Your sexy authenticity

October 18, 2022

Your sexy authenticity, an article for the woman who wants to embrace her natural feminine flavour & design and show up as her radiant self in her love life.


Late last year, I was invited to speak on a podcast about dating in your feminine energy.

What was intended to be just a quick chat about some great benefits of feminine dating turned into an explosive conversation about my early experiences of dating. 

One of them in particular left us in splits. So I thought, how about I share that with you today.

The memorable dating experience

It dates back to the New Year’s Day of 2020, exactly a month and a half before I got stuck in India for two whole years thanks to the pandemic. 

I guess I remember this date so well because it happened to be one of my last few fun dates before the dating hiatus. 

So I matched with this fine Italian man around Christmas and he asked me out for New Year’s Day. I didn’t have any big New Year’s Eve plans so assuming that I’ll be having a relaxed next day, I said yes to his request.

Turns out, I forgot that I was supposed to complete an art work for a client (I was exploring a career as a functional artist back then). 

Naturally, by the end of the day, I was kind of exhausted but since he was coming all the way to pick me up, I thought, “what the heck, I’ll just go and have a good time.”

And so I did!

This gentleman was wise enough to plan a romantic dinner for us at a Greek restaurant where they had plenty of options for the vegetarian (now vegan) me. 

He did all the work- from driving to the opposite end of Dubai to pick me up, choosing this lovely place so thoughtfully, ordering food for both of us- while I sat there relaxing in my seat, enjoying mine and his company. 

After the lovely meal, he offered to take me for a walk by the lake. As we chatted and shared more about our lives, I could sense the tiredness hitting me and asked him if we could leave. Seeing me yawn one after another, he immediately took us back to the car and drove me home. 

What happened next was shocking. Actually shocking for him, very unlikely for me. 

As he was driving us back, he wanted to continue our chat. But here I was, drowning in my sleep, trying to keep my eyelids open so I could look at him while talking. 

I don’t even remember when while answering his question, I just dozed off. I could see him through the peep of my eyelids but I just couldn’t hold back the sleep. 

I’m giggling so hard right now reimagining that moment because that was so unlike me! I was the queen of auditioning for men on my dates, sitting upright, looking beautiful, doing everything to just impress the F out of them. 

But here I was, the same girl who couldn’t give a damn because she was sleepy. 

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Guess what happened next?

In one of my successful attempts to open my eyes, I sneaked a look of this man racing his car as fast as he could, constantly repeating the words, “we are almost there, we are almost there…” 

I found that super adorable and yet a part of me thought that he would be so pissed at my behaviour. But with that Greek food in my tummy and the tiredness of an honest day’s work, I couldn’t give a damn even if I wanted to.

And so the next day, I even forgot about him and carried on with my day. 

Later in the evening, I received a text from him asking me when he can see me again. I laughed so hard, I still remember. And then shared that screenshot with my best friend with the caption “WTF!”

Of course I didn’t understand it back then as to why this was happening. I was pretty new to the world of feminine embodiment and was literally playing hit and trial with my attempts at modern dating. 

But this experience was such an eye opener for me. It was screaming out loud to me in so many words that my authenticity is attractive. That my realness is attractive. 

When I replied to him saying the current week looked really busy, this was his reply to me, “next week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, any day is fine with me. I just want to see you again.” 

My face went red. This was big for someone like me who had never been treated like the prize she always was! 

I know I’ll remember this and many such experiences for the rest of my life because they helped me lay the foundation of my worthiness that I now breathe in every single day.

Our magnetic femininity

This example is such a beautiful reminder that when we’re embodying our feminine energy of ease, flow and pleasure, we..

~ are magnetic to the right men, 

~ don’t feel scared to show up in our (sexy) authenticity, 

~ become irresistible to a man who is used to women auditioning for him.

The ability to tap into this ease of mine is the most beautiful gift I have given myself thus far. And because I now know how awesome life feels with it, I want you to understand how integral it is to show up in your love life feeling comfortable with all of you.

Our naturally sexy authenticity

We get so used to attaching our enough-ness to things outside of us thinking that only if we do or do not behave a certain way, we would become more attractive. That only if we looked slimmer, healthier, fairer, a little darker, taller, or a little shorter, men would find us more desirable. 

All the while the truth being that we are whole just the way we are. We are gifted in how we look, how we are designed by nature. 

And that just doesn’t include our external appearance. 

It includes our beautiful quirks, our little eccentricities, our occasional weirdness, our playfulness, the part of us that can’t stop giggling during a funny movie scene, that has to go ‘awww’ at cute babies in restaurants. 

When we show up in our love life masking this authenticity, we are doing a disservice to our love life, depriving men of the experience we bring to the equation. 

Our authenticity, that is a combination of all our imperfections, our quirks, our silliness, our cuteness and more lovely things is so damn sexy!

There’s nothing more appealing to a (empowered masculine) man than a woman who’s confident enough to own all of herself 

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