What balance between our feminine & masculine energy truly means

What balance between our feminine & masculine energy truly means

What balance between our feminine and masculine energy truly means, an article for the woman who wants to discover her unique version of inner balance.


When I (accidentally) set out on my journey of feminine embodiment, I was living life on the far masculine end of my nature’s spectrum. Almost every area of my life had me striving for the actualisation of my desires.

I was completely out of alignment with my organic feminine nature and on most days, I felt exhausted from that go-go, masculinised way of living, loving and working. 

The subsequent years led me inwards into the depths of my femininity, helping me move from that far masculine end to the more feminine end of my being. 

Except, I didn’t anticipate what was about to go ‘wrong’ in my life. I had flung a little too far on that feminine end, often finding myself feeling needy for external support. 

On a subconscious level, I knew I needed my inner masculine to provide me with that safety and support but the memories of my past hyper-masculine life scared me of losing myself to that over-drive, striving, effort-ing way of life again.

Most days felt like I was drowning into my helpless, over-sensitive nature often triggered by the inner wounding and trauma that would surface every now and then. In absence of my connection with my empowered inner masculine, I lacked the capacity to hold space for my grief and healing alike.

I remember one particular instance in that brief period of time when I felt like a true ‘damsel in distress’ wanting a man, wanting anyone to just come rescue me from the dark night of my soul.

That moment felt like a true wake up call. 

As someone who had made it all the way from her humble beginnings to the many versions of her dream life, I knew it was possible to restore my connection with my empowered masculine energy.

So I began with what felt true to me at the time.

I started by first healing the wounding of my inner feminine. And then slowly rebuilding my relationship with my inner masculine.

Gently and gradually, I started trusting my inner masculine to support me in ways that honoured my sensitivity and feelings. 

In the space of my love life, this looked like letting my masculine energy pour into me, provide for me, take care of me so I could joyfully receive from men without the former neediness. 

In the space of my business, this looked like setting embodied boundaries around my work schedule and creating automated systems of structure and support that allowed my (feminine) soul to rest and play as and when she wanted.

Soon enough, I started noticing how regardless of the complexity of the tasks I undertook, I was head over heels in love with the flow of my life. The most mundane activities in my day-to-day life started feeling so luscious, where I’d often find myself marinating in the pleasure-filled sensations pulsating in my body while living out my life’s purpose through this business. 

This phase of my life marked the inner union of my masculine and feminine energies. I had found my inner version of balance between my healed + empowered masculine and feminine energies. 

A sense of balance that has only refined and further deepened over the recent years. 

When I decided to translate my personal journey of feminine embodiment into this business, I set the intention to ensure that my offerings were created with this sacred dance between our inner masculine and feminine energies. I wanted my clients to begin the process of their feminine softening without undermining the importance of their inner masculine essence.

Over the last three years of doing this work, I have witnessed my clients – both who have worked with me privately and who have learnt from my courses – go far and deep on their journey of feminine embodiment without falling into the possible inner wounding that can be caused in the absence of their inner masculine connection (that creates space for their emotional regulation and safety). 

Specifically while coaching clients one-on-one, I have come to notice how for sensitive-hearted women who have a wild heart full of desires, a healthy connection with the inner masculine is deeply integral. 

If our feminine energy is the river whose nature is to flow, our masculine energy signifies the two banks guiding that river in the direction of our heart’s desires. To be able to soften, surrender, melt in our feminine beings, we need the safety, the support of a structure that our inner masculine essence creates for us. 

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For instance, in the space of our intimate relationships, we need our masculine essence to nurture us, to provide for us, helping us not become codependent on a man – an external masculine energy source in our life. 

Similarly, in the space of our work, career, business, we need our inner masculine to create structures and systems in which our inner feminine – our creativity, our intuitive inspiration can dance and flow. 

Just like swinging to the far masculine end of our nature’s spectrum tends to harden us and disconnect us from our own heart, living at the far end of our feminine nature often leads to inner wounding and sinking into a victim state of helplessness. 

Balance between our feminine and masculine energy

A sacred balance between our masculine & feminine energy is rarely a fifty-fifty split. In my experience of working with women from diverse cultures and backgrounds, I have learnt that every feminine being’s inner version of this balance is unique, with the scale always titling towards the more feminine end of the spectrum. 

For women who have been conditioned for years (for some, decades) to overtly use their masculine energy to drive their life, to love and lead with, walking on the path of their feminine energy embodiment feels like coming home. Coming home to themselves, coming home to their organic feminine nature.

It is in this process of feminine softening that their (healthy) masculine essence plays the pivotal role of creating a safe structure in which they can continue to soften, to shift from the far masculine end towards the feminine end of their nature’s spectrum.  

In complete absence of their masculine essence, women find themselves feeling needy, relying on the outside world for validation, for comfort, for safety, most often embodying the modern day damsel in distress archetype. (It’s important to note that there’s a BIG difference between receiving + relishing the support of the masculine energy sources in our lives – be it men, God, or money AND expecting any of these sources to come rescue us.)

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If you’re a sensitive, high-achieving woman desiring to discover your inner sense of feminine-masculine balance, I invite you to explore the following resources:

~ If you’re looking for a simple (and proven) step-by-step process to melt your masculine shield and reconnect with your feminine heart + power, you may explore Rise with the Feminine, my 7-step feminine energy activation program. 

~ And if you’re desiring deeper healing, you can learn how to peel the layers of your hyper-masculine conditioning and reconnect with the full spectrum of your femininity with my core feminine embodiment course Your Magnetic Femininity.

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Letting our inner wild woman lead the way 

Letting our inner wild woman lead the way 

Letting our inner wild woman lead the way – notes from my life in the wilderness.

When I decided to quit my well-established corporate career out of the blue, everyone around me thought I had lost my mind.

There were a lot of conversations, some pleading me to recall my sanity, some requesting me to stay back coz they’d miss having someone like me around, others rejoicing that the exit of of a high-performer would open up work opportunities. 

Amidst it all, I lay there, unfazed, unaffected by the chaos I had stirred up around me. I didn’t know how to make sense of that decision myself. All I knew was that there was no going back from that point.

The once distant call of my inner wild woman asking me to walk away, walk away from everything known and comfortable, I could hear it so loud and clear. Asking me to run, lay, sleep, weep, dream, desire, in the lap of the wilderness that was awaiting me. 

It’s been 5 years in this wilderness but it feels like my forever home. Where I can be free, be me, be one with who I always was. 

My life in the wilderness 

On this path of reuniting with my inner wild woman, I have discovered things I didn’t know existed in me. I have made friends with my shadows, I have healed some long forgotten scars.

So many masculine shields that I was using to guard myself, have been melted away. I have learnt to suck the juice of life in moments that previously used to numb me to my core.

I’ve learnt to make friends with my rage, letting it guide me to do the things that mean the most to me. I’ve learnt to stand up for myself, stand up for what matters to me even if it has nothing to do with me. 

Acknowledging my anger before it turns into rage has helped me receive the medicine, the message it brings with it every time. Channeling that message in form of meaningful actions has helped me become the sovereign woman I am today. 

I’ve learnt to acknowledge my desires – the raw, the bold, the fierce, the unattainable – all of them as they are. Once upon a time suppressed and buried, I’ve witnessed all of them spring up one by one leading me to create the most delicious life ever. 

No desire feels big anymore. No desire feels scary anymore. 

When a new desire takes birth in my body, I listen to its sound, I feel its texture in my body. I let it tell me what it’s here to tell me. And then I get to doing the doing that needs to be done to call this desire in my three-dimensional reality.

When the world feels overwhelming and too scary, I close my eyes and turn to my inner universe, to my wilderness within. I soften into my body, I melt in my seat, and I let myself travel the seas and the mountains within, journeying deeper into my heart and soul to find peace within, to find love within, to find joy within, to receive my answers within.

It feels surreal to know that there’s been a universe inside of me all this while and I was going on living my life completely oblivious of it. 

Letting our inner wild woman lead the way

Can you close your eyes and listen to your inner wild woman today? 

What does she have to say to you? 

How would she like you to live? 

How would your life be different if you listened to your inner wild woman today? 

What would you say YES to? What would you say NO to? 

How differently would you love, how differently would you lead and create?

All of us have her with us- the inner wild woman. Some call her the dark feminine, some call her the huntress, some call her the Kali. 

She is the one who takes care of us, who sets the boundaries for us, who upholds those boundaries when the moment arrives. 

Our inner wild woman is the one who shows us the way to follow the beating of our hearts and walk in the direction of our desires.  

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She is the one who gives us courage to soften, to tend to our sensitivities when the world around us is burning, is hardening. 

Our inner protector, our inner Kali, she is the one that guards us without building walls around us. 

She is the one that reminds us of our inherent worthiness when we have forgotten our value, our glory, our magnificence. 

The most powerful archetype of our Divine Feminine, she is the one who takes care of our tender, feminine heart and guides us to protect the things and people we love.

What would our lives be without her, I often wonder. We’d be long lost in this wilderness of life if it wasn’t for her. 

She is our inner compass, our inner guide. 

She is the one who reminds us that even when we slow down to rest and recuperate, we are guided, we are protected, we are provided for. 

In her presence, we can remove our hard masculine shields and connect with our tenderness.

She is our inner Goddess, always watching over us, always taking care of us. 

Reconnecting with my inner wild woman has been one of the deepest joys of my life. She is the remembrance of who I always was.

The birth point of my rising, of my pleasure, of my magnetism. 

She has helped me break free from my societal mould of the nice girl and become the fiercely feminine woman I am today. 

journey deeper

Walking the path of this wilderness has been a blessing beyond imagination. Guiding women on this path an even bigger gift. 

Last summer, women from different walks of life joined us in the live round of my core feminine embodiment course Your Magnetic Femininity. I witnessed them transform into wildly magnetic Goddesses in that short span of 3 months.

If you’re looking for the support of self-paced resource to reunite with your inner wild woman too, you might like this offering. Here’s where you can find out more. 

And if you need the support of a private coaching container to navigate the wilderness of your life, here’s where you can find the next steps.

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9 signs that convey if our feminine energy is blocked

9 signs that convey if our feminine energy is blocked

9 signs that convey if our feminine energy is blocked, an article for the sensitive, heart-led woman who wants to learn how to liberate the blocks to her feminine embodiment & reconnect with the flow of her life-giving, feminine energy.


Have you ever wondered what really disconnects us from our inherent feminine energy? 

So, our feminine energy is the energy of feeling, flowing, sensing, receiving, surrendering. 

When free of inner constrictions, the inherent nature of this energy is flow. It reflects in the lightness of our being, in the depth of our pleasure, in our surrender to the Divine power.

When constricted by fear, shame, emotional trauma, or any other form of frozen tension, this innate flow of our feminine energy gets blocked, disconnecting us from experiencing the full spectrum of our life-force, our eros, our vitality.

Before we get to the embodied resolution of this shared experience of so many of us women, let us look at the symptoms, 9 signs to be specific, that convey if our feminine energy is blocked.

One. When we find it difficult to be present in a given moment. 

We operate under the hyper-masculine conditioning of always being on the go, always hustling, always pushing and striving for results.

Relaxation, slowness, stillness for us equate to laziness, stagnancy and losing the race. 

Our nervous system is either constricted or dys-regulated, to the extent we live out our days in constant fight or flight mode.

Two. When we attach our worth to how much we can do, achieve, earn & own. 

We have internalised the capitalistic theme of the world to an extent that we now derive our inherent self-worth from anything & everything outside of us.

In life, we constantly rely on things outside of us to feel worthy.

In love, we equate our self worth to the attention of the men/ man in our life.

At work, we assume our worth as equal to our pay, our designation, our recognition. And are afraid to ask for what our time, energy and labor is worth.

In business, our censored creative expression, our over-working & people-pleasing approach and our depletive prices might be a reflection of our connection with our self-worth.

Three. When we try to control the outcome of all situations in our life. 

We’re deeply conditioned to believe the illusion of control as the ultimate truth.

We struggle with letting go, practicing surrender and inviting the grace of the Divine power in our life.

Our wonderful masculine quality of maintaining order and structure has crossed the threshold of sanity and is now practised in excess (and often toxic) amounts.

As a result, we find ourselves often feeling overwhelmed and burdened by the weight of life and its problems. 

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Four. When we struggle with setting (and protecting our) boundaries. 

Enmeshment and codependency are some of the common patterns in our life and relationships.

We follow the much celebrated sacrificial way of living where we pour from our cup until it runs dry.

We have a difficult time saying NO and prioritising our well being at the most intricate level.

Our life oscillates between the states of over-giving and resentment. 

Five. When we suppress or deny our darker, heavier emotions. 

We’ve been sold the idea of pseudo-spirituality that’s all about love and light.

We label our pain (and hence the world’s pain) as bad.

Often a product of toxic positivity, this approach has numbed us to an extent that we’re disconnected from the other half of our emotional spectrum, that is our pain, our grief, our rage, aka our (deeply potent) dark and heavy emotions.

We struggle to sit with our feelings when we’re in distress and often use ‘positive affirmations’ to stuff our tender emotions and move past that uncomfortable situation as soon as possible.

Six. When we struggle with receiving support from the masculine energy sources in our life. 

A common result of our hyper-independent conditioning is our inability to receive support from the giving, masculine energy sources in our life.

We struggle with asking for help in our day to day life.

When the empowered masculine men want to be in service to us, we reject them as boring men.

We pile up our work desk in the I-know-it-all-stride and don’t know or believe in delegating work to make our life easier and simpler.

Seven. When we envy and resent other women. 

One of the most prominent signs of our feminine energy being blocked is when we suffer from the Sister wound, a successful product of the world’s capitalistic, patriarchal systems.

Perhaps inflicted in early years of life during our interactions with other females in or outside our family, this wound is still alive in our being and it dictates how we perceive or be with other women.

Embodied sisterhood, the true hallmark of femininity, is missing from our life. 

Eight. When we consider vulnerability as a weakness.

We carry misconceptions around the true meaning of emotional vulnerability, often mistaking it as fragility or as a weakness.

Under the former assumption, we believe that vulnerability means emotionally vomiting out in front of a new social or romantic connection.

And under the latter assumption, we keep our hard masculine shield on, refusing to let romantic and social connections truly see us for our beauty- perfect and imperfect included. 

Nine. When our love for ourselves is conditional. 

We often dishonour ourselves in pursuit of a man’s love, affection and attention.

We frequently abandon our own needs to fit in our social circles.

Our connection with our inner child is either absent or in need of serious repair.

Habitual or sub-conscious self-sacrifice is a recurring theme in our life.

Dear one, our feminine embodiment is us inhabiting all of ourselves fully. It is our deepest, most profound connection with all that we are. It is the highest level of service we can offer to ourselves. 

I have seen this in my life + in the lives of the women I work with that when we start reconnecting with any one element of our femininity, it is bound to have a ripple effect in all areas of our being. And soon enough, it reverberates through our energy and lets the world know how embodied we are. 

journey deeper

If you want to learn how to liberate the blocks to your feminine embodiment from their roots in your body, I invite you to explore the following resources:

~ If you want a simple (and proven) step-by-step process to melt your masculine armor and reconnect with your feminine radiance, you may explore Rise with the Feminine, my 7-step feminine energy activation program. 

~ And if you’re desiring deeper healing, you can learn how to peel the layers of your hyper-masculine conditioning and reconnect with the full spectrum of your femininity with my core feminine embodiment course Your Magnetic Femininity