The perils of using your masculine energy in romance

April 11, 2023

The perils of using your masculine energy in romance, an article for the woman who wants to show up in her romantic life embodying her naturally magnetic feminine essence.


Have you ever wondered about what happens when you bring your masculine energy to your romantic relationships?

Today, I want to share some facts around what happens when a naturally feminine woman accidentally or habitually shows up in her love life in her masculine state of being. But first, let’s revisit what these energies really are.  

So our masculine energy is our action-oriented energy- one that’s about leading, achieving, conquering, making things happen. In short, it’s our ‘doing’ energy. 

And our feminine energy is our feeling-oriented energy- one that’s about surrendering, receiving, responding, being empathetic, staying connected to our emotions. In short, it’s our ‘being’ energy. 

When you’re on your dates or in presence of your romantic partner, the secret to building polarity in your interactions/ relationship is knowing..

when and how to melt your (energetic) masculine shield and simply be, simply relax in your feminine energy.

We can all agree that while living in this hyper-masculine world, we have been conditioned from the very beginning to value that doing energy of ours.






We have simply been trained to believe that the only way to win at life is the masculine way.

It is a powerful energy, after all. If it wasn’t for this action-oriented energy in us, we wouldn’t be able to even get out of the bed in the morning! 

However, this energy isn’t always our best friend when it comes to our love lives. Especially if we are dating or are already in a relationship with a high value, embodied masculine man. 

The perils of showing up in your masculine energy in romance

Now I’m a science nerd so let me explain this to you via some powerful logic. 

A piece of magnet cannot ever be attracted to another piece of magnet. Why? Because they are made up of the same energies. 

But when you place it close to a metal, the force of attraction is so strong that it pulls the magnet close to itself. 


Similar energies repel.

Opposite energies attract.

Your embodied masculine man already has a lot of masculine energy in him. He wants to expend this energy all the time, always looking for a chance to put this energy into use. 

When he comes across a woman, an individual who is bringing that same energy to him in their conversations, interactions, relationship, what happens?

He feels repelled.

He is not able to find the space to use his masculine energy.

He wants to give to her, but she is not able to receive from him and is only concerned about giving him back.

He desires to be the leader in the relationship but she wants to lead too. (Imagine two people pulling the rope in opposite directions) 

He really wants to feel attracted to this woman who he finds really gorgeous, but he cannot do anything about it!

Just as a magnet cannot force itself to be attracted to another magnet, no matter how beautiful magnet that is.

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The natural pull of the opposites

Now imagine when he comes across a woman rooted in her sensual, soft, feeling, receiving feminine energy.

He offers, she receives.

He leads the way, she is happy to follow.

He pursues her, she lets him. 

The attraction is inevitable.

He can’t help it, he can’t resist it.

Just how even if a magnet doesn’t want to be attracted to the metal, it cannot help it.

It’s the powerful law of polarity in action. 

I talk about this concept in so much detail in my book Becoming a Goddess in love because this knowledge is a life saver to romantic relationships, to our dating interactions and everything that has to do with attraction between two individuals who are of polar opposite energies- which in this case is you and your man/ your dates. 

You’ll find a lot of concepts of feminine embodiment in this book that will help you transform the way you show up in your love life. If that’s what you need to learn today, here’s where you can explore its contents.

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