3 main reasons why we struggle with our feminine embodiment

3 main reasons why we struggle with our feminine embodiment

3 main reasons why we struggle with our feminine embodiment, an article for the woman who wants to liberate the obstacles to her feminine embodiment and return home to her raw, untamed, organic feminine essence.


I was recently having a conversation with a client who had approached me to seek support with her feminine embodiment.

She shared with me how all she was expecting to receive was a reconnection with her feminine essence but this process had opened her eyes to so many things in her life that she has either numbed herself around or was choosing the avoidant strategy to navigate those challenges. 

It reminded me of my own journey of feminine embodiment that first began in my hustle-filled corporate life, then created ripples of transformation in my love life and is now reflective in my business and my relationship with money. 

Very often, we think of our feminine embodiment as a modality, a concept, a theory that we need to somehow ‘get’ to be truly embodied in our (feminine) essence. 

But if we pause to reflect, we will realise how our feminine embodiment is simply we embodying our truest essence. We inhabiting and living in connection with who we are at our raw, organic, untamed, conditioning-free level.  

This is why when we start peeling the layers of our (mostly hyper-masculine) conditioning and begin connecting with our feminine essence, it feels like we are coming back home to ourselves. To who we naturally are. To the unique design nature gifted us with. 

I have noticed how when I work with women supporting them with their feminine embodiment, my subconscious is always collecting information around what are the reasons as to why then we struggle with our feminine embodiment. If our essence is a part of us, why does it not come to us naturally to return home to it, to reconnect with it? 

Today, I want to share with you three of those reasons I rank highest in that list. (Not a coincidence that these were the very reasons that kept me disconnected from my feminine essence for years.)

#1. Our fast-paced, effort-centred conditioning

To be able to connect with our feminine energy, we need to slow down and practice embodied presence in a given moment. But how do we do that if our conditioning since birth has been to constantly be on the move? 

We have been so deeply trained to value momentum over stillness, hard work over rest and play. It’s not a surprise why so many of us lose touch with our femininity and gravitate to the far masculine end of our energy where we want to control everything in our lives, where the energy of effort-ing precedes meaningful inspired action, where busyness equals productivity.

Our default instinct is if we are not ‘doing’ enough, we are not worthy enough of the desire we are calling in. 

This ends up relinquishing our feminine magnetism that is alive when we are in our ‘being’ energy, in our energy of play, rest, pleasure and flow. 

One of the course students of my 7-step feminine energy activation program Rise with the Feminine shared this with me recently,

“What drew me to this program was a desire to actually feel my feminine energy vs what the mind tells me is the feminine. For the first time I have been able to feel that I have been in stagnation & freeze within myself and my emotions. This program has allowed me to see why my life has been a circle of the same thing because I only knew how to operate from the masculine & was very unhappy. Just constant go go go all the time & finally a massive exhale and relaxing and has shown me where I need to let go & release.”

This is such a simple yet powerful example of how our fast paced, effort-oriented conditioning depletes our connection with our feminine essence and becomes one of the primary obstacles to our feminine embodiment.

#2. Our somatic state 

A while ago a dear friend of mine texted me after almost a year since our last conversation. A new mother of two, she was catching up with me and sharing her motherhood tales. It took me more than a week to be able to answer a simple question of ‘how are you?’

With our earth at the centre of polycrisis, I have found myself going into freeze mode more than ever. I don’t remember the last time I had to turn to my embodiment practices this frequently to regulate my somatic state.

So when her texts flashed across my mobile screen, even though I was fully embodied and aware of my state of freeze and numbness then, I wasn’t feeling anywhere close to my inner magnetism and pleasure. It was only after shifting my somatic state that I was able to receive my friend’s love and respond to her texts.

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(Side note: this is different from how I used to live my life in my disembodied years where I was completely numb and unaware of my inner world, let alone my feminine embodiment.) 

So this is how our somatic state facilitates or obstructs our connection with our feminine essence:

If we are numb to our feelings and our heart’s deepest desires, the process of our feminine embodiment stays disrupted.

If our body is carrying past trauma of any kind, it doesn’t have the ‘normal’ capacity to flow, to receive, to stay open, to even feel our feelings. 

If we are carrying the weight of the world in our shoulders and muscles, it’s going to create constrictions in the innate flow of our feminine energy. 

This is why everything that I teach across my work, whether it’s my private coaching or my self-study resources, it’s all a blend of theoretical/ educational concepts with integrative tools like embodiment techniques, somatic meditations and conscious breathing practices. 

Because we really can’t think our way into our feminine embodiment (I spent years trying to). It is through tuning into our somatic state- our feelings, our sensations, our energetic pulsations- can we arrive to our embodied truth that’s stored in our beautifully wise feminine body. 

#3. Our relationship with ourselves

Often overlooked and underestimated in the list of reasons we struggle with our feminine embodiment is our relationship with ourselves.

When we set out on our journey of feminine embodiment, we are returning back to ourselves. To our core. To our essence. If we don’t have a healed/embodied  relationship with ourselves, who are we going to come back to? 

If we haven’t accepted who we are as we are, why will we want to come back to that version of ourselves?

Some common notions circulated in the space of new age spirituality are around raising your vibration, moving into the ascension mode, towards your higher self, etc. What many of us don’t know (including me in the past) is that this is an ideal example of spiritual bypassing. 

If we can’t embrace our shadows (our grief, our rage) how are we going to illuminate and receive their medicine? 

If we consider our natural gifts of softness, sensitivity and vulnerability as our weaknesses, how do we expect these precious qualities to reflect in our energy? 

If our understanding of ‘healing’ means we are broken and in need of fixing, how is that process of healing going to be embodied? 

If we don’t know how to accept and love ourselves why we are as we are, how are we ever going to be able to change a bad habit, break an unhelpful limiting pattern of living, loving, leading and more? 

No one of us is perfect, nature is no way is perfect. It is in our imperfections that we find the beauty of being alive, of being a part of the Divine feminine ecosystem of nature and life. 

When I was creating my signature 7-step feminine energy activation program Rise with the Feminine, one of the steps that found its place in the natural order of this offering was that of embodied self-love. Because time and again, I have witnessed that our self-acceptance and self-love are the origin points of our feminine embodiment. 

Every single student who has learned from this program has unearthed a completely unique need in their subconscious and has gained a new perspective around loving themselves more deeply and wholly.

One of the course students sent me this email halfway through the program, “I had a family event that I decided to attend & decided that I actually wanted to look well & invested in something nice for myself to wear not cheap per usual & it was a different experience. &&& I now understand from your program why I have debt. Many many many ahas. I couldn’t understand before I have been in debt like 10*. Pay it all off & amass even bigger debt the next go around.

It was everything you said in your program. So I could finally find compassion and forgiveness for myself for acting against my own best interests. Many many gems, thank you for creating something authentic & truly helpful.” 

This is how important a role our embodied self love + acceptance play in the process of our feminine embodiment. They remind us of our divine enough-ness as we continue to unravel and un-become all that we are not.

journey deeper

And so, if you’re desiring to liberate the obstacles to your feminine embodiment and return home to your raw, untamed, organic feminine essence, I invite you to explore Rise with the Feminine, my 7-step feminine energy activation program. 

This is a deeply transforming program designed to help you somatically embody your feminine essence and live, love and lead from your feminine heart + power.

So many women from around the globe have signed up to this powerful offering and are experiencing such phenomenal shifts in their inner and outer reality.

“Hi, I bought your rise with the feminine program and seriously love the program so much.

I immediately saw how I have only ever operated in the masculine & felt all the frustration of never ever having my needs met in a relationship. Just unwinding now & it feels so good.

Thank you for creating this program, I have hope that my life is improving. Looking forward to being first in my own life now as well.” 

“Seriously the best investment I’ve made to step into my own feminine energy with tools I’ve learned from this program. Educational and to the point. Sort of like dusting off my own inner compass. I would recommend this program to any woman looking for a deeper self connection.”

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9 signs that convey if our feminine energy is blocked

9 signs that convey if our feminine energy is blocked

9 signs that convey if our feminine energy is blocked, an article for the sensitive, heart-led woman who wants to learn how to liberate the blocks to her feminine embodiment & reconnect with the flow of her life-giving, feminine energy.


Have you ever wondered what really disconnects us from our inherent feminine energy? 

So, our feminine energy is the energy of feeling, flowing, sensing, receiving, surrendering. 

When free of inner constrictions, the inherent nature of this energy is flow. It reflects in the lightness of our being, in the depth of our pleasure, in our surrender to the Divine power.

When constricted by fear, shame, emotional trauma, or any other form of frozen tension, this innate flow of our feminine energy gets blocked, disconnecting us from experiencing the full spectrum of our life-force, our eros, our vitality.

Before we get to the embodied resolution of this shared experience of so many of us women, let us look at the symptoms, 9 signs to be specific, that convey if our feminine energy is blocked.

One. When we find it difficult to be present in a given moment. 

We operate under the hyper-masculine conditioning of always being on the go, always hustling, always pushing and striving for results.

Relaxation, slowness, stillness for us equate to laziness, stagnancy and losing the race. 

Our nervous system is either constricted or dys-regulated, to the extent we live out our days in constant fight or flight mode.

Two. When we attach our worth to how much we can do, achieve, earn & own. 

We have internalised the capitalistic theme of the world to an extent that we now derive our inherent self-worth from anything & everything outside of us.

In life, we constantly rely on things outside of us to feel worthy.

In love, we equate our self worth to the attention of the men/ man in our life.

At work, we assume our worth as equal to our pay, our designation, our recognition. And are afraid to ask for what our time, energy and labor is worth.

In business, our censored creative expression, our over-working & people-pleasing approach and our depletive prices might be a reflection of our connection with our self-worth.

Three. When we try to control the outcome of all situations in our life. 

We’re deeply conditioned to believe the illusion of control as the ultimate truth.

We struggle with letting go, practicing surrender and inviting the grace of the Divine power in our life.

Our wonderful masculine quality of maintaining order and structure has crossed the threshold of sanity and is now practised in excess (and often toxic) amounts.

As a result, we find ourselves often feeling overwhelmed and burdened by the weight of life and its problems. 

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Four. When we struggle with setting (and protecting our) boundaries. 

Enmeshment and codependency are some of the common patterns in our life and relationships.

We follow the much celebrated sacrificial way of living where we pour from our cup until it runs dry.

We have a difficult time saying NO and prioritising our well being at the most intricate level.

Our life oscillates between the states of over-giving and resentment. 

Five. When we suppress or deny our darker, heavier emotions. 

We’ve been sold the idea of pseudo-spirituality that’s all about love and light.

We label our pain (and hence the world’s pain) as bad.

Often a product of toxic positivity, this approach has numbed us to an extent that we’re disconnected from the other half of our emotional spectrum, that is our pain, our grief, our rage, aka our (deeply potent) dark and heavy emotions.

We struggle to sit with our feelings when we’re in distress and often use ‘positive affirmations’ to stuff our tender emotions and move past that uncomfortable situation as soon as possible.

Six. When we struggle with receiving support from the masculine energy sources in our life. 

A common result of our hyper-independent conditioning is our inability to receive support from the giving, masculine energy sources in our life.

We struggle with asking for help in our day to day life.

When the empowered masculine men want to be in service to us, we reject them as boring men.

We pile up our work desk in the I-know-it-all-stride and don’t know or believe in delegating work to make our life easier and simpler.

Seven. When we envy and resent other women. 

One of the most prominent signs of our feminine energy being blocked is when we suffer from the Sister wound, a successful product of the world’s capitalistic, patriarchal systems.

Perhaps inflicted in early years of life during our interactions with other females in or outside our family, this wound is still alive in our being and it dictates how we perceive or be with other women.

Embodied sisterhood, the true hallmark of femininity, is missing from our life. 

Eight. When we consider vulnerability as a weakness.

We carry misconceptions around the true meaning of emotional vulnerability, often mistaking it as fragility or as a weakness.

Under the former assumption, we believe that vulnerability means emotionally vomiting out in front of a new social or romantic connection.

And under the latter assumption, we keep our hard masculine shield on, refusing to let romantic and social connections truly see us for our beauty- perfect and imperfect included. 

Nine. When our love for ourselves is conditional. 

We often dishonour ourselves in pursuit of a man’s love, affection and attention.

We frequently abandon our own needs to fit in our social circles.

Our connection with our inner child is either absent or in need of serious repair.

Habitual or sub-conscious self-sacrifice is a recurring theme in our life.

As someone who has experienced and liberated these (and more such) blocks on her journey of feminine embodiment, here’s what I can share with you:

These blocks that are often misunderstood as our natural/ definite state, are actually the result of our inter-generational + childhood trauma and our societal + cultural conditioning that leads to a dis-embodied relationship with our organic (feminine) essence. 

These barriers to our feminine embodiment can be dissolved and our connection with our feminine nature can be restored to wholeness when we know how to drop below the surface level of our healing and liberate these blocks from their roots in our body.

If you’re looking for a self-paced resource to learn these skills, my 7-step feminine energy activation program Rise with the Feminine is for you.

This deeply potent offering has been designed to help you somatically embody your feminine essence and livelove and lead from your feminine heart + power.

In the last 6 months, the women who have covered this step-by-step process have experienced such heart-opening ripples of transformation in their lives. 

That’s the beauty of our feminine embodiment. When we take the somatic route of connecting with our feminine essence, when we learn to liberate the constrictions in the flow of our feminine essence, it reunites us with our subdued power that’s present in our body in form of our life-force energy, our life-giving feminine energy. 

This offering is the right fit for you:

~ if you understand feminine energy at the intellectual level but want to experience it somatically (in your body).

~ if you want to learn how to live, love & lead in connection with your feminine heart + power,

~ if you’d like to learn a simple (and proven) step-by-step process that will help you melt your masculine armour + reconnect with your feminine magnetism.

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