The significance of owning our heart’s desires

February 20, 2024

The significance of owning our heart’s desires, an article for the woman who wants to learn how to fully own the deepest (and wildest) desires of her heart.


An integral aspect of our feminine embodiment is our need to acknowledge our truth, our heart and the desires it holds within. In fact, one of the most unhidden secrets to living a wholehearted, emotionally fulfilling life is honouring our heart’s desires as they are.

And yet, ever so often, we live our lives, partly or wholly in denial of those desires. Sometimes in disbelief of them coming true, other times in fear of what would become of us if those desires were to come true.

Although our fears do a great job of keeping us safe, yet in the long term they cause us more harm than good. Preventing us from taking the leap towards what could possibly lead us to the most magnificent version of our lives. 

Our relationship with our desires is deeply intertwined with our connection with our (empowered) feminine energy. To understand this better, we need to know what does being in our wounded and our empowered feminine energy looks like. 

The differences between wounded and empowered feminine energy

I invite you to think of a time when you felt really hopeless, felt like no one loves you and that everyone in the world is out to get you?

Similarly, can you think of another time when you felt really empowered and supported in life, when you were living your life as if everything was rigged in your favour and everyone in this world was your friend?

What is common in both these scenarios? Our state of being. That is we being in our feminine state. 

Wherein the former represents we being in our Wounded feminine state and the latter is we being in our Empowered (primal) feminine state.

Being in our Wounded Feminine looks like:

..feeling afraid to speak our truth,

..lacking self-worth, denying ourselves our desires,

..struggling with setting boundaries,

..constantly talking to ourselves negatively,

..seeking external validation, 

..suppressing our anger or feeling scared of it,

..comparing ourselves to other women/people and viewing them as a threat to us.

Being in our Empowered Feminine looks like:

..owning our worth,

..honouring our desires,

..validating ourselves with our love and attention,

..having embodied boundaries in life,

..owning our rage and finding the right channels to express it,

..embodying our (Divine) feminine energy and encouraging other women/people to rise and shine their light as well. 

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For the purpose of clarity, a woman who is embodying her wounded feminine state isn’t technically or metaphorically wounded. She is simply embodying a wounded state of either mentally, emotionally, physically or energetically being and showing up in the world. 

Owning our heart’s desires

When a woman lives in her Wounded Feminine energy, she feels ashamed of her desires and masks them under a superficial cover of the “I don’t care” attitude. She either lives in denial of those desires and emotions..


..disapproves of the unpleasant imperfect parts of herself that she doesn’t deem worthy or capable of calling in those desires. 

In the latter case, she beats herself to the point of exhausting perfection because nothing short of it feels enough to her. This reflects in the way she shows up in her life, constantly auditioning for the world in a bazillion ways. She feels scared of owning her truth, of owning who she is as a human. There is no room for her human flaws.

And in the former scenario where the desires are denied by her, she continues to suppress them or hide them from the world because there is this deep, underlying sense of “I am not sure if I can have what I desire.

A woman embodying her empowered Feminine energy owns her desires and embraces her imperfections to an extent that inspires those around her to do the same. She is not scared of honouring her truth, of acknowledging her desires to herself AND to the world. She understands the holiness of her heart’s desires.

She understands that her desires have been planted in her heart by the Divine power so she can live a fully actualised life as long as she is breathing in her gifted human body. 

She understands that denying herself the fulfilment of her desires equates to doing herself the biggest disservice there ever can be.

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~ somatically embody your feminine energy, 

~ reconnect with your innate worthiness, 

~ cultivate embodied self-love, 

~ reconnect with your pleasure & sensuality, 

~ heal your relationship with your sacred sexuality, and 

~ activate your feminine magnetism.

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