What is feminine embodiment, really?

August 26, 2022

What is feminine embodiment, really? An article for the woman who wants to learn how to embody her feminine essence in life, love & leadership.


In this article, I share with you about what feminine embodiment really is and what it looks like in our love and work life.

Some say feminine embodiment is a skill, others say it’s an art. To me, it feels like a journey within.

A journey of reconnecting with the feminine design nature had gifted us women from the time we took birth earth-side. 

That’s why our feminine embodiment feels like fully embracing and embodying the feminine flavour of nature that we are innately gifted with. 

The meaning of feminine embodiment

So embodiment means inhabiting all of ourselves. It is the way of being in which we are fully embodying all that we are in any given moment. 

The feminine in feminine embodiment refers to the essence of feeling, flowing, sensing, receiving, surrendering to the process instead of trying to control the outcome. An essence that’s depth -oriented and not direction-oriented (masculine energy).

In the practical sense, feminine embodiment looks like living more in our body and less in our head. It looks like spiralling less in our thoughts and connecting more with our feelings. It is about trusting that unlimited supply of wisdom our body offers us through its intuitions, nudges, cues throughout our lifetime.

When truly embodied, we derive our sense of self confidence, our sense of self worth and our sense of self belief from our inner wisdom that I like to call the Divine intelligence, that serves as our inner GPS guiding us on our path to a blissful and fulfilled life. 

In Module 1 of Rise with the Feminine, my 7-step feminine energy activation program, I share with you about the 5 dimensions of our human body. The mental, the emotional, the physical, the energetic and the spiritual.

When we are living in our feminine energy, we are in connection with our 5-dimensional body at most times of our day and our life.

An example of embodiment

Let’s consider a simple scenario like when we really have to go pee. In those few moments when we’re holding back the pee, we are actually practicing embodied presence (of being fully present in a given moment).

We’re only invested in that moment with all our multi-dimensional being. 

We’re physically aware of the sensations of pressure we feel in our bladder. Both our heart (emotional body) and mind (mental body) are only holding the intention of wanting to release the pee from our body. Our energy is invested in the moment of waiting to go pee as well.

In this moment of embodied presence, we’re fully present in that given moment. We are not interested in what’s for dinner later, what our dating match/ partner said to us in the morning, what we need to do at work. Nothing!

In such a moment, we are inhabiting all of ourselves fully. And hence are fully embodied.

An example of feminine embodiment

One of my favourite examples of feminine embodiment is when after a relaxing massage, we’re lying down on the massage table and are fully present in the moment.

We’re in a state of complete surrender. We’re connected with all our senses and are not actively thinking of anything that happened before that moment or anything that’s to happen next moment onwards. 

Now imagine living, loving, leading from this place of divine surrender, of fully inhabiting ourselves in any and every given moment.

Imagine how powerful it makes us as living beings. 

We navigate life and accept all of our emotions- good and bad as they are. Embracing our entire spectrum of humanness as we do life each day, each moment. Eventually becoming a true observer of our own thoughts, ideas, tensions, intentions. 

It is such a beautiful way of living wherein our anchored presence in any given moment empowers us to stay unwavered by what happens around us.

Even when constrictions arise out of a high impact situation we’ve been in, we can identify that (mental, physical, emotional or energetic) tension, unravel it and reconnect with the flow of our life.

Let’s now go a little deeper and understand what does our feminine embodiment look like in areas of love and leadership.

Feminine embodiment in love

When a woman starts embodying her feminine essence, it takes a beautiful spill on her love life too. When connected with her feminine essence, she is naturally magnetic to a masculine man. By..

  • flowing in her feminine energy,
  • practicing vulnerability with boundaries, and
  • staying deeply anchored in her worth,

…she inspires the men/ man in her life to show up in their masculine energy for her.

They want to be there for her when she needs them, provide for her with their most generous acts of service. They want to be around her all the time, simply because they cannot resist it. (feminine-masculine polarity)

In a committed relationship

When in a committed relationship, her feminine embodiment looks like feeling comfortable with receiving the affection and attention her masculine energy partner gives to her.

She lives each day with a self-sourced assurance in the love he has for her. She feels secure in her relationship both in his presence and his absence.

In case of conflicts, she expresses her concerns with love without spending her days resenting him, feeling jealous or harbouring insecurities.

She lets the man be without feeling the need to mother him or fix his problems without his invitation. 

Single & dating

Similarly, when single and dating, her feminine embodiment looks like not feeling the need to rush into anything with just any man she meets. Not only does she feel safe exploring her options but also stays open to the infinite possibilities that exist for her in the dating world.

She feels self-assured in owning and protecting her standards in love, not settling for anything less than what she truly desires and deserves.

She practices effortless embodied presence and lets the masculine pursue her, impress her and win her heart. As a woman embodied in her feminine essence, the idea of chasing men, leading her dating process or initiating efforts feels out of alignment with her truth. 

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What differentiates a woman connected with her feminine essence from the ones who aren’t, is the way she lives her life. She is rooted in the belief that the love she truly desires is already out there. And that in its own Divine timing, it will come find her. 

She knows that all that she needs to do is to show up in the world (of dating) as her radiant and embodied self. 

Feminine embodiment in leadership

We know that we are living in a hyper masculine world that‘s obsessed with action, momentum, achievement and productivity.

It is natural then for us women too to get really caught up in this go-go way of doing life, disconnecting from our feminine gifts of ease, flow, pleasure and magnetism. 

At the start, leading with our feminine in work almost feels like going against the wind in this burnout-oriented culture. But as we stay the course on our journey of feminine embodiment, even in the most competitive work environments, we start feeling comfortable in choosing a pace that feels the most authentic to us. 


  • can let go of the need for perfection in every little thing we do.
  • habitually consult the wisdom of our body to move closer to our goals.
  • know how to work in tandem with our bleed cycle, using the power of our inner seasons to optimise our productivity. 
  • are deeply anchored in our worthiness and feel comfortable with setting embodied boundaries in work and in life. 
  • can replace the energy of hustle with that of our magnetism. Instead of working like if we don’t work hard enough, we won’t have the success we want, we work as if we deserve the success we desire.
  • are anchored in the belief that whatever is meant to be ours won’t ever pass us. 

Living in your feminine

For me, this journey of connecting with my feminine energy has felt like coming back home to myself, to my essence as a person. 

I often wonder if this is the reason why I feel at home with myself so much regardless of the phases of my life, the countries I’m exploring, the worldly challenges that life throws at me. It feels good, it feels safe, it feels like I’ve got myself come what may. 

As a previously hustle oriented, disconnected, disembodied woman, I feel like I have discovered my way to the deeply fulfilling way of living, loving and working by embodying my magnetic feminine essence. 

There’s no going back from here for me.

I really like this place of being where I’m connected to my power, to my softness, to my magnetism. It’s both comforting and exhilarating at the same time. 

Something I wish for every woman on this planet to experience. 

journey deeper

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