Your process-oriented feminine energy

April 11, 2023

Your process-oriented feminine energy, an article for the woman who wants to activate her feminine magnetism by embodying her pleasure-centred feminine energy.


Over the last couple of years, my relationship with my pleasure has grown to depths I didn’t even know existed in my five-dimensional body. 

When I am in pain, I turn to my pleasure. When I am desiring to get my creative juices flowing, I turn inwards to my pleasure. When I need to amp up my productivity, I turn to my pleasure. When I am on not so exciting dates, I turn to my pleasure. 

It is this same pleasure that makes anything I do now so much more enjoyable, fulfilling and nourishing.

Our pleasure can be so multi-faceted and yet most of us haven’t even felt its power. (I hadn’t until 2021.)

In fact, one of the lesser known facts about our feminine energy is that it is our process-oriented energy. At the center of which lies our pleasure. 

In contrast to our outcome-focused masculine energy, the embodiment of our feminine energy involves enjoying the process of doing something, relishing in the pleasure of doing it and deepening our nourishment as we do it.

We could theoretically memorise everything that it takes to turn on our feminine magnetism but if we don’t know how to connect with our pleasure and enjoy the process of calling in our desires, the equation remains as incomplete. 

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Let me explain this with the help of a recently lived experience.

The week before last, as I was prepping up to launch my core feminine embodiment e-course, I caught the seasonal virus and fell sick. My head was reverberating with thumping sensations, my chest was congested and the throat hurt like anything. 

I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little disappointed. I had looked forward to this time in my life ever since I started this business.

In less than a day, I had gone from jumping in excitement looking at the content schedule for the e-course to doing steam inhalations, drinking Ayurvedic kadha teas and taking warm baths on a loop.

In between all of that, I kept expecting myself to freak out with fear as I used to back in my corporate days if anything went wrong before my big work presentations. But, to my surprise, none of that was happening this time around. 

I looked at what I had outlined for the course launch and felt prepared to deliver it. And so, I decided to put a pause on the program preparation,  prioritise the important things on my work-list, and go about doing life as usual but with deep rest mode activated for the next few days. At the end of each work day, connecting with the many threads of pleasure available in my body, I let my mind, body and spirit rest like a well-fed baby. 

Even on the day of the launch, as my body was still recovering from the weakness, I could contact my feel-good sensations and let my pleasure guide me into the next steps. 

What happened next was a little surreal. 

The launch schedule didn’t go as planned, we came up with an alternative solution and I eventually ended up delivering way more than I had initially planned. Not only did it make that module richly packed with quality content but also did it become the the most pleasure-filled work I had ever delivered in my capacity of a feminine embodiment practitioner.

Clearly, my own standards around making my future offerings have been raised now, standards that I would gladly love to match. As I share this instance in this article, I am letting my pleasure guide me in the direction of re-designing some of my upcoming e-courses.

While recording the Module 8 of my core feminine embodiment course Your Magnetic Femininity, something came through me that I want to share with you today.

When we are in the process of calling in our desires, the only way to tell if we’re embodying our feminine magnetism is to explore if we are enjoying that process and having fun on the way. 

Our pleasure is the only yardstick we need to determine how magnetic we are being in the manifestation of any desire of our heart. Doesn’t mater how big, how impossible, how wildly daring that desire may be. 

Our pleasure connects us to our aliveness and our aliveness is we embodying our feminine energy at all five dimensions of our being. 

Ask any embodied high-achieving woman and she will tell you that she won’t take a route to call in her desires if it doesn’t feel good. 

So next time, when you find yourself in the pursuit of your heart’s desires, pause to find the most pleasure-filled, most enjoyable way to go about it and see the magic!

If you need support with learning how to do that, I invite you to explore my core feminine embodiment course Your Magnetic Femininity.

This offering will help you peel the layers of your hyper-masculine conditioning, reconnect with the full spectrum of your feminine, feeling, naturally magnetic nature and restore your wholeness as a woman.

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