The intuitive wisdom of our feminine nature

The intuitive wisdom of our feminine nature

The intuitive wisdom of our feminine nature, an article for the woman who wants to learn how to connect with her intuitive intelligence.


In the current hyper-masculine world that we live in, one of the most underestimated powers of our femininity is our gift of intuition.

Commonly believed to be an element of woman’s inner power, the domain of intuition is simply the feminine– the feeling, sensing energy that connects us to the truth, to the ‘right’ answers to our questions. 

After all, our intuitive wisdom is the language that the Divine essence (spiritual dimension) in our body uses to guide us towards our desires.

Lets’s go a little deeper to understand this.

The intuitive wisdom of our feminine nature

So, our body consists of 4 dimensions- physical, mental, emotional and energetic, that have an overarching fifth dimension- the spiritual, one that represents the essence of the Divine, the One that’s in each one of us. 

Regardless of what area of our life we are calling a new desire in, it is imperative that we set clear intentions with regard to what we really want.

Because our fifth dimension, the essence of the Divine in us, uses these intentions as guideposts and accordingly communicates to us via our intuition whether we are on or off track on our journey towards our desired destination.

(For the sake of clarity, this destination can be a feeling, a vision, a 3D figure, person, situation, job or simply a state of being)

In fact, the Divine essence in us uses the help of the other four dimensions of our body to communicate its message to us in our 3D reality. 

These intuitive knowings, cues, nudges can feel like they’re.. 

  • Physical- where we might feel them via the sensations in our body, a knot in our gut, a constriction in our solar plexus, heaviness in our heart, etc.
  • Emotional- where we might feel extremely sad or ecstatic during the occurrence of an event.
  • Mental- where we might be reminded of an idea or a thought of a similar situation from the past.
  • Energetic- where we might notice a shift (drop or rise) in our vibration, our aura, our energetic state.

Almost always, it is via the feel of it, the feel of a sensation, an emotion, a thought or an energetic vibration that our intuition is speaking to us. 

The truth, as I always say in my work, is in the feel of it. The truth is in the feel of it.

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When something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right. For you. At that moment. 

Now, there is no rulebook of life that says that we have to listen to our intuition. It is entirely up to us whether we want to listen to this message or not. 

There are countless times in our lives when we have ignored our intuition and gone ahead to do the exact opposite of what it has told us. Only to take a longer (and a messier) route to a point where we were left with no choice than to attend to this divine intervention. 

Because here is the interesting thing. 

Since we are not taught, trained, or educated to learn this language of the Divine, we grow up either totally oblivious of it or choose to stay ignorant of this superpower that we were born with. 

Because of our lack of belief in our own power, we rely on external support systems like card readings, crystals, readings from psychics and what not to guide us on our path. (nothing wrong with them as long as we haven’t made them the ONLY source of divine guidance.)

Knowing about this superpower and choosing to not use it is almost like saying, “What I cannot see with my naked eyes, I won’t believe in”. 

Just because we don’t witness this power in the obvious ways in our 3D reality, it is very easy for most of us to question its legitimacy and have a hard time trusting it. 

Exactly what brings us to the question of how one can then use this invisible power of intuition to navigate life and its tricky situations.

journey deeper

Learning how to understand the language of our intuition is a skill, a very important one at that. 

It lies at the heart of our feminine magnetism, playing a vital role in the process of manifestation of our heart’s deepest and wildest desires. 

If you’d like to learn this skill and activate your feminine magnetism, you’re invited to explore my core feminine embodiment course, Your Magnetic Femininity.

In Module 8 of this deeply transformative course, I share with you the skills to somatically read and interpret the language of your body’s cues and intuitive knowings, thus activating a very integral element of your feminine embodiment. Here’s where you can learn more about it.

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Some say feminine embodiment in a skill, others say it’s an art. To me, it feels like a journey within. A journey of reconnecting with the feminine design nature had gifted us women from the time we took birth earth-side. Read this article to learn what feminine embodiment really is and what it looks like in our love and work life.

5 signs you are embodying your feminine essence in your love life

5 signs you are embodying your feminine essence in your love life

5 signs you are embodying your feminine essence in your love life, an article for the woman who wants to learn the art of feminine embodiment in love.


Contrary to a very popular belief system, our femininity goes far beyond our ‘feminine’ dresses, colours, appearances. It has everything to do with our energy of receptivity, sensitivity, sensuality, vulnerability and more. 

Our feminine embodiment is the portal to our power. Power that’s rooted in our worthiness, embodied boundaries & embodied presence.

A woman connected to her feminine essence is (energetically) soft on the outside and strong on the inside. In the space of her love life, she brings her whole (healed) self and lets the man/men her witness her in her radiant femininity. 

Embodying your feminine essence in your love life

Today, in this article, I want to share with you 5 signs that convey if you’re embodying your feminine essence in your love life. 

Sign 1 ~ Feminine art of receiving

You have little or no trouble asking for support from your man/ the men you’re seeing.

You have healed your relationship with your inner masculine. As a result of which, you don’t see asking for help as a sign of weakness.

You know you can do it all by yourself and yet you’re open to receiving more ease and pleasure in your life that men bring to your life.

The more you can receive, the more inspired these (empowered masculine) men want you to pour into you, to give to you, to please you. 

Sign 2 ~ Feminine energy of worthiness

You can joyfully receive from men without feeling the urge to return their efforts and gestures.

You know you are inherently worthy of all the gifts, all the good things that life has to offer you. And that the love, affection and admiration of men/your man is a tiny beautiful part of that gift bundle.

When men try to serve you with their acts of service, you joyfully receive those gestures and exude your warmth and gratitude in return. You don’t feel the pressure to match their efforts to even out the relationship.

This activates the polarity between your feminine energy and the masculine energy of empowered masculine men.

Sign 3 ~ Feminine value of surrender

You effortlessly trust and surrender in the unknown. You’re deeply rooted in your feminine value of divine surrendering.

When you’re single & dating, you allow yourself to flow through and enjoy the process of getting to know a man without worrying about the outcome of that dating association.

When you see that (embodied masculine) man taking the lead, you place the same trust in him and follow his lead.

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When in a committed partnership, you trust your partner to lead your relationship in the right direction.

In both of these scenarios, you trust that your intuition will guide you if that value of trust and surrender is dishonoured.

Sign 4 ~ Feminine gift of intuition

You are able to use your intuition to make decisions in matters of the heart. This is a sign of your heightened sensitivity to your inner knowings and deep trust in your Divine inner guidance.

When something doesn’t feel right, you trust that inner voice and don’t do it. Your intuitive wisdom guides you in your day to day life to make the right decisions around saying yes to dates, saying yes to invitations, following the lead of a man/ men you’re dating and so on. 

Sign 5 ~ Feminine radiance & power

You’re not afraid of expressing your vulnerability in your intimate interactions with men because it is supported by your embodied boundaries.

You know when to open your heart to men and how to protect yourself from getting hurt.

Your energy is open and inviting and guarded by your (highly empowered) energetic boundaries that lets men know that you are a no-nonsense woman indeed. 

journey deeper

If you would like to learn the art of feminine embodiment in love in a private coaching container, here’s where you can learn more about my 1-1 offerings and explore the next steps.

And if you prefer the support of a self-paced resource, you may explore my powerful book Becoming a Goddess in love. This ebook will guide you to reclaim your feminine nature, radiance and divinely magnetic essence and use it all to revolutionise your love life. Here’s where you can learn more about it.

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What balance between our feminine & masculine energy truly means

What balance between our feminine & masculine energy truly means

What balance between our feminine and masculine energy truly means, an article for the woman who wants to discover her unique version of inner balance.


When I (accidentally) set out on my journey of feminine embodiment, I was living life on the far masculine end of my nature’s spectrum. Almost every area of my life had me striving for the actualisation of my desires.

I was completely out of alignment with my organic feminine nature and on most days, I felt exhausted from that go-go, masculinised way of living, loving and working. 

The subsequent years led me inwards into the depths of my femininity, helping me move from that far masculine end to the more feminine end of my being. 

Except, I didn’t anticipate what was about to go ‘wrong’ in my life. I had flung a little too far on that feminine end, often finding myself feeling needy for external support. 

On a subconscious level, I knew I needed my inner masculine to provide me with that safety and support but the memories of my past hyper-masculine life scared me of losing myself to that over-drive, striving, effort-ing way of life again.

Most days felt like I was drowning into my helpless, over-sensitive nature often triggered by the inner wounding and trauma that would surface every now and then. In absence of my connection with my empowered inner masculine, I lacked the capacity to hold space for my grief and healing alike.

I remember one particular instance in that brief period of time when I felt like a true ‘damsel in distress’ wanting a man, wanting anyone to just come rescue me from the dark night of my soul.

That moment felt like a true wake up call. 

As someone who had made it all the way from her humble beginnings to the many versions of her dream life, I knew it was possible to restore my connection with my empowered masculine energy.

So I began with what felt true to me at the time.

I started by first healing the wounding of my inner feminine. And then slowly rebuilding my relationship with my inner masculine.

Gently and gradually, I started trusting my inner masculine to support me in ways that honoured my sensitivity and feelings. 

In the space of my love life, this looked like letting my masculine energy pour into me, provide for me, take care of me so I could joyfully receive from men without the former neediness. 

In the space of my business, this looked like setting embodied boundaries around my work schedule and creating automated systems of structure and support that allowed my (feminine) soul to rest and play as and when she wanted.

Soon enough, I started noticing how regardless of the complexity of the tasks I undertook, I was head over heels in love with the flow of my life. The most mundane activities in my day-to-day life started feeling so luscious, where I’d often find myself marinating in the pleasure-filled sensations pulsating in my body while living out my life’s purpose through this business. 

This phase of my life marked the inner union of my masculine and feminine energies. I had found my inner version of balance between my healed + empowered masculine and feminine energies. 

A sense of balance that has only refined and further deepened over the recent years. 

When I decided to translate my personal journey of feminine embodiment into this business, I set the intention to ensure that my offerings were created with this sacred dance between our inner masculine and feminine energies. I wanted my clients to begin the process of their feminine softening without undermining the importance of their inner masculine essence.

Over the last three years of doing this work, I have witnessed my clients – both who have worked with me privately and who have learnt from my courses – go far and deep on their journey of feminine embodiment without falling into the possible inner wounding that can be caused in the absence of their inner masculine connection (that creates space for their emotional regulation and safety). 

Specifically while coaching clients one-on-one, I have come to notice how for sensitive-hearted women who have a wild heart full of desires, a healthy connection with the inner masculine is deeply integral. 

If our feminine energy is the river whose nature is to flow, our masculine energy signifies the two banks guiding that river in the direction of our heart’s desires. To be able to soften, surrender, melt in our feminine beings, we need the safety, the support of a structure that our inner masculine essence creates for us. 

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For instance, in the space of our intimate relationships, we need our masculine essence to nurture us, to provide for us, helping us not become codependent on a man – an external masculine energy source in our life. 

Similarly, in the space of our work, career, business, we need our inner masculine to create structures and systems in which our inner feminine – our creativity, our intuitive inspiration can dance and flow. 

Just like swinging to the far masculine end of our nature’s spectrum tends to harden us and disconnect us from our own heart, living at the far end of our feminine nature often leads to inner wounding and sinking into a victim state of helplessness. 

Balance between our feminine and masculine energy

A sacred balance between our masculine & feminine energy is rarely a fifty-fifty split. In my experience of working with women from diverse cultures and backgrounds, I have learnt that every feminine being’s inner version of this balance is unique, with the scale always titling towards the more feminine end of the spectrum. 

For women who have been conditioned for years (for some, decades) to overtly use their masculine energy to drive their life, to love and lead with, walking on the path of their feminine energy embodiment feels like coming home. Coming home to themselves, coming home to their organic feminine nature.

It is in this process of feminine softening that their (healthy) masculine essence plays the pivotal role of creating a safe structure in which they can continue to soften, to shift from the far masculine end towards the feminine end of their nature’s spectrum.  

In complete absence of their masculine essence, women find themselves feeling needy, relying on the outside world for validation, for comfort, for safety, most often embodying the modern day damsel in distress archetype. (It’s important to note that there’s a BIG difference between receiving + relishing the support of the masculine energy sources in our lives – be it men, God, or money AND expecting any of these sources to come rescue us.)

journey deeper

If you’re a sensitive, high-achieving woman desiring to discover your inner sense of feminine-masculine balance, I invite you to explore the following resources:

~ If you’re looking for a simple (and proven) step-by-step process to melt your masculine shield and reconnect with your feminine heart + power, you may explore Rise with the Feminine, my 7-step feminine energy activation program. 

~ And if you’re desiring deeper healing, you can learn how to peel the layers of your hyper-masculine conditioning and reconnect with the full spectrum of your femininity with my core feminine embodiment course Your Magnetic Femininity.

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How to embody your energy of surrender in love

How to embody your energy of surrender in love

How to embody your energy of surrender in love, an article for the woman who wants to be ravished in love.


Do you know what’s one of the biggest challenges we women face on our journey of feminine embodiment in love? 

It’s the struggle of relaxing back in our feminine energy of surrender.

Add to that a deeper sense of scarcity fed to us by our culture that constantly reminds us “if you do not go after what you want, you’ll never have it!” 

Now this control + outcome oriented masculine energy does practically help us in areas of our work or even in some areas of our love life where we need it to set up a lovely dating profile, respond to texts from the man/ men in our dating circle, etc. when we are single


letting our inner masculine take care of our inner feminine when we are in a committed partnership.

But when we zoom out and look at our overall love life, we realise that there’s nothing’s more powerful than our feminine energy of surrender. We were gifted this energy from the time we took birth as a woman, after all!

Surrender in our love life looks like staying rooted in the truth that

~ we are born worthy of love, 

~ a man who truly is interested/ invested in us will gladly make the efforts to win our heart,

~ our part in our love life is only our own inner work. 

There is so much power, so much strength in just the value of our feminine surrender. 

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Contrary to popular misconceptions, surrender isn’t about giving up.

It’s about giving over to something way more powerful than we can think or imagine to guide us in the direction of our desires. Trusting that this unknown power will take care of our desires without us pushing or chasing to make things happen in our life.

And this applies to our love life more than to anything else! 

Let’s go a little deeper to understand this. 

We know that our body has 5 dimensions.

The mental, the physical, the emotional, the energetic. All of which have an overarching dimension of the spiritual, that is the essence of the Divine, that’s present in each one of us. 

Let’s understand what does surrender look like by considering this example first. 

Think of how we are when we’re surrendered in our prayers. At our:

mental level, we’re not using our masculine energy of brainstorming or thinking of the answers we’re seeking in our prayers. We’re fully present in the moment without our mind wandering or wondering about what we need to do next to make things happen in that moment.

physical level, our body is relaxed, softened, calm, composed, willing to follow the lead of this masculine energy that is the Divine power we believe in. 

emotional level, we’re deeply connected with our truest feelings, we’re aware of the emotions that are flowing through us. 

energetic level, our faith is entrusted in the masculine energy source that’s the Divine, God, the Higher power we’re praying to. We’re in a state of receptivity, open to receiving our answers. 

At no point, we doubt our worthiness to receive what we have just asked in our prayers. We’re not trying to prove ourselves worthy of our desires. We’re anchored in the belief that we’re good enough for what we have asked for in our prayers.

Now let’s apply this same dynamic to when we’re on a date or in presence of our masculine energy romantic partner. 

Knowing that we’re around a masculine energy source that is this man, we can.. relaxed in our physical body, fully present with our thoughts in that moment,

..stay fully connected to our heart

..exuding an energy of openness and receptivity. 

This is what being in our feminine energy of surrender looks like in our love life. 

The more we practice connecting with our feminine essence of softness, flow, enough-ness and receptivity, the deeper our surrender grows in life and in love. 

We feel safe with trusting the empowered masculine energy men in our life to lead the way for us and our love life. 

Thus building on to the existing polarity between their masculine and our feminine energy.

Being able to practice surrender in love is such a powerful way to activate our feminine magnetism in our romantic relationships. 

journey deeper

If you would like to learn the feminine art of surrender in an intimate support container, you are welcome to explore my private coaching program, Goddess in Love where I help you magnetise your wildest desires in love using the power of your Divine Surrender. Here’s where you can learn more about this offering and explore the next steps. 

And if you prefer to learn from a self-study resource, I invite you to explore my core feminine embodiment course, Your Magnetic Femininity. This offering will help you peel the layers of your hyper-masculine conditioning and reconnect with the full spectrum of your feminine, feeling, surrendering energy. You can learn more about it here.

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How to connect with your magnetic sensuality

How to connect with your magnetic sensuality

How to connect with your magnetic sensuality, an article for the woman who wants to invite more pleasure and expansiveness in her life.


One of the most profound gifts I have given myself in this life is learning the skills to connect with my magnetic sensuality. 

As a female born in a traditional Indian family, I grew up seeing the idea of a woman’s sensuality being perceived as dirty and disgraceful.

Something that’s supposed to be explored within the 4 walls of a house. Something that’s reserved for moments of intimacy with your partner.

Evidently, the concept of which was often confused with a woman’s sexuality!

It wasn’t until my late 20s when I learnt that our sexuality is not equivalent to our sensuality but a beautiful subset of it.

I have lived and discovered in the last few years that our sensuality is..

our capacity to discover and connect with the aliveness, vitality and pleasure that’s pulsating through our body 24×7, 365 days a year, using our five external and infinite internal senses. 

This capacity can be cultivated by developing sensitivity to all the dimensions of our body- the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the energetic. By noticing the pulse, the texture, the feel of these sensations, we are able to..

  • create a toolkit of our internal senses to discover pleasure in our body, 
  • witness aliveness in the form of feel good sensations in our body, 
  • use this vitality as an emotional & energetic fuel for our day to day life interactions with the wider world.

Since this work is inside out, this enhanced sensitivity to our inner world leads to us being able to experience pleasure and aliveness using our external senses even more easily.

Want to learn the secrets that make a woman magnetic? Download your free copy of the Magnetic Woman guide here.

And what does that result in? 

A sensually alive, an emotionally charged YOU who is not only magnetic to the humans around her but also to the invisible and endless possibilities her life holds for her. As a result of which, you

  • are able to experience life fully, intensely, wholly.
  • derive pleasure in breathing, moving, talking, eating, drinking a plain glass of water. 
  • feel incredibly softer in your energy to the men/ people around you.
  • feel inspired to carry out even the most routine tasks with joy and passion. 
  • are able to call in your heart’s deepest desires effortlessly.
  • develop a slowed down, calmer rhythm in the way you experience life, in the way you interact with the world. 
  • And of course, feel more sensually alive in moments of physical intimacy. 

4 ways to connect with your sensuality

So how do you connect with this innate, inherent, magnetic sensuality of yours? Here are 4 simple ways you can start reconnecting with your sensuality and aliveness in your day to day life:

One. Softening into your body in high pressure situations. 

Two. Slowing down and taking as much pleasure in everything you do. 

Three. Bringing your awareness to connect with a thread of pleasure in your body whenever you are navigating pain. 

Four. And finally, devoting just a few mins to your sensual flow practice everyday. 

journey deeper

If you’d like to learn the skills to connect with your magnetic sensuality, I invite you to explore my 7-step feminine energy activation program, Rise with the Feminine. In Step 5 of this programI share with you how you can somatically restore your connection with your pleasure and sensuality.

In this module, you will learn:

  • What is the true meaning of sensuality and female pleasure.
  • What pleasure is not.
  • What are the 4 types of pleasure a woman can experience.
  • What is the impact of our pleasure and sensuality in our individual life, in our love life and in our work life.
  • A somatic practice to connect with your pleasure and sacred sensuality.

You can learn more about this transformative offering here

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One of the lesser known facts about our feminine energy is that it is our process-oriented energy. At the centre of which lies our pleasure. In contrast to our outcome-focused masculine energy, the embodiment of our feminine energy involves enjoying the process of doing something, relishing in the pleasure of doing it and deepening our nourishment as we do it. Read this article to learn how to embody your pleasure-oriented feminine energy.