1. Definitions

1.1 We, us, our, refers to Navdeep Kalra and her organisational entity.

1.2 You and your refers to the purchaser of goods, audio or video content from Navdeep Kalra.

1.3 This is a contract between you and Navdeep Kalra.

1.4 “Lifetime Access” means ongoing and complete access to the digital products purchased from this website.


2. Contract

2.1 When you purchase audio or video content from us, we grant you a licence (which is limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable) to listen to, download or stream such content to your computer and/or other device(s) solely for your personal, non-commercial use. You agree to not otherwise copy, reproduce, distribute or use the content other than as set out in this contract. You must not sell, transfer, lease, modify, distribute or publicly perform the content in any manner and you must not exploit it commercially. You agree to not tamper with the content or create any derivative works without our consent or authorisation.

2.2 We may terminate your license to use your purchased products if you breach this contract, ending your access to all our programs and community support resources.

2.3 All creations by Navdeep Kalra including the website copy, the newsletters and the programs’ content are an intellectual property. Infringement of this property by you may lead to legal action.

2.4 If you buy our offerings (specifically e-courses) on instalment plans, the lessons of the program will be drip fed to you as you clear your each month’s instalment payment.


3. Payment

3.1 All offerings by Navdeep Kalra are charged in USD.

3.2 If you enrol in any of our programs via the monthly instalment plans, we offer you one week’s grace period to clear an over-due payment. Post which we revoke your access to the program contents. Both the grace period intimation and final notice are sent to your registered email address.


4. Warranty

4.1 We will repair or replace at our discretion any goods that are physically defective for the period of 3 months after purchase. This warranty does not apply to defects which occur because of misuse or accidental damage.


5. Refunds & exchange

5.1 For all the digital products purchased on this website, the sales are final and not refundable. Please follow your inner guidance when you’re deciding to make a purchase. If you have doubts about any product, we advise you to get in touch with us and have your concern addressed before making the final purchase. You may write to us at [email protected].

5.2 We don’t offer refunds in case of copyright/contractual violations as outlined in points 2.1 to 2.3.

5.3 We don’t offer refunds to those banned from our live programs/ group coaching collective on account of violation of our brand’s NO policies as shared below.


6. Privacy

6.1 You agree to our Privacy Policy available on the website.


7. Trade marks

7.1 Trade marks used on the Website belong to their respective owners. You must not use any trademark displayed on the Website without the express written permission of us or the third-party owner.


8. Our NO policies

8.1 At navdeepkalra.com, we show zero tolerance towards any words or actions that speak of racial supremacy, homophobia, man-bashing and personal attacks of disrespect towards us, our support team or our community members.

8.2 If any such instance is highlighted in our client support community, the Goddess Suite, it will result in immediate and permanent ban of the person from that group as well as from any future live programs or trainings.

8.3 If any such instance is highlighted in our coaching collectives or live runs of e-courses, we will first contact the person accused. If found responsible, the person will be immediately and permanently banned from the ongoing program and from all future live programs or trainings.

8.4 At different points in the admission process to our group programs, we will be reminding you of our NO policies. Failure to comply with them despite the multiple reiterations will result in your permanent ban from all live rounds of the group coaching programs available on navdeepkalra.com.


9. Content usage for visibility & marketing

9.1 When you share your feedback/experience about our offerings in our program community groups or client support groups, you consent to us using that content for our promotions and marketing. As a company policy, we mask your identity to protect your privacy.


10. Plagiarism & copyright infringement

10.1 We show zero tolerance towards plagiarism or copyright infringement of any creation by Navdeep. To understand this policy better, please revisit points 2.1 to 2.3.

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