hi beauty! I’m Navdeep,

a feminine embodiment coach, writer & meditation teacher. My zone of genius lies in helping sensitive, high-achieving women reconnect with their magnetic feminine essence and call in their deepest desires in life, love, business & money with utmost ease & pleasure.

My journey of feminine embodiment began through a long and mystical series of divinely orchestrated events.

Even though in the early years of life I was drawn towards a state of ease and flow, as if you know from that very young age I was connected to my natural state of being in my feminine energy, it didn’t take me long to fall victim to the unhelpful beliefs of our overtly-masculine world, that tell you life is hard, that nothing in life comes easy or that you either come first or you are the last.

In the pursuit of my heart’s deepest desires, I didn’t even realise when my devotion turned into just pushing, striving, hustling and proving myself and my worthiness to the world.

Whatever I received in return of that hustle felt so little and so unfulfilling that I knew there was something I wasn’t doing right.

There was this recurrent nudge, this lingering conflict in the way I was working, loving and living and yet I continued to ignore it for the longest time.

Hi beauty! I’m Navdeep Kalra

I consider myself deeply fortunate to have had attracted circumstances in my life, first at my workplace and then in my love life that served as more than a wake up call and made me reconsider my deeply masculinised ways of living, loving and working. 
What started as a mini health crisis in my mid-twenties led me to learning the art of slowing down, of rejoicing in the stillness of my life, of reconnecting with my softness and sensitivity.
At the time, I was unaware that through these divinely orchestrated events, I was being guided back home to my essence as a woman and being shown the path to the most feminine, feeling, sensing, enriching way of life.

My journey of feminine embodiment has taken me inwards to such unruly depths of my being, reconnecting me to my feminine power and my ability to create massive ripples of transformation in every area of my life.

I never knew it was possible…

…to experience the joy of life in my own body this way,

…to feel worthy of every desire of my heart,

…to tune into my pleasure as and when I want,

…to source all my answers from the divine wisdom of my feminine being.

…to witness myself become a woman who can magnetise her heart’s deepest (& wildest) desires with so much ease & pleasure.

I continue to weave this learnt, lived and embodied wisdom in all my offerings, on my ever-unfolding journey of feminine reconnection and remembering.

And as you too will witness on your path of feminine embodiment, this is an ongoing journey.

It is this soul-nourishing process of reconnecting with your soul seed, with who you were sans all this conditioning, before all these narratives that have so sneakily manufactured your life so far.

I created this business after finally surrendering to the repetitive call of my intuition asking me to share this life-generating wisdom of feminine embodiment with more women in the world. It was during my international practitioner trainings that I learnt that this wasn’t a ‘cultural’ thing that was just needed by the women around me.

Every day since then, I have continued to witness how, regardless of where we come from, what cultures of origin we have may, most of us women have been conditioned by the overtly-masculinised beliefs around how we are supposed to live, love and work.

Because of this conditioning, we have become habitual of over-using our masculine energy completely forgetting / undermining the feminine gifts that we were naturally and abundantly endowed with.

We have been so convinced to follow the performing, proving, striving, overworking, over-giving, pleasing and fixing route that we don’t even realise as to when this way of functioning starts defining our worth, defining what we deserve.

We end up falling prey to these belief systems that in order to feel accepted, to be loved, to feel enough, we need to strive, we need to do whatever it takes to meet the expectations of others.

In the work I do as a feminine embodiment practitioner, I see a reflection of my past in the lives of the women who seek out my support. The same disconnection from their inherent feminine gifts, the same disharmony between their inner feminine & masculine energies.

The impact of this disharmony on their work lives leading to deep discontentment and mental, emotional & energetic burnouts. The impact of this disharmony on their love lives leading to the reversal of polarity in their romantic relationships.

Because of the truth wisdom I discovered on my path of feminine embodiment, I carry in me a deep faith that they will find their way back to themselves too.

And they always do.

I have witnessed this work transform the lives of my clients in ways that are often inconceivable to my own practitioner wisdom.

Whether it’s been through working with me privately, or through my self-guided offerings or through the writings on my widely loved blog, I have witnessed the lives of my clients take 180 degree turns in their careers, in their love lives, in their relationship with themselves.

I have always believed that being a woman is truly a super power and that any woman who knows how to turn within and connect with her inherent feminine wisdom can have it all, the definition of that ‘all’ being her sole discretion.

If you identify as a naturally feminine essenced woman who feels like she has been conditioned to overtly use her masculine energy of striving, proving, effort-ing in every area of her life, you’re in the right place.

This process of reconnecting with your feminine essence will feel like coming home, coming home to yourself, becoming one with your truth. 🪷

Through the feminine embodiment practices that helped me melt my hard masculine shield and reconnect with my feminine radiance, I help my clients call in their deepest (and wildest) desires in life, love, business & money under the potent guidance of their feminine essence.

The work I do with women is trauma-informed, involves emotional embodiment and is somatic in nature. My coaching style empowers them to attune to their feminine, feeling nature and call in their heart’s desires by identifying their deeply internalised barriers and releasing them with grace.

In my experience of serving my clients through my 1-1 offerings, self-paced courses and meditation programs, I have seen my work help them develop trust in their power and restore the lost connection with their sovereignty.

A respite from the orthodox methodology of coaching that is often hierarchal and directive in nature, the modality of feminine embodiment coaching lovingly guides you to turn inwards to your body’s inherent wisdom and receive your answers from a place of embodied truth.

After all, whatever it is that we are seeking outside of us- love, success, abundance or more intangible desires like self-worth, joy, and radiance- the path to them is already present within us.

It is revealed to us when we’re willing to trust the wisdom of our body and attune to our natural feminine essence.

Since there’s no rulebook that says that you have to do it all alone, I invite you to begin your journey of feminine embodiment through the following offerings and explore the infinite possibilities that exist for you.

Emotional embodiment and somatic experiencing are two themes that form the essence of all my offerings. And so even if private coaching is not the path for you, you will find yourself being guided back home to yourself through my gentle, yet powerful self-guided offerings.

Private Support

private support

As someone who has deeply benefitted from private coaching containers, I feel there is a lot of potency for transformation when we are in a safe, guided space for our unraveling and healing.

If you’re at a point on your journey of feminine embodiment where you need the support of private coaching to attract your heart’s desires in life, love, biz or money, you’re welcome to explore my currently available 1-1 offerings & choose an option that works for you.



If you prefer self-study over 1-1 support, you’re welcome to explore my offerings of self-guided courses and gain mastery in the skills of feminine embodiment in life, love and biz.



If you prefer the meditative route, you can learn how to somatically connect with your feminine essence through these powerful primal feminine moving meditations.



if you love learning by reading, you’re welcome to learn the skills of feminine embodiment in love through my ebook Becoming a Goddess in love.

Navdeep is a true gift to this world.

Her calm, nurturing presence allowed me to feel immediately at ease and like my full heart could open in the session.

In our time together, I moved through layers of pain and into an incredible expression of joy. Navdeep was with me every step of the way, listening and guiding me deeper into my body.

If you are looking to embody your power, your joy, your essence, then give yourself the gift of working with Navdeep!


United States

The coaching session with Navdeep was such a deep experience!

Before working with her, I was feeling slightly anxious and uncertain about the direction I decided to take my business, while also being incredibly excited and passionate about it.

Her masterful coaching and feminine approach helped me stay with my own anxiety and let it speak through my body without trying to fix it or change it.

Navdeep has such a warm, calming presence and was able to hold space for me to just be with me, my body, and its sensations. She was so incredibly patient with my long periods of silence.

I felt so unrushed to feel something in the first place and could just let my body communicate with me in its own timing. I didn’t feel obliged to explain myself or put into words right away the somewhat indescribable sensations I was feeling which allowed me to go much deeper into my own experience.

I was able to recognize how my inner fire, excitement, and high expectations of myself were burning me from the inside and were leading to exhaustion. I left the session with a great reminder that I needed more lightness which I was able to invite and embody thanks to Navdeep’s guidance.

As a result of my coaching with Navdeep, I feel much lighter, more relaxed, and more confident to move my business forward with lots of energy that is fueling but not destructive.



Navdeep has a very gentle and empathetic way of coaching.

I felt very much at ease and in good hands as we explored some of my challenges together in our session.

She also made sure that I walked away with something concrete and actionable, which made me feel like I could immediately change something about my situation.

Overall a very nourishing and enriching coaching experience. Thank you Navdeep!



In just 4 sessions, Navdeep helped me to remember my strengths and find the motivation that I needed to begin my new business venture.

Before working with Navdeep, I had a lot of doubts and worry about how to start my business but she enabled me to gain the confidence in myself, listen to my heart and take those first initial baby steps.

I would highly recommend Navdeep as a coach for any women wanting to find and live from their inner truth, strength and feminine power.

She is a warm hearted and inspirational coach whose sessions always left me feeling like anything was possible!


United Kingdom

Navdeep is an incredibly talented Feminine Embodiment Coach.

She holds a really gentle and yet powerful space for growth.

I approached Navdeep for a session around money and my career and from just 1 session I moved from a space of fear to great strength and gratitude and have noticed how I can show up so differently at work now.

I highly recommend working with Navdeep and I look forward to my next session.



Navdeep is a wonderful coach.

I felt safe to dive deep into vulnerable topics and get to the heart of what was weighing heavily on me during our time together.

As a result, I feel an increased sense of confidence around my ability to reach my professional goals and to do it with more fun and ease.

After working with Navdeep, I have so many ideas and insights around how to move forward practically to ensure productivity without burning out.

I highly recommend Navdeep if you’re an ambitious woman who wants to succeed in business and life while enjoying the ride.


United States

I was finding it really difficult to make decisions and move forward in certain areas of my life. I was feeling so overwhelmed and lost and wanted to find clarity and peace with the choices I had to make.

I saw that I had lost my power and passion for life. I too often felt like the victim. I felt I had no control over my life and I had lost my way.

The work with Navdeep helped me to work out what is important to me and how to shift my perception. I’m still me, but a more positive, self-assured version of myself.

I feel more gratitude and more love for myself. The coaching was empowering and I harnessed the inner strength that I have always had, I just needed to re-discover it.



I truly loved working with Navdeep.

Navdeep had the awareness and skills to help me identify and work through the true underlying issues in my relationship.

It all came down to beliefs and bad habits I could not see for myself. We not only dismantled those beliefs holding me back, but replaced them with new, more loving skills.

I am in a tremendously different place since working with her. The obstacles that weighed too heavy on me are just in my memory.

I would sincerely recommend Navdeep to any woman. She is a truly profound and transformative woman that I have been blessed to work with on my path.


United States

I decided to work with Navdeep privately because I was struggling to deal with my peers in the male-dominated industry I work in. I used to feel exhausted most of the time, not just physically but also emotionally and mentally.

My sessions with Navdeep helped me heal my relationship with my sensitivity. I am now more patient and kinder to not only the world around me but also to my own self.

I feel like I have become more content instead of being passive aggressive like before. This has also been helping me communicate better with the people in my life.

I admire the patience with which Navdeep held space for me in our sessions. She gave undivided attention to all that I wanted to share and discuss. The space I got in a great listener like her was the one thing that had always been missing in my life. She heard me in the real sense of the word.

The coaching with Navdeep helped me get back in touch with myself and feel more at home within after almost a decade of my life.

I would highly recommend her to any ambitious woman who wants to find her version of inner balance.



If you’d like to work with me privately, I’m currently offering three programs for a 1-1 coaching partnership. You may go through their details and if you find something that speaks to your heart, you may apply for a complimentary connection call with me.
Navdeep is an indigenous Indian woman born and raised in a Punjabi- Sikh family from North India. Holding a Bachelor’s Honours degree in Mathematics and a Master’s in Business Management, she exited the corporate space in 2019 ending a prestigious international career of six years with the Dubai franchise of a Fortune 500 company.

In her capacity as a dual-certified feminine embodiment coach, writer & meditation teacher, she has helped women in over 57 countries melt their masculine shields and reconnect with their feminine radiance.

She believes that being a woman is truly a superpower and that any woman who knows how to turn within and connect with her body’s feminine wisdom can have it all, the definition of that ‘all’ being her sole discretion.

As an Indian in deep reverence for her eastern roots, you’ll find all her offerings as a culmination of Vedic living, Tantra, spirituality and somatic healing with her formal training in the field of trauma-informed, feminine embodiment arts.

All of her offerings are centred around teaching women the skills to peel the layers of their hyper-masculine conditioning and reconnect with their magnetic feminine essence, thus calling in their deepest desires in life, love, business & money with utmost ease & pleasure. Her favourite client stories are those where their work together facilitated the transformation that years of talk therapy couldn’t.

A previously hustle-oriented, disconnected, disembodied woman, through a long series of divinely orchestrated events, she discovered her way to this deeply fulfilling way of living, loving and working by returning home to her feminine essence. And now, she shares this life-generating wisdom with women from around the world.

Outside her feminine embodiment practice, she is a passionate environmentalist and a sustainability advocate. When not exploring the beaches of the world, she spends her time in her kitchen, preparing vegan versions of her favourite meals.