Embodying your feminine essence in love

Embodying your feminine essence in love

Embodying your feminine essence in love, an article for the woman who wants to learn the powerful skills of feminine embodiment in love and activate the laws of romantic polarity in her love life.


Embodiment means inhabiting all of ourselves. It is a way of being in which we are fully embodying all that we are in any given moment. 

The feminine in feminine embodiment refers to the essence of feeling, flowing, sensing, receiving, surrendering to the process instead of trying to control the outcome. An essence that’s depth-oriented and not direction-oriented (masculine energy).

In the practical sense, feminine embodiment looks like living more in our body and less in our head. It looks like spiralling less in our thoughts and connecting more to our feelings.

It is about trusting that unlimited supply of wisdom our body offers us through its intuitions, nudges, cues throughout our lifetime.

A truly embodied woman derives her sense of self confidence, her sense of self worth and her sense of self belief from her inner wisdom that I like to call the Divine intelligence, that serves like an inner GPS guiding her on her path to a blissful and fulfilled life. 

In fact, when a woman begins the process of embodying her feminine essence, it takes a beautiful spill on her love life too. 

When connected with her feminine essence, she naturally becomes magnetic to a masculine man. By

  • flowing in her feminine energy,
  • practicing vulnerability with boundaries, and
  • staying deeply anchored in her worth,

she inspires the men/ man in her life to show up in their masculine energy for her.

They want to be there for her when she needs them, provide for her with their most generous acts of service. 

They want to be around her all the time, simply because they cannot resist it. (feminine-masculine polarity)

When in a committed relationship, 

her feminine embodiment looks like feeling comfortable with receiving the affection and attention her masculine energy partner gives to her.

She lives each day with a self-sourced assurance in the love he has for her. She feels secure in her relationship both in his presence and his absence.

In case of conflicts, she expresses her concerns with love without spending her days resenting him, feeling jealous or harbouring insecurities.

She lets the man be, without feeling the need to mother him or fix his problems without his invitation.

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When single and dating, 

her feminine embodiment looks like not feeling the need to rush into anything with just any man she meets.

Not only does she feel safe exploring her options but also stays open to the infinite possibilities that exist for her in the dating world.

She feels self-assured in owning and protecting her standards in love, not settling for anything less than what she truly desires and deserves.

She practices effortless embodied presence and lets the masculine pursue her, impress her and win her heart.

As a woman embodied in her feminine essence, the idea of chasing men, leading her dating process or initiating efforts feels out of alignment with her truth. 

What differentiates a woman connected with her feminine essence from the ones who aren’t, is the way she lives her life.

She is rooted in the belief that the love she truly desires is already out there. And that in its own Divine timing, it will come find her. All that she needs to do is to show up in the world (of dating) as her radiant and embodied self. 

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