The wisdom of feminine leadership

May 04, 2024

The wisdom of feminine leadership, an article for the woman who wants to harness the power of her feminine design in her work life.


If you’ve been in my community for a while, you’d know that my journey of feminine embodiment first started at my workplace.

As a hyper-controlling, over-worked, always stressed senior management corporate executive, I had experienced multiple burnouts by the age of 26. Despite being the youngest and the highest performing female executive in my Fortune 500 company, I was deeply unhappy and dissatisfied at my core.

Often questioning if the success I had earned was even worth it. 

With nothing changing in my hyper-masculine approach towards work for another year, I landed myself in the medical ward of my fancy hospital in Dubai to undergo a surgery. 

Overnight, I was forced to slow down. Not allowed to do any of things that made up most of my days, I had no other choice than to rest, relax and not think about work. 

This slowed down rhythm in life made me see things that I never earlier took notice. 

During that break, in a couple of interactions with my team members who were heavily reliant on me, I realised how disembodied my style of leadership at work was. I had built an energetically codependent relationship with my work that..

  • made me constantly worry about things falling apart in my absence.
  • made me work like a robot.
  • sucked on my peace and calm even when I was not working.
  • made me hate my body when I was on my periods.
  • made me derive my worth from how much I could accomplish in a day. 

Looking back now, I know it in the deepest corners of my heart that this was the biggest awakening of my life happening in disguise of this physically challenging situation. My body had decided to call it quits on this way of working and brought forth this medical emergency for me. 

Leaving me no other choice than to change the way I was working..and living. Nudging me to the other side of life, that was my feminine way of living. 

I had no idea then of the Divine orchestration that was taking place for me through this transformative phase of my life. 

All I knew was, I didn’t want to work this way.

I didn’t want to live my beautiful life like this, I wanted to be able to recognise the person I was looking at in the mirror, I wanted to enjoy my work, my life, even the most mundane days of all. 

So two weeks later, when I returned back to work, I slowly and very subtly started making shifts in how I was showing up in my workplace. 

Before I could realise, I had created an environment that supported connection, work delegation, energetic boundaries, enabling of everyone’s sovereignty including mine, supporting the bodily needs of the women in my department and SO much more. 

In less than a year, I had gone on to become the happiest, most loved and deeply respected manager on the floor. I was working less than before and receiving far more recognition than ever. My energy of hustle and depletion was replaced by that of magnetism and sufficiency. 

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By the end of that year, I received three back to back promotions- first as a pay grade change, second as a department change and third as a role promotion. 

At first, it all felt like some fluke. Seeing success get magnetised to me like this felt so mysterious.

But then when I moved on to the next chapter of my life in business, I saw myself follow the same rhythm.

Working with ease and pleasure, working less and earning more, working with my body and not against it. Experiencing the powerful impact of my intuitive connection. 

I started connecting the dots. It all started making sense. This way of working started making sense. 

The fulfilling success it attracted wasn’t a mystery anymore. 

When I started coaching women in areas of leadership & feminine business, I experienced the magic of this work through their life’s unravellings as well. This information is priceless, I remember thinking to myself.

So there really is a way we women can..

  • thrive in the current design of the hyper masculine world. 
  • work with our bodies and not against it.
  • do our most passionate work and feel fulfilled by the end of each day.
  • really have it all, the definition of that ‘all’ being uniquely our own.

It’s been over 7 rich years since I first experienced the magic of feminine leadership in my own life. Having guided so many women around the globe on this path in the recent years, I have come to understand that this work is timeless. It spans across industries, roles, positions of leadership. 

It works for any woman who identifies on the feminine end of nature’s energy spectrum. It is life-generative, soul-nourishing and oh so powerful! 

The wisdom of feminine leadership

If you’re anything like my past self who was deeply conditioned in the masculine ways of living and working, of always striving and pushing, leading with your feminine in your business/job almost feels like going against the wind in the current burnout-oriented culture. For a brief moment at the start.

But as you stay the course on your journey of feminine embodiment, even in the most competitive work environments, you start feeling comfortable in choosing a pace that feels the most authentic to you. You..

  • can let go of the need for perfection in every little thing you do. You..
  • habitually consult the wisdom of your body to move closer to your goals. You..
  • know how to work in tandem with your bleed cycle, using the power of your inner seasons to optimise your productivity. You..
  • are deeply anchored in your worthiness and feel comfortable with setting embodied boundaries in work and in life. You..
  • replace the energy of hustle with that of your magnetism. Instead of working like if you don’t work hard enough, you won’t have the success you want, you work as if you deserve the success you desire. You..
  • show up in your work and life anchored in the belief that whatever is meant to be yours won’t ever pass you. You..
  • can ask for and receive support without your former masculine shield of hyper-independence standing in the way.

As a result, you are able to break free from the deeply masculinised conditioning of our world that‘s obsessed with action, momentum, achievement and productivity. It feels easier for you to not get caught up in this glorified go-go way of doing life, that disconnects us feminine-essenced women from our gifts of ease, flow, softness and magnetism.

You walk the path of feminine leadership in your day-day life where in every action you take, you can opt in for a blend of pleasure and productivity, you can effortlessly choose joy, fun and play in the most mundane work task performed. A path that makes success feel good to you. A path that is full of nourishment and fulfilment.

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