Did you know that when we women are connected with our feminine energy, we become magnetic to our heart’s desires?

And that embodying this energy of enough-ness, receptivity and surrender is integral to our overall nourishment?

Dear woman, your feminine energy is inherently magnetic.

It is replete with your self-worth, softness, power and magic!

When you learn to live in embodiment of this energy, it feels like coming home, to yourself, to your truth, to your natural essence.

This energy has been present within you since the time you took birth earth-side. Perhaps forgotten, perhaps neglected, perhaps undermined.

It is still there waiting to be ravished by you, acknowledged by you, to become one with you.

If you’ve been desiring to connect with this life-giving energy and revel in the sweetness it brings to your life, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to this 3-month advanced feminine embodiment course where I show you

how to peel the layers of your hyper-masculine conditioning,

embody the full spectrum of your magnetic, feminine nature

…and restore your wholeness as a human, as a woman.


Come learn how to connect with Your Magnetic Femininity.

Have you ever noticed how some women can so easily attract all the success they work towards?

They still do the work yet there’s something so effortless in the way they carry themselves, in the way they show up in the world?

And have you noticed how some women can attract men to themselves like bees to honey, no matter how they look, how much they earn or where they come from?


Then there are women who are always happy and content within themselves no matter what their bank balance is, no matter who stays in their life or leaves it, no matter who says what about them?

These are the women who have their feminine magnetism turned ON.

This program is for you if..

➤  you want to connect with your natural essence as a woman.

 you want to release your burnout-oriented, hyper-masculine conditioning and embrace your organic feminine design.

 you want to learn how to slow down in your thoughts, in your actions, in your speech, in your moments of intimacy and savour life’s juiciness.

 you want to learn how to tune into your feminine sensitivity – your softness, your gentleness, your radiance and your heart.

 you want to develop an internal support system to navigate anxiety, restlessness & impatience in the current scarcity-driven world.

 you want to feel more connected with your emotions and be able to speak your truth without fear.

 you want to learn how to build an empowered relationship with your feminine magnetism – your pleasure, your desires and your worthiness.

you desire to develop an unbreakable connection with your feminine power – your sacred rage, your embodied boundaries and your intuitive intelligence.

I gifted myself this course because I wanted to be in my feminine and heal myself fully from the feminine side.

This journey of reconnecting with my femininity was amazing, I truly have no words that can fully express just how life-changing this course has been.

Navdeep’s personality and her passion is inspiring, she really gives you everything you would ever need. I loved how everything was broken down perfectly into every aspect that a female could ever need.

The modules felt so impactful, I did not realise how everything is connected in such an intricate way.

I loved the Primal Feminine Moving Meditations, especially the liberation practice. I have a lot to let go of and this has helped me on this journey.

This is the best feminine energy course I have ever done!



Come, let’s take a look at the course curriculum now.

Pre-work module: Laying the foundation
Module 1: Your Feminine Embodiment & Feminine Archetypes

    Part One ~ Embodying your feminine energy
    Part Two ~ The Seven feminine archetypes
Module 2: Your Innate Worthiness

    Part One ~ Embracing your beautiful human imperfections.
    Part Two ~ Embodying your natural feminine design
Module 3: Your Feminine Radiance

    Part One ~ Reconnecting with your feminine softness.
    Part Two ~ Practising the beautiful art of vulnerability
Module 4: Your Feminine Power

    Part One ~ Embracing, embodying & channeling your sacred feminine rage
    Part Two ~ Learning the art of setting embodied boundaries
Module 5: Menstrual Wisdom & your Feminine Reconnection

    Part One ~ Embodying your Sage archetype in your inner autumn & winter phases
    Part Two ~ Embodying your Queen archetype in your inner spring & summer phases
Module 6 : Your Sacred Sensuality and Sexuality

    Part One ~ Activating your sensual connection
    Part Two ~ Healing your relationship with your sexuality
Module 7: Embodied Self-care and Self-love

    Part One ~ Practising self-care at all five dimensions of your feminine, feeling body.
    Part Two ~ Practising embodied self-love by healing your Mother and Father wounds and reparenting your inner child.
Module 8: Your Feminine Magnetism

    Part One ~ Practising the feminine art of sufficiency
    Part Two ~ Connecting with your Divine intuitive wisdom
    Bonus part ~ Learning the feminine art of manifestation through ‘Activate your Feminine Magnetism’ program.
Module 9: Your Embodied Sisterhood

    Part One ~ Healing the patriarchal Sister wound
    Part Two ~ Integrating the course lessons in your body
In addition to the enriching curriculum and the powerful somatic embodiment practices shared in this program,

you also receive the following delicious bonuses at no additional investment.

BONUS 1. A pre-work module that covers all the basics of your feminine embodiment (you can continue to practice them while learning the deeper concepts in the course).

BONUS 2. Lifetime access to my powerful manifestation e-course Activate your Feminine Magnetism.

BONUS 3. Lifetime access to the PFMM bundle, the collection of all my Primal Feminine Moving Meditation programs.

BONUS 4. A bonus lesson to understand the differences between your Wounded & Empowered (primal) Feminine energy.

BONUS 5. Lifetime access to my client-exclusive community for on-going support.
BONUS 6. A secret bonus that might change your life.
BONUS 7. Lifetime access to all contents of this program.
BONUS 8. Access to all future updates made to this program at no additional investment.

Let’s take a look at the value you receive when you sign up to this course today:

~ 31 x educational videos to understand the theoretical concepts of your core feminine embodiment. (Value : $3720)

~ 23 x somatic embodiment meditations & breath-work practices to support your integration. (Value : $1380)

~ 19 x journalling workbooks to journey deeper into your feminine embodiment. (Value : $475)

~ A vault of nourishing bonuses (Value : over $600)
Total program value: over $7075
Presently available for $597

*The price of this course is soon rising to $777. You can get this offering at the current investment before it increases forever.

During the live round of this course, we had women from such different walks of life join us.

It was my greatest joy & honour to witness them transform into magnetic goddesses in a short span of three months!

You too can receive the wisdom of this core feminine embodiment course and use it to peel the layers of your hyper-masculine conditioning, embody the full spectrum of your femininity and become a magnetic woman in life, love and leadership.

Abundantly infused with breath-work techniques, embodiment meditations and somatic practices, the 18+ parts of this course will take you on an inward journey of exploring & connecting with the core elements of your femininity.

You will find yourself sitting with eyes closed, earplugs inserted and tuned into your heart– the emotional centre of your being and your womb– the creative centre of your being, receiving the life-transforming wisdom that this course has been created to offer you.

Each module serves you a meditative experience, enabling you to unravel and connect with a specific element of your femininity using the wisdom of your body.

If you’re desiring to go deeper than the intellectual level and connect with the full spectrum of your femininity, this course is for you.

Navdeep Kalra

Hi beauty, nice to meet you!

I’m Navdeep Kalra, a feminine embodiment coach, writer and meditation teacher.

In the last three years of my practice, I have helped women from around the globe use the power of their magnetic femininity to attract their heart’s wildest desires in life, love and business with utmost ease and pleasure. And this is what I have found in common.

Thanks to our hyper-masculine, patriarchal conditioning, not many of us know this but magnetism is the core quality of every feminine energy woman.

It is a gift that is available to all of us feminine energy beings. It is a gift all of us women are born with. It is a gift that is ever present within us, whether or not we choose to use it.

So then the big question is-

if as feminine energy beings, our feminine, feeling, magnetic nature is so innate, so inherent, why don’t we get to feel it in our day to day lives?

Why are we so disconnected from this silent superpower of ours?

Well..there are many causes of this phenomenon.

The biggest and the most common one of which is our hyper-masculine conditioning that has turned us from magnetic beings to hustlers,

brainwashing us into thinking & believing that the only way to have what you want is to hustle hard, to chase your dreams…

..when actually you can attract to yourself all that you want by simply turning on your feminine magnetism.

Regardless of what part of the world we come from, this conditioning is so universal, it is what has disconnected us..

~ from our feminine roots,

~ from the co-creative power of our sacred womb space,

~ from the gifts that can make us magnetise our heart’s wildest and deepest desires with utmost ease and pleasure.


This conditioning has so sneakily but expertly tricked us into believing that our worth, our enough-ness is attached to

how much we can produce, how much do we earn, how do we look, how perfect we can be..

..thus disconnecting us from our innate sense of worthiness that forms the core of our feminine beings.

As a result of which, we are today living, loving and working from a place of scarcity instead of our feminine value of sufficiency.

When something doesn’t go our way, instead of turning inwards to recalibrate our intentions & liberate all that’s in our way, our default mode is to strive more, push more, mindlessly chasing that thing outside of us without checking what our inner orientation towards that desire is.

We see this phenomenon in our everyday life..

where we find it difficult to just slow down and relax + rejoice in the simple moments of our life.

We see this occurrence in the way we do our romantic relationships..

where instead of showing up in our love lives as Goddesses rooted in their inherent worthiness, we embody the role of a worker bee doing everything possible to earn the attention of the opposite sex and then feeling resentful when our cup runs empty and dry.

We forget the deeper truth that we are the honey and that the men who’d give anything just to be standing by our sides want to do the work as the bees striving for more and more honey.

Similarily, we show up this way in our work lives as well..

where instead of showing up in our energy of magnetism and doing the work from a place of pleasure-filled inspiration, flow and devotion, we default to simply working HARD, killing ourselves, burning ourselves out.

We show up to our work tasks with the belief that if we don’t work hard enough, we won’t get what we want.

It is our hyper masculine conditioning that changes our inner orientation of a magnetic woman to that of a woman who needs to sacrifice her life force energy for an external reward.

As you may have guessed by now, it is blocks like these that disconnect us from our God-gifted magnetic nature of our femininity and make us life our live in the complete opposite sense.

The good news is, these blocks can be liberated & we can return home to our MAGNETIC nature.


Which are the skills I am sharing with you in this advanced feminine embodiment course.

If you’re desiring to peel the layers of your hyper-masculine conditioning and reconnect with the full spectrum of your femininity, this course is for you.

Come, learn how to reconnect with your magnetic femininity.

By the end of this course,
you will feel more..

🪄 connected with your softness, sensitivity, sensuality, self-worth and innate magnetism.

🪄 trusting in the 3 universal masculine forms of the world.

🪄 magnetic to your heart’s desires.

🪄 receptive to your body’s intuitive intelligence.

🪄 confident in setting embodied boundaries and elevating the quality of your social life.

🪄 relaxed in your feminine surrender.

🪄 integrated with your healed inner feminine and masculine energies.

In a male dominated profession, I was having a really hard time coping with the pressure of balancing my feminine nature with the aggressive zeal to pursue my career.

At the back of my mind, I found myself falling short every time mainly due to the lack of respect exhibited by the misogynistic peers. This took a toll on not only my mental health but also my interactions with those around me.

When I stumbled upon the feminine embodiment programme, little did I know that this was the ultimate solution to all the doubts and questions I had been fighting with in my mind.

When I started working on myself with the help of the effective tools so beautifully designed by Navdeep, what I discovered was nothing short of a miracle. The legitimacy of all the problems I had faced were restored in the process thus helping me identify and address the real issues that had been suppressed for so long.

I cannot describe in words how liberating it feels to get in touch with my inner self every time I drop in and find peace and love within. That is the impact Navdeep has made with her amazing techniques which combine the traditional, natural and spiritual aspects of feminine energy.

It has been a beautiful journey for me so far and I hope to learn more about myself as well as the ways to take life as it comes, instead of feeling unworthy every time I am faced with a brutal attack of toxic patriarchy.

This programme has helped me in not only developing compassion for fellow human beings irrespective of their actions but also a deep sense of love and honesty towards myself which has improved my sense of self-worth as an individual.

I would like to thank Navdeep once again for introducing this programme to the world and I hope that it reaches the heart and soul of every woman out there who thinks she is not enough.



As to your Qs!

When does this course begin?
This advanced feminine embodiment course was launched as a live program in 2023 and is now available as a self-guided offering.

This course continues to evolve with me, with new modules getting added every few months. (a new module on feminine healing coming up next)

How long do I get access to this course?
When you sign up today, you receive lifetime access to all the course contents as well as to the future updates at no additional investment.
What does this course include?
This course offers you 27+ hours of audio+video content that comprises of educational lessons, embodiment techniques, somatic meditations and breathing practices.

Each module is accompanied with a deep-reflection journaling workbook.

Finally, this program also includes a total of 8 bonus elements as shared on this page above.

How is this course delivered?
All content is made available to you online in form of self-paced video lessons, that you can instantly download, learn from and practice in your own time and space.
Could you tell me a little more about what to expect from this course?
Women who have learnt from my offerings share a common theme in their experience. They say my work evokes a deep sense of self-trust in them. For most, this trust has been lost for years, if not decades. They say that the design of my courses facilitates their feminine embodiment at the soul level, a process that feels effortlessly organic.

This resonates with me as their course guide considering I center my offerings in somatic practices that take you beyond words and deeper into your emotional embodiment.

I would describe this particular course as a sanctuary where you can play, unravel and explore the nuances of your unique feminine flavour.

You will learn how to embody the vast spectrum of your femininity by peeling the layers of your hyper-masculine conditioning + returning home to your powerfully magnetic feminine nature.

How much individual support will I receive around my questions related to this course's learning?
As part of the bonus inclusions, you receive complimentary access to my client exclusive community for on-going support. You’re welcome to bring your questions to me there and receive clarity around them.

However, if you’re desiring deeper 1-1 support, please see the next steps here.

Do you offer refunds?
I don’t. Transparency is a core value of my business, I ensure to offer an accurate representation of my offerings and I am happy to answer your Qs in advance. Because this course is a digital good that is instantly delivered to you upon purchase, the sales are final and non-refundable. I encourage you to go through all the inclusions of this course and make an informed decision of signing up.
I have more questions before signing up, how can I have them clarified?
Sure, you may write them to me at [email protected].

You can join this program now &

~ learn how to connect with your feminine essence in a supportive container of somatic practices, embodiment meditations & breath-work techniques.

~ gain lifetime access to the contents of this life-transforming course before the investment rises.

~ receive access to all future enhancements made to this program’s curriculum at no additional investment.

I am beyond excited to witness your transformation in this deeply transformative container of learning.

Come, learn how to disrupt your hyper-masculine conditioning and reconnect with your sensually magnetic, feminine nature. 🌸


Navdeep is a true gift to this world.

Her calm, nurturing presence allowed me to feel immediately at ease and like my full heart could open in the session. In our time together, I moved through layers of pain and into an incredible expression of joy. Navdeep was with me every step of the way, listening and guiding me deeper into my body.

If you are looking to embody your power, your joy, your essence, then give yourself the gift of working with Navdeep!

Kailey, United States

Before working with Navdeep, I had a lot of doubts and worry about how to start my business but she enabled me to gain the confidence in myself, listen to my heart and take those first initial baby steps.

I would highly recommend Navdeep as a coach for any women wanting to find and live from their inner truth, strength or feminine power.

She is a warm hearted and inspirational coach whose sessions always left me feeling like anything was possible!

Lindsay, Manchester UK

I truly loved working with Navdeep.

Navdeep had the awareness and skills to help me identify and work through the true underlying issues in my relationship.

It all came down to beliefs and bad habits I could not see for myself. We not only dismantled those beliefs holding me back, but replaced them with new, more loving skills. I am in a tremendously different place since working with her. The obstacles that weighed too heavy on me are just in my memory.

I would sincerely recommend Navdeep to any woman. She is a truly profound and transformative woman that I have been blessed to work with on my path.

Justin, United States

Navdeep has a very gentle and empathetic way of coaching.

I felt very much at ease and in good hands as we explored some of my challenges together in our session. She also made sure that I walked away with something concrete and actionable, which made me feel like I could immediately change something about my situation.

Overall a very nourishing and enriching coaching experience

Melanie, Netherlands

Navdeep is deeply intuitive.

She expertly guided me into greater depth and safety within my body so I could tune into what my heart really wanted.

Such an amazing session!

Claudine, United States

Navdeep is a wonderful coach.

I felt safe to dive deep into vulnerable topics and get to the heart of what was weighing heavily on me during our time together.

As a result, I feel an increased sense of confidence around my ability to reach my professional goals and to do it with more fun and ease. After working with Navdeep, I have so many ideas and insights around how to move forward practically to ensure productivity without burning out.

I highly recommend Navdeep if you’re an ambitious woman who wants to succeed in business and life while enjoying the ride.

Heather, United States

I was finding it really difficult to make decisions and move forward in certain areas of my life. I was feeling so overwhelmed and lost and wanted to find clarity and peace with the choices I had to make.

I saw that I had lost my power and passion for life. I too often felt like the victim. I felt I had no control over my life and I had lost my way.

The work with Navdeep helped me to work out what is important to me and how to shift my perception. I’m still me, but a more positive, self-assured version of myself.

I feel more gratitude and more love for myself. The coaching was empowering and I harnessed the inner strength that I have always had, I just needed to re-discover it.

Rachel, France

Prior to working with Navdeep, I was feeling caught up in my thoughts and anxious about all the things I needed to do in order to move forward towards my goals.

Navdeep safely and lovingly guided me into my truth and into a place inside myself and my body that felt powerful and grounded.

After working with Navdeep, I felt confident that I was on the right path and had a clear connection with taking continued inspired action.

As a result,I was able to eliminate the anxiety I was feeling and instead hold compassion and space for my own blossoming and unfolding.

Nicolette, United States

Navdeep is an incredibly talented Feminine Embodiment Coach.

She holds a really gentle and yet powerful space for growth.

I approached Navdeep for a session around money and my career and from just 1 session I moved from a space of fear to great strength and gratitude and have noticed how I can show up so differently at work now.

I highly recommend working with Navdeep and I look forward to my next session.

Rachelle, Australia

Before working with Navdeep, I was feeling slightly anxious and uncertain about the direction I decided to take my business, while also being incredibly excited and passionate about it.

Her masterful coaching and feminine approach helped me stay with my own anxiety and let it speak through my body without trying to fix it or change it.

Navdeep has such a warm, calming presence and was able to hold space for me to just be with me, my body, and its sensations. She was so incredibly patient with my long periods of silence.

I felt so unrushed to feel something in the first place and could just let my body communicate with me in its own timing. I didn’t feel obliged to explain myself or put into words right away the somewhat indescribable sensations I was feeling which allowed me to go much deeper into my own experience.

I was able to recognize how my inner fire, excitement, and high expectations of myself were burning me from the inside and were leading to exhaustion. I left the session with a great reminder that I needed more lightness which I was able to invite and embody thanks to Navdeep’s guidance.

As a result of my coaching with Navdeep, I feel much lighter, more relaxed, and more confident to move my business forward with lots of energy that is fuelling but not destructive.

Hedvika, Germany

Navdeep is a dual-certified feminine embodiment coach, writer and meditation teacher. She helps sensitive, high-achieving women reconnect with their magnetic feminine essence and call in their deepest desires in life, love, business & money with utmost ease and pleasure.

An ever-evolving practitioner of feminine arts, her current expertise lies in the areas of somatic embodiment of feminine energy, shame liberation, sensual embodiment, menstrual wisdom, feminine magnetism, romantic polarity, feminine dating, embodied self-care, inner child healing, intuitive intelligence, feminine business and money magnetism.

In the last three years, through her private coaching offerings, e-courses, meditation programs, writings and her first book, she has helped over 3000 women around the globe melt their masculine shields and reconnect with their feminine radiance.

She believes that being a woman is truly a superpower and that any woman who knows how to turn within and connect with her body’s feminine wisdom can have it all, the definition of that ‘all’ being her sole discretion.

A previously hustle-oriented, disconnected, disembodied woman, through a series of divinely orchestrated events, she discovered her way to this deeply fulfilling way of living, loving and working by returning home to her feminine essence. And now, she shares this life-generating wisdom with women from all walks of life.

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