Trusting our feminine gift of intuition in business

Trusting our feminine gift of intuition in business

Trusting our feminine gift of intuition in business, an article for the woman who wants to create & grow her business by trusting her intuitive superpower.


One of the earliest discoveries I made on my journey of feminine embodiment was realizing the power of my intuitive wisdom. 

As I was resting deeper into my feminine design, I started noticing how I felt called to make decisions that didn’t appear linear or logical to my outside world. 

It was simply a sense of following what felt right to me. That resonated with my inner realities. That felt true to my heart and soul. 

What the world perceived as my madness in leaving behind an established career in the corporate, felt like honouring the deepest calling of my soul. One that has led me to living this deeply fulfilled life, doing the work that I was brought here in this world to do. 

What the world perceived as a totally irrational biz decision in turning away from (the noisy environment of) social media turned out to be the biggest act of service I’ve offered to my heart-led business. One where I have instead adopted more organic methods of online marketing that let my work be naturally discovered by women who are the right match for my business. 

Such is the power of our feminine gift of intuition. 

It doesn’t make sense to anyone besides us. It doesn’t need to. 

What may seem like an irrational decision to others feels right to us, like a deep knowing, like a divinely guided decision. 

Whether it comes to deciding what to charge for our offerings, or exploring the next phase of our business, or designing the right kind of systems and structures for our business, our inner sense of knowing is always present. Always available to be tuned into. 

But this doesn’t come naturally to a lot of us women. Especially if we come from cultures that have long valued the masculine way of living and working. Where logic precedes our inner knowings, where the doing precedes our feeling, sensing nature. 

We aren’t really trained to honour or even trust these inner knowings, the subtle cues that  our deeply wise feminine bodies offer us at every turn of life. 

As a result, we often end up taking longer, more tedious routes to the actualisation of our desires.

In the end, realising the futility of it all and finally turning to our inner wisdom to receive guidance around our decisions and actions. 

Imagine how different and easy our lives would be if we instead chose to trust our inner sense of right and wrong? 

How pleasurable would our business become if we instead trusted our body’s knowings to guide us? 

I’ve noticed in my experience of coaching women on their journeys of feminine leadership that interpreting the language of our intuition is a matter of developing the right skills.

Skills that when embodied can guide us to simply turn inwards and receive our answers to the most complex questions around our business decisions. Skills that help us restore and reclaim our sovereignty in business and in life. 

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If you’d like to learn how to use your intuitive feminine wisdom in creating & growing your business(es), you’re welcome to explore Feminine Business Queen, my 14-weeks private coaching program.

It is an offering designed for sensitive, high-achieving women who are already on the path of entrepreneurship and want to integrate the principles of feminine leadership in the way they share their gifts with the world through their business


who are currently a part of the corporate world, feeling the inner fire to translate one or more of their skills into a thriving (and gentle) business model.

Here’s where you can learn more about this powerful offering and explore the next steps.

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Learning how to understand the language of our intuition is a skill, a very important one at that. It lies at the heart of our feminine magnetism, playing a vital role in the process of manifestation of our heart’s deepest and wildest desires. Read this article to learn how to connect with your intuitive intelligence.


The intuitive wisdom of our feminine nature

The intuitive wisdom of our feminine nature

The intuitive wisdom of our feminine nature, an article for the woman who wants to learn how to connect with her intuitive intelligence.


In the current hyper-masculine world that we live in, one of the most underestimated powers of our femininity is our gift of intuition.

Commonly believed to be an element of woman’s inner power, the domain of intuition is simply the feminine– the feeling, sensing energy that connects us to the truth, to the ‘right’ answers to our questions. 

After all, our intuitive wisdom is the language that the Divine essence (spiritual dimension) in our body uses to guide us towards our desires.

Lets’s go a little deeper to understand this.

The intuitive wisdom of our feminine nature

So, our body consists of 4 dimensions- physical, mental, emotional and energetic, that have an overarching fifth dimension- the spiritual, one that represents the essence of the Divine, the One that’s in each one of us. 

Regardless of what area of our life we are calling a new desire in, it is imperative that we set clear intentions with regard to what we really want.

Because our fifth dimension, the essence of the Divine in us, uses these intentions as guideposts and accordingly communicates to us via our intuition whether we are on or off track on our journey towards our desired destination.

(For the sake of clarity, this destination can be a feeling, a vision, a 3D figure, person, situation, job or simply a state of being)

In fact, the Divine essence in us uses the help of the other four dimensions of our body to communicate its message to us in our 3D reality. 

These intuitive knowings, cues, nudges can feel like they’re.. 

  • Physical- where we might feel them via the sensations in our body, a knot in our gut, a constriction in our solar plexus, heaviness in our heart, etc.
  • Emotional- where we might feel extremely sad or ecstatic during the occurrence of an event.
  • Mental- where we might be reminded of an idea or a thought of a similar situation from the past.
  • Energetic- where we might notice a shift (drop or rise) in our vibration, our aura, our energetic state.

Almost always, it is via the feel of it, the feel of a sensation, an emotion, a thought or an energetic vibration that our intuition is speaking to us. 

The truth, as I always say in my work, is in the feel of it. The truth is in the feel of it.

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When something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right. For you. At that moment. 

Now, there is no rulebook of life that says that we have to listen to our intuition. It is entirely up to us whether we want to listen to this message or not. 

There are countless times in our lives when we have ignored our intuition and gone ahead to do the exact opposite of what it has told us. Only to take a longer (and a messier) route to a point where we were left with no choice than to attend to this divine intervention. 

Because here is the interesting thing. 

Since we are not taught, trained, or educated to learn this language of the Divine, we grow up either totally oblivious of it or choose to stay ignorant of this superpower that we were born with. 

Because of our lack of belief in our own power, we rely on external support systems like card readings, crystals, readings from psychics and what not to guide us on our path. (nothing wrong with them as long as we haven’t made them the ONLY source of divine guidance.)

Knowing about this superpower and choosing to not use it is almost like saying, “What I cannot see with my naked eyes, I won’t believe in”. 

Just because we don’t witness this power in the obvious ways in our 3D reality, it is very easy for most of us to question its legitimacy and have a hard time trusting it. 

Exactly what brings us to the question of how one can then use this invisible power of intuition to navigate life and its tricky situations.

journey deeper

Learning how to understand the language of our intuition is a skill, a very important one at that. 

It lies at the heart of our feminine magnetism, playing a vital role in the process of manifestation of our heart’s deepest and wildest desires. 

In Module 8 of my core feminine embodiment course, Your Magnetic Femininity, I share with you the skills to somatically read and interpret the language of your body’s cues and intuitive knowings, thus activating a very integral element of your feminine embodiment.

You can learn more about this deeply transformative offering here.

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