What weakens the polarity in our romantic relationships

May 03, 2024

What weakens the polarity in our romantic relationships, an article for the woman who wants to re-activate the attraction in her love life.


Every once in a while, I think of my past disembodied relationships and who I used to be then. 

As a hyper-masculine, disconnected woman, the only way I knew to operate was to lead my romantic relationships, playing Mommy to my ex-partners, providing for them, rescuing them from their money problems and what not. 

I was so deeply drowning in that way of living with no hope of a life beyond that reality.

In retrospect, it feels like the blessing of a karmic gift that I experienced everything I went through in those years. Towards the end of which, in my 3D reality, my body came to my rescue.

After landing in the hospital for an emergency surgery amidst my ‘busy’ life of over-working, I was forced to slow down.  

As I slowed down physically, my inner world started slowing down as well, helping me connect with my heart, my feelings, my desires, my essence.

Opening my soul’s eyes to the mess I had got myself in. 

The rest, as they say, is history. 

Three months later, I had walked away from the longest adult relationship of my life only to fall so deeply in love with myself. And then slowly and gradually cultivate the feminine art of receiving in my being, creating an infinitely large space within me to receive from men, and from the rest of the world. 

In less than a year, I had gone from being a depleted woman to a deeply nourished woman who felt comfortable :

..allowing the men in her dating circle to travel >100kms to pick her for their date and drop her back safely home.

..receiving the acts of service from those men without feeling the slightest need to return those loving gestures.

..pacing out her suitors to honour her preferences and standards around intimacy and commitment. 

If you asked me today, what was the most pivotal aspect of my healing, I’d tell you- it was healing the shadow side of my Mother archetype and reconnecting with my inner magnetic woman.

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As the eldest of my siblings, I had the giver and doer energy activated in me from an early age.

But meeting wounded masculine/passive men in the early years of my young adult life drew that energy out of me in unhealthy proportions. 

I was hopelessly trapped in the cycles of over-giving and then feeling resentfulover-doing and then feeling bitter to my core. 

When you keep pouring from a cup for years without filling it back, it runs dry to an extent that you can see the marks of dried out tea at its bottom. That cup desperately needs to be washed and cleaned inside out, and refilled again. 

When this beautiful value of nurturing and caring for others is practiced from an under-resourced and under-supported state of being (especially in the area of our romantic relationships), it can lead to SO much self-harm. 

Not only does it end up depleting us but also does it lead to extinguishing any possibility of romantic polarity that could have been established in that relationship. 

What weakens the polarity in our romantic relationships

A man who may have taken on his embodied role of leading, providing, initiating, taking care of you and your relationship when treated like a toddler, mothered and smothered by his woman starts behaving like one. 

And then we are left wondering why does this man never lead.

We expect the man to be the leader in our relationship but when he does, the wounded side of our Mother feminine archetype is standing over his head with a list of ways he could have done it correctly.

This shadow side of our Mother archetype isn’t just limited to when we are in partnered dynamics. 

If it’s part of our deeper conditioning, it can show up in how we date as well. 

~ Meeting a date halfway to make it easier and more convenient for him.. 

~ Offering to pay the check when you’re meeting a man who asked you out on a romantic date.. 

And at a deeper level, 

~ Leaning forward in your energy by thinking of a future with a man without he having mentioned about it ever! 

~ Being in the energetic state of leading the dating process forward, thinking of ways to “make things happen” in that courting process.

Everything around us is energy. And all of us feel it. 

Men, especially the embodied ones, feel the overpowering impact of your masculine leading energy and their inherent masculine nature feels repelled by your presence no matter how attractive they may find you at the physical level. 

Romantic polarity, that is the force of attraction between a masculine energy man and a feminine energy woman, keeps weakening with each instance of the two people abandoning their core energetic expression. 

So how do we turn this around? 

journey deeper

As a feminine energy woman, you take responsibility of your part by embodying the laws of feminine-masculine polarity at a somatic level, at your energetic level.

By staying relaxed and rooted in your powerful feminine essence. By understanding how polarity works and integrating that knowledge in your being, thus becoming a woman who is magnetic to (so many) men around her. 

In my work, I help my clients do that by sharing with them the skills of polarity through my powerful book Becoming a Goddess in love.

Consisting of 9 parts, this book will show you how to reclaim your feminine essence, radiance & power and use it all to revolutionise your love life. You will learn how to apply the laws of romantic polarity in your relationship/dating life and inspire the devotion of your man/the men you’re dating.

So many women around the globe have used the wisdom shared in this book to transform the way they show up in their love lives. If you’d like to learn more, you can explore its powerful contents here.

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