (not doing), after all. When we practice being in the moment and not trying to prove our worth by over-giving, over-doing, pushing and striving, the more space we create for the masculine energy sources in the world to serve us, to provide for us, to nourish us. 

But for that to happen, we must first be open to receiving.

Staying open to the idea of receiving

Imagine being on a date and taking a moment to feel the energy that wonderful man has put in setting up the date, choosing a lovely setting for you both and is trying his best to ensure you have a nice time with him. 

Feeling all of his efforts, the affection underneath and soaking yourself up in that love and generosity. And then simply letting him know how much you appreciate it with your warmth, joy and with a simple ‘thank you’. 

It makes his evening. It makes his day. You’ve ended up inspiring this man to do all the more for you. To probably even go out of his way next time to be your hero again. 

So next time, when someone does anything for you- may be a friend who genuinely has a compliment to offer, or a colleague who wants to pay for the lunch you both just had, pause for a moment, feel their affection, generosity, warmth towards you and receive it fully. 

Let the energy of that person’s efforts drench your being, even just for a moment, and then just let them know with a small or big thank you how much you appreciate that gesture. 

Learning the feminine art of receiving

Just like any other art, this feminine art of receiving too can be honed with practice provided we are willing to liberate all that’s in the way of us feeling worthy of receiving all the goodness life, God, men, money, you name it, is constantly sending our way.

I have witnessed this in my lived experience that when we successful women, the ones with a lot of winning, giving, achieving masculine energy learn this beautiful feminine art of receiving, our power in life grows manifold. 

  • We become adept at knowing where to control and where to surrender.
  • We become fluent in giving only when we are fully resourced.
  • States of feeling burnt out or resentful are not a reality for us anymore.
  • We finally learn and live life in congruence to our true nature, to our feminine essence of being, receiving, feeling, sensing and more.
  • We figure out that we really don’t have to do it all to have it all.
  • We learn that collaborative partnerships are so much better than the cut throat competitive way of living and working we were conditioned about.
  • We ultimately realise that our worth is not defined by how much we do, give, perform, achieve. Our worth just is. It is a given. 

And from that place, when we show up in the 3D world, we make it easier for the masculine energy forms around us to give to us. Simply because now we have become experts in living in our feminine energy of receiving.

We don’t reach for the check at the end of the date and let the man pay for us.

When we feel the urge to give back something in return, we smile and say, “thank you for the lovely dinner.” 

At work, when our computer has had a glitch and our colleague offers help, we say “yes please, I’d really appreciate that.” 

At the supermarket, when a lovely man offers to lift our bags and place them in the trolley, we say, “yes, thank you, so kind of you.”

When our partner wants to drive all the way to come pick us up and take us out, we let him do that and say, “thank you honey for doing that for me.

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Polarity between the masculine & feminine energies

When someone does something for us, whether it’s the Universe surprising us in its mysterious ways OR the human beings in our 3D reality participating in acts of service towards us, we receive that gift, that gesture with an open heart and acknowledge it with our energy and words filled with joy, radiance, and warmth.

By laws of polarity, the masculine providing energy in any and every form feels that appreciation and makes it their mission to give us even more. 

Whether it’s the Universe that responds to our feelings of gratitude and keeps fulfilling all our hearts desires

OR the men in our life who feel like a hero upon receiving our appreciation and want to give us even more, OR

the people in our social circle who notice the acknowledgment of their simple efforts, they are all embodying their masculine providing, protecting energy in those moments of service towards us.

When we live in embodiment of our feminine energy and are able to receive those gifts of service, the polarity between the masculine and feminine dynamic gets activated. (I share more about the laws of feminine-masculine polarity in my book, Becoming a Goddess in love.)

The larger our capacity to receive (and appreciate what we’re receiving), the more that masculine source wants to keep giving to  us.

The dynamic between the giving and receiving energy is the same throughout. 

The Divine (masculine) keeps fulfilling our desires when we know how to receive and acknowledge what has been already given/ done for us. (we have learnt so much about the power of gratitude, haven’t we?)

The men in our lives want to devote themselves in our service when we have learnt how to receive their efforts and respond with our joyful radiance.

Whatever we appreciate, grows manifolds. And we can only appreciate something with utmost sincerity when we have the capacity to receive it.

Here onwards, I invite you to remember that you are worthy of every single wonder that comes your way.

Let this reminder help you create space in your heart to receive, appreciate and celebrate all those wonders regardless of who they come from. 

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