3 main reasons why we struggle with our feminine embodiment

3 main reasons why we struggle with our feminine embodiment

3 main reasons why we struggle with our feminine embodiment, an article for the woman who wants to liberate the obstacles to her feminine embodiment and return home to her raw, untamed, organic feminine essence.


I was recently having a conversation with a client who had approached me to seek support with her feminine embodiment.

She shared with me how all she was expecting to receive was a reconnection with her feminine essence but this process had opened her eyes to so many things in her life that she has either numbed herself around or was choosing the avoidant strategy to navigate those challenges. 

It reminded me of my own journey of feminine embodiment that first began in my hustle-filled corporate life, then created ripples of transformation in my love life and is now reflective in my business and my relationship with money. 

Very often, we think of our feminine embodiment as a modality, a concept, a theory that we need to somehow ‘get’ to be truly embodied in our (feminine) essence. 

But if we pause to reflect, we will realise how our feminine embodiment is simply we embodying our truest essence. We inhabiting and living in connection with who we are at our raw, organic, untamed, conditioning-free level.  

This is why when we start peeling the layers of our (mostly hyper-masculine) conditioning and begin connecting with our feminine essence, it feels like we are coming back home to ourselves. To who we naturally are. To the unique design nature gifted us with. 

I have noticed how when I work with women supporting them with their feminine embodiment, my subconscious is always collecting information around what are the reasons as to why then we struggle with our feminine embodiment. If our essence is a part of us, why does it not come to us naturally to return home to it, to reconnect with it? 

Today, I want to share with you three of those reasons I rank highest in that list. (Not a coincidence that these were the very reasons that kept me disconnected from my feminine essence for years.)

#1. Our fast-paced, effort-centred conditioning

To be able to connect with our feminine energy, we need to slow down and practice embodied presence in a given moment. But how do we do that if our conditioning since birth has been to constantly be on the move? 

We have been so deeply trained to value momentum over stillness, hard work over rest and play. It’s not a surprise why so many of us lose touch with our femininity and gravitate to the far masculine end of our energy where we want to control everything in our lives, where the energy of effort-ing precedes meaningful inspired action, where busyness equals productivity.

Our default instinct is if we are not ‘doing’ enough, we are not worthy enough of the desire we are calling in. 

This ends up relinquishing our feminine magnetism that is alive when we are in our ‘being’ energy, in our energy of play, rest, pleasure and flow. 

One of the course students of my 7-step feminine energy activation program Rise with the Feminine shared this with me recently,

“What drew me to this program was a desire to actually feel my feminine energy vs what the mind tells me is the feminine. For the first time I have been able to feel that I have been in stagnation & freeze within myself and my emotions. This program has allowed me to see why my life has been a circle of the same thing because I only knew how to operate from the masculine & was very unhappy. Just constant go go go all the time & finally a massive exhale and relaxing and has shown me where I need to let go & release.”

This is such a simple yet powerful example of how our fast paced, effort-oriented conditioning depletes our connection with our feminine essence and becomes one of the primary obstacles to our feminine embodiment.

#2. Our somatic state 

A while ago a dear friend of mine texted me after almost a year since our last conversation. A new mother of two, she was catching up with me and sharing her motherhood tales. It took me more than a week to be able to answer a simple question of ‘how are you?’

With our earth at the centre of polycrisis, I have found myself going into freeze mode more than ever. I don’t remember the last time I had to turn to my embodiment practices this frequently to regulate my somatic state.

So when her texts flashed across my mobile screen, even though I was fully embodied and aware of my state of freeze and numbness then, I wasn’t feeling anywhere close to my inner magnetism and pleasure. It was only after shifting my somatic state that I was able to receive my friend’s love and respond to her texts.

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(Side note: this is different from how I used to live my life in my disembodied years where I was completely numb and unaware of my inner world, let alone my feminine embodiment.) 

So this is how our somatic state facilitates or obstructs our connection with our feminine essence:

If we are numb to our feelings and our heart’s deepest desires, the process of our feminine embodiment stays disrupted.

If our body is carrying past trauma of any kind, it doesn’t have the ‘normal’ capacity to flow, to receive, to stay open, to even feel our feelings. 

If we are carrying the weight of the world in our shoulders and muscles, it’s going to create constrictions in the innate flow of our feminine energy. 

This is why everything that I teach across my work, whether it’s my private coaching or my self-study resources, it’s all a blend of theoretical/ educational concepts with integrative tools like embodiment techniques, somatic meditations and conscious breathing practices. 

Because we really can’t think our way into our feminine embodiment (I spent years trying to). It is through tuning into our somatic state- our feelings, our sensations, our energetic pulsations- can we arrive to our embodied truth that’s stored in our beautifully wise feminine body. 

#3. Our relationship with ourselves

Often overlooked and underestimated in the list of reasons we struggle with our feminine embodiment is our relationship with ourselves.

When we set out on our journey of feminine embodiment, we are returning back to ourselves. To our core. To our essence. If we don’t have a healed/embodied  relationship with ourselves, who are we going to come back to? 

If we haven’t accepted who we are as we are, why will we want to come back to that version of ourselves?

Some common notions circulated in the space of new age spirituality are around raising your vibration, moving into the ascension mode, towards your higher self, etc. What many of us don’t know (including me in the past) is that this is an ideal example of spiritual bypassing. 

If we can’t embrace our shadows (our grief, our rage) how are we going to illuminate and receive their medicine? 

If we consider our natural gifts of softness, sensitivity and vulnerability as our weaknesses, how do we expect these precious qualities to reflect in our energy? 

If our understanding of ‘healing’ means we are broken and in need of fixing, how is that process of healing going to be embodied? 

If we don’t know how to accept and love ourselves why we are as we are, how are we ever going to be able to change a bad habit, break an unhelpful limiting pattern of living, loving, leading and more? 

No one of us is perfect, nature is no way is perfect. It is in our imperfections that we find the beauty of being alive, of being a part of the Divine feminine ecosystem of nature and life. 

When I was creating my signature 7-step feminine energy activation program Rise with the Feminine, one of the steps that found its place in the natural order of this offering was that of embodied self-love. Because time and again, I have witnessed that our self-acceptance and self-love are the origin points of our feminine embodiment. 

Every single student who has learned from this program has unearthed a completely unique need in their subconscious and has gained a new perspective around loving themselves more deeply and wholly.

One of the course students sent me this email halfway through the program, “I had a family event that I decided to attend & decided that I actually wanted to look well & invested in something nice for myself to wear not cheap per usual & it was a different experience. &&& I now understand from your program why I have debt. Many many many ahas. I couldn’t understand before I have been in debt like 10*. Pay it all off & amass even bigger debt the next go around.

It was everything you said in your program. So I could finally find compassion and forgiveness for myself for acting against my own best interests. Many many gems, thank you for creating something authentic & truly helpful.” 

This is how important a role our embodied self love + acceptance play in the process of our feminine embodiment. They remind us of our divine enough-ness as we continue to unravel and un-become all that we are not.

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And so, if you’re desiring to liberate the obstacles to your feminine embodiment and return home to your raw, untamed, organic feminine essence, I invite you to explore Rise with the Feminine, my 7-step feminine energy activation program. 

This is a deeply transforming program designed to help you somatically embody your feminine essence and live, love and lead from your feminine heart + power.

So many women from around the globe have signed up to this powerful offering and are experiencing such phenomenal shifts in their inner and outer reality.

“Hi, I bought your rise with the feminine program and seriously love the program so much.

I immediately saw how I have only ever operated in the masculine & felt all the frustration of never ever having my needs met in a relationship. Just unwinding now & it feels so good.

Thank you for creating this program, I have hope that my life is improving. Looking forward to being first in my own life now as well.” 

“Seriously the best investment I’ve made to step into my own feminine energy with tools I’ve learned from this program. Educational and to the point. Sort of like dusting off my own inner compass. I would recommend this program to any woman looking for a deeper self connection.”

You too can use this gentle yet powerful program to connect with your innate feminine wisdom. Here’s where you can learn more about it.

Trusting our feminine gift of intuition in business

Trusting our feminine gift of intuition in business

Trusting our feminine gift of intuition in business, an article for the woman who wants to create & grow her business by trusting her intuitive superpower.


One of the earliest discoveries I made on my journey of feminine embodiment was realizing the power of my intuitive wisdom. 

As I was resting deeper into my feminine design, I started noticing how I felt called to make decisions that didn’t appear linear or logical to my outside world. 

It was simply a sense of following what felt right to me. That resonated with my inner realities. That felt true to my heart and soul. 

What the world perceived as my madness in leaving behind an established career in the corporate, felt like honouring the deepest calling of my soul. One that has led me to living this deeply fulfilled life, doing the work that I was brought here in this world to do. 

What the world perceived as a totally irrational biz decision in turning away from (the noisy environment of) social media turned out to be the biggest act of service I’ve offered to my heart-led business. One where I have instead adopted more organic methods of online marketing that let my work be naturally discovered by women who are the right match for my business. 

Such is the power of our feminine gift of intuition. 

It doesn’t make sense to anyone besides us. It doesn’t need to. 

What may seem like an irrational decision to others feels right to us, like a deep knowing, like a divinely guided decision. 

Whether it comes to deciding what to charge for our offerings, or exploring the next phase of our business, or designing the right kind of systems and structures for our business, our inner sense of knowing is always present. Always available to be tuned into. 

But this doesn’t come naturally to a lot of us women. Especially if we come from cultures that have long valued the masculine way of living and working. Where logic precedes our inner knowings, where the doing precedes our feeling, sensing nature. 

We aren’t really trained to honour or even trust these inner knowings, the subtle cues that  our deeply wise feminine bodies offer us at every turn of life. 

As a result, we often end up taking longer, more tedious routes to the actualisation of our desires.

In the end, realising the futility of it all and finally turning to our inner wisdom to receive guidance around our decisions and actions. 

Imagine how different and easy our lives would be if we instead chose to trust our inner sense of right and wrong? 

How pleasurable would our business become if we instead trusted our body’s knowings to guide us? 

I’ve noticed in my experience of coaching women on their journeys of feminine leadership that interpreting the language of our intuition is a matter of developing the right skills.

Skills that when embodied can guide us to simply turn inwards and receive our answers to the most complex questions around our business decisions. Skills that help us restore and reclaim our sovereignty in business and in life. 

journey deeper

If you’d like to learn how to use your intuitive feminine wisdom in creating & growing your business(es), you’re welcome to explore Feminine Business Queen, my 14-weeks private coaching program.

It is an offering designed for sensitive, high-achieving women who are already on the path of entrepreneurship and want to integrate the principles of feminine leadership in the way they share their gifts with the world through their business


who are currently a part of the corporate world, feeling the inner fire to translate one or more of their skills into a thriving (and gentle) business model.

Here’s where you can learn more about this powerful offering and explore the next steps.

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Learning how to understand the language of our intuition is a skill, a very important one at that. It lies at the heart of our feminine magnetism, playing a vital role in the process of manifestation of our heart’s deepest and wildest desires. Read this article to learn how to connect with your intuitive intelligence.


What really is a feminine business?

What really is a feminine business?

What really is a feminine business? An article for the woman who wants to build and grow her (future) business(es) in alignment with her natural feminine design.


When I decided to translate my personal journey of feminine embodiment into a business practice, my first instinct was to look around for success stories of women who had walked this path before me.

I wanted to see how they were applying these principles of feminine embodiment in the way they led themselves, created their businesses and offered their services. 

That exciting pursuit soon turned into a disappointment when I saw ‘feminine embodiment’ practitioners hustling in their hyper-masculine energy to create six, seven figure businesses.

As someone who had opted out of that hustle by leaving her six-figure corporate career behind, my nervous system instantly refused to accept those as the kind of success stories I needed for the next phase of my life. Where was the ease, where was the pleasure, where was the richness in these stories, my heart searched for these answers.

Having spent the previous year on a sabbatical consciously slowing down and identifying my body’s natural pace, I wanted to create a business led by my heart. I wanted to suck the juice out of my days while birthing this business in alignment with my inner sensitivities, with the natural rhythm of my body. I wanted my business to be identified for my natural expertise as a coach, as a mentor but not at the expense of making my body work 24×7, striving, pushing, chasing clients. 

So every time I would feel that old urge of my workaholic self to strive, to effort, I would turn back into my body, soften and connect back with my flow.

And then from that place of flow, of calm, of enough-ness, I would listen to my heart and take the next steps to create my feminine business. 

It’s been close to three years of listening to my heart and my wise feminine body, of making some really unconventional decisions (like exiting social media for marketing my work) of enjoying creating a business that feels as nourishing as it did on the first day of its inception. And I have continued to see this desire reflected in the kind of coaching requests I have received throughout the course of my business. (which eventually led me to create my powerful coaching program Feminine Business Queen)

These inquiries have been from women who are already in business or are in the corporate world feeling the call to translate one (or more) of their skills into a profitable, soul-nourishing business.

Women who are passionate about something, who want to take ownership of their time and resources and use it to create a life of their choice. 

Then there is another beautiful pattern underneath. 

These are the women who have in some way already been on their journey of feminine embodiment. They have started taking joy in the slowness of their lives, they are committed to savour the deliciousness of their (once mundane) work routines. They can’t anymore deny their body’s and soul’s needs for slowness, for gentleness, for rest and relaxation. 

And now they want to create systems of work that support their feminine way of living. 

They want to peel the layers of their masculine conditioning and infuse their feminine gifts in the way they create & lead their business. They want to now lead in their work lives with their feminine, calling in success as effortlessly as they attract all the other desires of their lives. 

If you’re feeling curious about what feminine business really means, read on. 

Feminine business is a model of business where women (and beings who identify on the more feminine end of nature’s energy spectrum) create and grow businesses in complete alignment with their organic, feminine, feeling, nature.

Feminine business involves birthing our natural gifts and passions into a venture(s) in a way that honours our heart and soul.

It involves creating shifts in the generally transactional nature of business by serving the world through one’s heart-led ideas and innovation. It is about creating structures and systems that honour our sensitivities, our cyclic nature, our desire for pleasure, rest and relaxation. 

Feminine business is a way of working where we treat every aspect of our business as a work of art, not a project to build, accomplish or finish, where we lead with vulnerability and let our audience and clients know us more than our offerings. 

It involves following the lead of our (feminine) gift of intuition in making decisions around how we conduct our business. It is about practicing the feminine art of magnetism instead of following the dry hustle route. 

Want to learn the secrets that make a woman magnetic? Download your free copy of the Magnetic Woman guide here.

From a broader point of view, feminine business lies is at the opposite end of the fast-paced, burnout-oriented entrepreneurial culture. 

It is about leading a (profitable) business by listening to our bodies first, honouring its needs first and then making shifts in our outer world. 

The conditioning of our hyper-masculine world

Living in our hyper-masculine world has almost convinced us to believe that the only way to succeed when it comes to business is to move fast and quick, to exert and toil all day long, to ‘beat’ the competition somehow, to always be busy, to give it all until you have nothing left for for yourself. 

As someone who grew up up seeing (and still does) such role-models of business in my family, this is what the definition of business success looked like to me. 

A divine intervention just at the cusp of entering the entrepreneurial world invited me to find another way. Another way of doing business and making money at it too. 

A way of working that has since… 

…made success feel sweet to me,

…given me the chance to experience true wealth,

…helped me honor my (highly) sensitive nature as an empath, 

…continued to support my creativity and innovation. 

A way of doing business that feels fulfilling to me at every level of my inner and outer realities. 

Who does feminine business work best for

I’ve noticed a common limiting belief circulated on the internet around how the feminine business model only works for service entrepreneurs. Nothing could be farther from the truth (and the actual realities of the bigger world).

Feminine business is about how we lead ourselves first. It is about our relationship with ourselves and our inner realities. What we create in our outer (business) world is simply a reflection of that relationship. 

We are witnessing such a beautiful rise in slow-moving, sustainable (and ethical) businesses around the world that vary from fashion to home goods, from hospitality to self-care. 

The earliest clients who found their way to my work were women in businesses selling tech products. Over time, I have worked with clients who are professional artists, holistic practitioners in the wellness industry, writers, legal experts, online solopreneurs and more.

Whatever ideas and innovation you’ve been holding back for the fear of failing using the art of feminine business, all of those stand an (equal) chance of succeeding in your outer realities. 

The roadblocks if any, are our limiting beliefs and doubts formed from our world view of what’s possible and what’s not. Which is why it’s imperative that we seek out support (wherever needed) as we set out to translate our fondest ideas into a business venture. 

The gifts of feminine business

So to conclude, feminine business is a way of life, intertwining our deepest passions and gifts with our burning desire to help others, to make meaningful shifts in the world, leaving it better than we found it. 

This model of business serves us women at our cellular level in a way that..

  • we can live out our most fiery ambitions without burning ourselves out, 
  • plan our work schedules according to our bleed cycle, 
  • freely acknowledge our bodies’ needs for rest and pleasure, 
  • lead with vulnerability and allow heartfelt connections to be formed, 
  • receive our divine guidance through our feminine body’s intuitive wisdom and deep knowings, 
  • embrace our unique feminine flavor and infuse our qualities in our work (instead of undermining or completely abandoning them), 
  • slow down when we need to and speed up when we want to, 
  • live a deeply nourished life pursuing our passions outside our work,  
  • spend time with our loved ones without feeling the pressure of time running out, without feeling tethered to our business’s day to day operations.

journey deeper

If you’d like my support with learning the art of feminine business, you’re welcome to explore working with me in my private coaching program, Feminine Business Queen.

This offering has been designed for sensitive, high-achieving women…

…who are already on the path of entrepreneurship and want to integrate the principles of feminine leadership in the way they share their gifts with the world through their business. 


…who are currently a part of the corporate world, feeling the inner fire to translate one or more of their skills into a thriving (and gentle) business model.

Here’s where you can learn more about this offering and explore the next steps.

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In the current hyper-masculine world that we live in, one of the most underestimated powers of our femininity is our gift of intuition. Commonly believed to be an element of woman’s inner power, the domain of intuition is simply the feminine– the feeling, sensing energy that connects us to the truth, to the ‘right’ answers to our questions. After all, our intuitive wisdom is the language that the Divine essence (spiritual dimension) in our body uses to guide us towards our desires. Read this article to learn how to connect with your intuitive intelligence.

What balance between our feminine & masculine energy truly means

What balance between our feminine & masculine energy truly means

What balance between our feminine and masculine energy truly means, an article for the sensitive, high-achieving woman who wants to find her unique version of balance between her empowered feminine & masculine energies.


Many moons ago when I (accidentally) set out on my journey of feminine embodiment, I was living life on the far masculine end of my nature’s spectrum. Almost every area of my life had me striving for the actualisation of my desires.

I was completely out of alignment with my organic feminine nature and on most days, I felt exhausted from that go-go, masculinised way of living, loving and working. 

The subsequent years led me inwards into the depths of my femininity, helping me move from that far masculine end to the more feminine end of my being. 

Except, I didn’t anticipate what was about to go ‘wrong’ in my life. I had flung a little too far on that feminine end, often finding myself feeling reliant on external support. 

On a subconscious level, I knew I needed my inner masculine to provide me with that safety and support but the memories of my past hyper-masculine life scared me of losing myself to that over-drive, striving, effort-ing way of life again.

Most days felt like I was helplessly drowning in sensitive nature, often triggered by the inner wounding and trauma that would surface every now and then. In absence of my connection with my empowered inner masculine, I lacked the capacity to hold space for my grief and healing alike.

I remember one particular instance in that brief period of time when I felt like a true ‘damsel in distress’ wanting a man, wanting just anyone to come rescue me from the dark night of my soul.

That moment felt like a true wake up call. 

As someone who had come such a long way in the pursuit of her desires, I knew it was possible to rebuild my connection with my empowered masculine energy and restore my wholeness as a woman, as a human.

So I began with what felt true to me at the time.

I started by first healing the wounding of my inner feminine. And then slowly rebuilding my relationship with my inner masculine.

Gently and gradually, I started trusting my inner masculine to support me in ways that honoured my sensitivity and feelings. 

In the space of my love life, this looked like letting my masculine energy pour into me, provide for me, take care of me so I could joyfully receive from men without the former neediness. 

In the space of my business, this looked like setting embodied boundaries around my work schedule and creating automated systems of structure and support that allowed my (feminine) soul to rest and play as and when she wanted.

Soon enough, I started noticing how regardless of the complexity of the tasks I undertook, I was head over heels in love with the flow of my life. The most mundane activities in my day-to-day life started feeling so luscious, where I’d often find myself marinating in the pleasure-filled sensations pulsating in my body while living out my life’s purpose through this business. 

This phase of my life marked the inner union of my masculine and feminine energies. I had found my inner version of balance between my healed + empowered masculine and feminine energies. 

A sense of balance that has only refined and further deepened over the recent years. 

When I decided to translate my personal journey of feminine embodiment into this business, I set the intention to ensure that my offerings were created with this sacred dance between our inner masculine and feminine energies. So that women who wanted to work with me could begin the process of their feminine softening without undermining the importance of their inner masculine essence.

Over the last three years of doing this work, I have witnessed my clients – both who have worked with me privately and who have learnt from my courses – go far and deep on their journey of feminine embodiment without falling into the possible inner wounding that can be caused in the absence of their inner masculine connection (that holds space for their emotional regulation and safety). 

Specifically while coaching clients one-on-one, I have come to notice how for sensitive-hearted women who have a wild heart full of desires, a healthy connection with the inner masculine is deeply integral. 

If our feminine energy is the river whose nature is to flow, our masculine energy signifies the two banks guiding that river in the direction of our heart’s desires. To be able to soften, surrender, melt in our feminine beings, we need the safety and support our inner masculine essence provides for us. 

Want to learn the secrets that make a woman magnetic? Download your free copy of the Magnetic Woman guide here.

For instance, in the space of our intimate relationships, we need our masculine essence to nurture us, to provide for us, helping us not become codependent on a man – an external masculine energy source in our life. 

Similarly, in the space of our work, career, business, we need our inner masculine to create structures and systems in which our inner feminine – our creativity, our intuitive inspiration can dance and flow. 

Just like swinging to the far masculine end of our nature’s spectrum tends to harden us and disconnect us from our own heart, living at the far end of our feminine nature often leads to inner wounding and sinking into a victim state of helplessness. 

Balance between our feminine and masculine energy

A sacred balance between our masculine & feminine energy is rarely a fifty-fifty split. In my experience of working with women from diverse cultures and backgrounds, I have learnt that every feminine being’s inner version of this balance is unique, with the scale always titling towards the more feminine end of the spectrum. 

For women who have been conditioned for years (for some, decades) to overtly use their masculine energy to drive their life, to love and lead with, walking on the path of their feminine energy embodiment feels like coming home. Coming home to themselves, coming home to their organic feminine nature.

It is in this process of feminine softening that their (healthy) masculine essence plays the pivotal role of creating a safe structure in which they can continue to soften, to shift from the far masculine end towards the feminine end of their nature’s spectrum.  

In complete absence of their masculine essence, women find themselves feeling needy, relying on the outside world for validation, for comfort, for safety, most often embodying the modern day damsel in distress archetype. (It’s important to note that there’s a BIG difference between receiving + relishing the support of the masculine energy sources in our lives – be it men, God, or money AND expecting any of these sources to come rescue us.)

journey deeper

If you’re a sensitive, high-achieving woman looking for a self-paced resource to soften in your feminine energy without losing connection with your empowered masculine essence, you may explore Rise with the Feminine, my 7-step feminine energy activation program.

Through a simple (and proven) step-by-step process, this offering will help you somatically embody your feminine essence and guide you to live, love + lead from your feminine heart and power. 

You can learn more about this powerful program here.

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