What is feminine embodiment coaching in love?

What is feminine embodiment coaching in love?

What is feminine embodiment coaching in love? An article for the woman who wants to know more about how feminine embodiment coaching can support her love life.


Feminine embodiment in love

Let us begin by understanding what feminine embodiment in love really means.

So embodiment simply means inhabiting all of ourselves. It is a way of being in which we are fully embodying our unique and natural design.

The feminine in feminine embodiment refers to the essence of feeling, flowing, sensing, receiving, surrendering to the process instead of trying to control the outcome. An essence that’s depth-oriented and not direction-oriented (masculine energy).

In the practical sense, feminine embodiment looks like living more in our body and less in our head. It looks like spiralling less in our thoughts and connecting more with our feelings. It is about trusting that unlimited supply of wisdom our body offers us through its intuitions, nudges, cues throughout our lifetime.

When truly embodied, we derive our sense of self confidence, our sense of self worth and our sense of self belief from our inner wisdom that I like to call the Divine intelligence, that serves as our inner GPS guiding us on our path to a blissful and fulfilled life. 

In fact, when you begin the process of embodying your feminine essence, it takes a beautiful spill on your love life too. When connected with your feminine essence, you become naturally magnetic to a masculine man. You do so by..

1. Flowing in your feminine energy

You effortlessly embody your feminine energy of being, receiving, and practising surrender in the process of meeting the love of your life.

As an embodied woman, you are connected to the truth that you doesn’t need to chase a man. You understand that any given day, it is the man’s job to lead the dating process.

Similarly, you are aware that its not your place to smother him with your unsolicited advice, actions and fixing. In addition to that, you aren’t either interested in striving for equality in your romantic relationship. Because you are aware of the impact it creates on the romantic polarity of your relationship.

You understand that in order to maintain attraction in your relationship, this polarity between the feminine and masculine is supremely vital. You know that if you start embodying these masculine energy traits, you will only repel the man/ the men in your dating circle.

2. Practicing vulnerability with boundaries

As a woman embodied in her feminine energy, you are not scared to practice vulnerability. To show your imperfections to your man/the men in your dating circle.

You know that over a period of getting to know a man, your romantic interactions gain depth. And that when he sees you at your less than best, he feels safe to show you his heart too.

Although it is the man’s job to lead the dating process, you understand that you, in fact, are the emotional leader in your relationship. And that it’s your vulnerability that creates the emotional depth in your romantic relationship.

In order to keep your heart safe, you define clear boundaries and embody them with courage and conviction.

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3. Staying deeply anchored in her worth

As an embodied woman, you enjoy being the prize in love.

You are aware that the best way you can give back to a man is by receiving his efforts, affection and attention with your joy, warmth and radiance.

You are rooted in your worth as a woman. A woman who knows what she desires and doesn’t settle for anything less than that.

Therefore reminding a high value man, one who is truly deserving of you, of what it takes to pursue you and win your heart.

Feminine embodiment coaching

Let us now talk a little about feminine embodiment coaching. So this modality of coaching is for you if as a woman find yourself naturally chasing, leading, providing for the men in your romantic relationships. 

  • You might be someone who finds it difficult to receive from men without feeling the urge to give them back, or
  • You struggle with surrender in the dating process and not trying to control the outcomes, 
  • Or you are someone who doesn’t believe in allowing your dates to court you, to take the lead and win your heart,
  • And above all, you like to play the equality game in her relationships.

These are some of the signs of you being way up in your masculine energy

This way of being not only disturbs the feminine- masculine polarity in your romantic interactions but also makes your dates (if they’re embodied masculine men) feel repelled by you. 

Naturally, as a single woman seeking a meaningful romantic partnership, you wouldn’t want to do this. This happens as a result of your: 

Cultural influences: what you see modelled by the women you grow up around, in the content you watch, the friendly advice you pay heed to.

Habituation: continuing to practice the same unhealthy behaviours in love because there are no disrupters available to stop you and guide you in the right direction. 

Limiting beliefs: around love, men, dating and relationships. 

This is where I come in.

The coaching modality

As a feminine embodiment coach helping women reconnect with their body’s feminine wisdom in love, you and I together enter into a coaching partnership where we: 

  • Help you liberate these habits, restrictive beliefs and the impact of your past influences not just at an intellectual level but liberate them from your body- the vehicle that stores all these experiences without you being consciously aware of it. 
  • Establish your reconnection with the power of your feminine essence in love and become an embodied (hint: irresistible) woman in love. 
  • And empower you to learn by practicing the powerful laws of feminine-masculine polarity that form the foundation of attraction in any romantic relationship. 

Feminine embodiment coaching as a modality is a body-based, trauma informed, somatic style of coaching. It empowers you to..

  • attune to the feminine wisdom of your body,
  • to effortlessly identify your self-created barriers and release them with grace, and
  • actualise your heart’s deepest desires in love through your feminine magnetism..

journey deeper

If you’d like to learn the skills of feminine embodiment in love in an intimate support container, you’e welcome to explore my private coaching program, Goddess in love. This 1-1 coaching program has been curated for a sensitive, high-achieving woman who wants to attract her wildest desires in love using the art of feminine embodiment. Here’s where you can learn more about this offering and explore the next steps.

And if you’re looking for a self-paced resource to learn from, I invite you to explore my book Becoming a Goddess in love. So many women from around the globe have used the concepts of feminine embodiment shared in this book to transform their love life. You can learn more about it here.

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