Embodying your feminine essence in love

Embodying your feminine essence in love

Embodying your feminine essence in love, an article for the woman who wants to learn the powerful skills of feminine embodiment in love and activate the laws of romantic polarity in her love life.


Embodiment means inhabiting all of ourselves. It is a way of being in which we are fully embodying all that we are in any given moment. 

The feminine in feminine embodiment refers to the essence of feeling, flowing, sensing, receiving, surrendering to the process instead of trying to control the outcome. An essence that’s depth-oriented and not direction-oriented (masculine energy).

In the practical sense, feminine embodiment looks like living more in our body and less in our head. It looks like spiralling less in our thoughts and connecting more to our feelings.

It is about trusting that unlimited supply of wisdom our body offers us through its intuitions, nudges, cues throughout our lifetime.

A truly embodied woman derives her sense of self confidence, her sense of self worth and her sense of self belief from her inner wisdom that I like to call the Divine intelligence, that serves like an inner GPS guiding her on her path to a blissful and fulfilled life. 

In fact, when a woman begins the process of embodying her feminine essence, it takes a beautiful spill on her love life too. 

When connected with her feminine essence, she naturally becomes magnetic to a masculine man. By

  • flowing in her feminine energy,
  • practicing vulnerability with boundaries, and
  • staying deeply anchored in her worth,

she inspires the men/ man in her life to show up in their masculine energy for her.

They want to be there for her when she needs them, provide for her with their most generous acts of service. 

They want to be around her all the time, simply because they cannot resist it. (feminine-masculine polarity)

When in a committed relationship, 

her feminine embodiment looks like feeling comfortable with receiving the affection and attention her masculine energy partner gives to her.

She lives each day with a self-sourced assurance in the love he has for her. She feels secure in her relationship both in his presence and his absence.

In case of conflicts, she expresses her concerns with love without spending her days resenting him, feeling jealous or harbouring insecurities.

She lets the man be, without feeling the need to mother him or fix his problems without his invitation.

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When single and dating, 

her feminine embodiment looks like not feeling the need to rush into anything with just any man she meets.

Not only does she feel safe exploring her options but also stays open to the infinite possibilities that exist for her in the dating world.

She feels self-assured in owning and protecting her standards in love, not settling for anything less than what she truly desires and deserves.

She practices effortless embodied presence and lets the masculine pursue her, impress her and win her heart.

As a woman embodied in her feminine essence, the idea of chasing men, leading her dating process or initiating efforts feels out of alignment with her truth. 

What differentiates a woman connected with her feminine essence from the ones who aren’t, is the way she lives her life.

She is rooted in the belief that the love she truly desires is already out there. And that in its own Divine timing, it will come find her. All that she needs to do is to show up in the world (of dating) as her radiant and embodied self. 

If you would like to learn the skills of feminine embodiment in love through a self-study resource, I invite you to explore my book, Becoming a Goddess in love.

Consisting of 9 parts, this ebook will show you how to reclaim your feminine essence, radiance & power in love. So many women from around the globe have used the wisdom of feminine embodiment shared in this book to transform their love lives. 

Here’s where you can learn more about this powerful offering.

3 main reasons why we struggle with our feminine embodiment

3 main reasons why we struggle with our feminine embodiment

3 main reasons why we struggle with our feminine embodiment, an article for the woman who wants to liberate the obstacles to her feminine embodiment and return home to her raw, untamed, organic feminine essence.


I was recently having a conversation with a client who had approached me to seek support with her feminine embodiment.

She shared with me how all she was expecting to receive was a reconnection with her feminine essence but this process had opened her eyes to so many things in her life that she has either numbed herself around or was choosing the avoidant strategy to navigate those challenges. 

It reminded me of my own journey of feminine embodiment that first began in my hustle-filled corporate life, then created ripples of transformation in my love life and is now reflective in my business and my relationship with money. 

Very often, we think of our feminine embodiment as a modality, a concept, a theory that we need to somehow ‘get’ to be truly embodied in our (feminine) essence. 

But if we pause to reflect, we will realise how our feminine embodiment is simply we embodying our truest essence. We inhabiting and living in connection with who we are at our raw, organic, untamed, conditioning-free level.  

This is why when we start peeling the layers of our (mostly hyper-masculine) conditioning and begin connecting with our feminine essence, it feels like we are coming back home to ourselves. To who we naturally are. To the unique design nature gifted us with. 

I have noticed how when I work with women supporting them with their feminine embodiment, my subconscious is always collecting information around what are the reasons as to why then we struggle with our feminine embodiment. If our essence is a part of us, why does it not come to us naturally to return home to it, to reconnect with it? 

Today, I want to share with you three of those reasons I rank highest in that list. (Not a coincidence that these were the very reasons that kept me disconnected from my feminine essence for years.)

#1. Our fast-paced, effort-centred conditioning

To be able to connect with our feminine energy, we need to slow down and practice embodied presence in a given moment. But how do we do that if our conditioning since birth has been to constantly be on the move? 

We have been so deeply trained to value momentum over stillness, hard work over rest and play. It’s not a surprise why so many of us lose touch with our femininity and gravitate to the far masculine end of our energy where we want to control everything in our lives, where the energy of effort-ing precedes meaningful inspired action, where busyness equals productivity.

Our default instinct is if we are not ‘doing’ enough, we are not worthy enough of the desire we are calling in. 

This ends up relinquishing our feminine magnetism that is alive when we are in our ‘being’ energy, in our energy of play, rest, pleasure and flow. 

One of the course students of my 7-step feminine energy activation program Rise with the Feminine shared this with me recently,

“What drew me to this program was a desire to actually feel my feminine energy vs what the mind tells me is the feminine. For the first time I have been able to feel that I have been in stagnation & freeze within myself and my emotions. This program has allowed me to see why my life has been a circle of the same thing because I only knew how to operate from the masculine & was very unhappy. Just constant go go go all the time & finally a massive exhale and relaxing and has shown me where I need to let go & release.”

This is such a simple yet powerful example of how our fast paced, effort-oriented conditioning depletes our connection with our feminine essence and becomes one of the primary obstacles to our feminine embodiment.

#2. Our somatic state 

A while ago a dear friend of mine texted me after almost a year since our last conversation. A new mother of two, she was catching up with me and sharing her motherhood tales. It took me more than a week to be able to answer a simple question of ‘how are you?’

With our earth at the centre of polycrisis, I have found myself going into freeze mode more than ever. I don’t remember the last time I had to turn to my embodiment practices this frequently to regulate my somatic state.

So when her texts flashed across my mobile screen, even though I was fully embodied and aware of my state of freeze and numbness then, I wasn’t feeling anywhere close to my inner magnetism and pleasure. It was only after shifting my somatic state that I was able to receive my friend’s love and respond to her texts.

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(Side note: this is different from how I used to live my life in my disembodied years where I was completely numb and unaware of my inner world, let alone my feminine embodiment.) 

So this is how our somatic state facilitates or obstructs our connection with our feminine essence:

If we are numb to our feelings and our heart’s deepest desires, the process of our feminine embodiment stays disrupted.

If our body is carrying past trauma of any kind, it doesn’t have the ‘normal’ capacity to flow, to receive, to stay open, to even feel our feelings. 

If we are carrying the weight of the world in our shoulders and muscles, it’s going to create constrictions in the innate flow of our feminine energy. 

This is why everything that I teach across my work, whether it’s my private coaching or my self-study resources, it’s all a blend of theoretical/ educational concepts with integrative tools like embodiment techniques, somatic meditations and conscious breathing practices. 

Because we really can’t think our way into our feminine embodiment (I spent years trying to). It is through tuning into our somatic state- our feelings, our sensations, our energetic pulsations- can we arrive to our embodied truth that’s stored in our beautifully wise feminine body. 

#3. Our relationship with ourselves

Often overlooked and underestimated in the list of reasons we struggle with our feminine embodiment is our relationship with ourselves.

When we set out on our journey of feminine embodiment, we are returning back to ourselves. To our core. To our essence. If we don’t have a healed/embodied  relationship with ourselves, who are we going to come back to? 

If we haven’t accepted who we are as we are, why will we want to come back to that version of ourselves?

Some common notions circulated in the space of new age spirituality are around raising your vibration, moving into the ascension mode, towards your higher self, etc. What many of us don’t know (including me in the past) is that this is an ideal example of spiritual bypassing. 

If we can’t embrace our shadows (our grief, our rage) how are we going to illuminate and receive their medicine? 

If we consider our natural gifts of softness, sensitivity and vulnerability as our weaknesses, how do we expect these precious qualities to reflect in our energy? 

If our understanding of ‘healing’ means we are broken and in need of fixing, how is that process of healing going to be embodied? 

If we don’t know how to accept and love ourselves why we are as we are, how are we ever going to be able to change a bad habit, break an unhelpful limiting pattern of living, loving, leading and more? 

No one of us is perfect, nature is no way is perfect. It is in our imperfections that we find the beauty of being alive, of being a part of the Divine feminine ecosystem of nature and life. 

When I was creating my signature 7-step feminine energy activation program Rise with the Feminine, one of the steps that found its place in the natural order of this offering was that of embodied self-love. Because time and again, I have witnessed that our self-acceptance and self-love are the origin points of our feminine embodiment. 

Every single student who has learned from this program has unearthed a completely unique need in their subconscious and has gained a new perspective around loving themselves more deeply and wholly.

One of the course students sent me this email halfway through the program, “I had a family event that I decided to attend & decided that I actually wanted to look well & invested in something nice for myself to wear not cheap per usual & it was a different experience. &&& I now understand from your program why I have debt. Many many many ahas. I couldn’t understand before I have been in debt like 10*. Pay it all off & amass even bigger debt the next go around.

It was everything you said in your program. So I could finally find compassion and forgiveness for myself for acting against my own best interests. Many many gems, thank you for creating something authentic & truly helpful.” 

This is how important a role our embodied self love + acceptance play in the process of our feminine embodiment. They remind us of our divine enough-ness as we continue to unravel and un-become all that we are not.

journey deeper

And so, if you’re desiring to liberate the obstacles to your feminine embodiment and return home to your raw, untamed, organic feminine essence, I invite you to explore Rise with the Feminine, my 7-step feminine energy activation program. 

This is a deeply transforming program designed to help you somatically embody your feminine essence and live, love and lead from your feminine heart + power.

So many women from around the globe have signed up to this powerful offering and are experiencing such phenomenal shifts in their inner and outer reality.

“Hi, I bought your rise with the feminine program and seriously love the program so much.

I immediately saw how I have only ever operated in the masculine & felt all the frustration of never ever having my needs met in a relationship. Just unwinding now & it feels so good.

Thank you for creating this program, I have hope that my life is improving. Looking forward to being first in my own life now as well.” 

“Seriously the best investment I’ve made to step into my own feminine energy with tools I’ve learned from this program. Educational and to the point. Sort of like dusting off my own inner compass. I would recommend this program to any woman looking for a deeper self connection.”

You too can use this gentle yet powerful program to connect with your innate feminine wisdom. Here’s where you can learn more about it.

Honouring the sacred wisdom of our menstrual cycle

Honouring the sacred wisdom of our menstrual cycle

Honouring the sacred wisdom of our menstrual cycle, an article for the woman who wants to understand and embrace the power of her feminine design.


Did you know that we women are cyclical beings? And that we are fully utilising our potential when we are living our lives in sync with our (menstrual/bleed) cycle? 

We all know that our cycle begins on the first day of our bleed and ends on the 28th (-ish) day from then. But what a lot of us do not know is that we are expected to live and in most cases thrive in a world that is designed according to a man’s 24-hour body cycle. 

Men go through all of the phases in a day, and women go through them in a month.

But because we live in a patriarchy that supports and celebrates the masculine over the feminine, our whole world is set up to support a 24-hour cycle, not a 28-day cycle.

We are expected to ignore the natural ebb and flow of our bodies, to show up at the same time every day and put in as much or more effort and intensity than we put in yesterday. 

The narrative is to hustle, to keep moving forward, to keep pushing, no matter what the cost to our bodies, our well-being, or our families.

There’s no surprise then as to why so many women feel disconnected from their womb- the creative centre of their feminine being, why our periods are demonised so often, why most women feel like the world just isn’t designed to support who they are at their core. Why we feel that in order to succeed in the current design of our world, we have to shut down our intuition, our emotions, disconnect from our sensitivity and live, lead and love like a man. 

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So now, what if I told you that there actually is a way to succeed in the current patriarchal design of the world while owning the full spectrum of your femininity? 

This is exactly where your menstrual wisdom comes in.

When we were entering our menarche at puberty, while we were given the sex ed needed to guide us in our grown up years, what no one told us about was the genius that our female bodies were going to be in these very years. (and even after!)

Just like nature, these 4 seasons that our body experiences every month in form of our 4 cycle phases, have a reason to their occurrence. 

Each of these four cycle phases play a significant role in the nourishment of our organic feminine design.

Think for a moment, what a world would we be living in if there was only the spring and summer season to experience? 

Not only would the human race be burnt out because of the heat on the outside & on the inside of our bodies, but also would our natural water bodies dry up, our crops burn/perish, our earth’s surface scorch because of the heat. 

Nature needs the balance of the masculine and the feminine forces to sustain itself. It needs both the outward, playful spring & summer months and the inward, hibernating autumn and winter months.

Similarly, we too need our pre-ovulation and ovulation phase to experience our playful, radiant, outward-masculine expression. And our pre-menstrual and menstrual phase to turn inwards in our feminine depth for rest and recalibration. 

~ There is a reason as to why we women, the most powerful feminine beings heal when brought in contact with nature. 

~ There is a reason as to why the women who follow the feminine way of living have their bleed cycle in sync with the moon’s cycles. 

That’s because we are the most essential parts of nature, where nature signifies ‘the feminine’. 

(Only in the 31st year of my life, did I learn that Mother Earth and its atmosphere that is our nature is the Big Mama, the Divine Feminine. And honestly, I wasn’t surprised!) 

Just how our Big Mama thrives by embracing her seasons, in order to thrive in our outward world AND feel aligned with our feminine essence in our inner world, we too need to put into practice the wisdom our menstrual cycle brings with it each month. 

That’s precisely why I had to include this life-changing subject in my core feminine embodiment course, Your Magnetic Femininity.

This all encompassing offering will help you peel the layers of your hyper-masculine conditioning and reconnect with the full spectrum of your femininity. In the Module 5 on menstrual wisdom, you will be learning:

  • the significance of each of the 4 seasons of your feminine cycle,
  • an embodied methodology to map your cycle and identify the patterns in your nature & needs in each of these seasons,
  • the relevance of this wisdom in your work life and your most intimate relationships, 
  • somatic practices to honour yourself in each of these seasons, and more.

Looking back, I feel deeply grateful for this wisdom for not only has it healed my relationship with my aspirational nature but has also helped me connect with my womb’s power and honour my femininity at its most primal level. 

journey deeper

You too will notice how when you apply your menstrual wisdom in your day-day life, 

…you will develop an embodied relationship with your womb.

…your connection with your intuitive intelligence will be resurrected to life.

…you will be able to connect with the strength and gifts of your cyclic feminine nature, and work with them rather than against them.

…you will know when & how to speed up and to slow down; you will stop beating yourself up for a lack of ‘motivation’ or a dip in your productivity. 

…the intimacy of your romantic relationship(s) will deepen with your vulnerable expression around your core needs.

…you will start living, loving and working like a woman instead of blindly following the age-old conditioning of doing all of that like a man. 

If you’re looking for a self-study resource to understand + apply your menstrual wisdom in your life, love & leadership, I invite you to explore my all-encompassing feminine embodiment course Your Magnetic Femininity.

This deeply transforming course will help you peel the layers of your hyper-masculine conditioning, reconnect with the full spectrum of your femininity and restore your wholeness as a human, as a woman,

You can learn more about its rich curriculum here.

What weakens the polarity in our romantic relationships

What weakens the polarity in our romantic relationships

What weakens the polarity in our romantic relationships, an article for the woman who wants to re-activate the attraction in her love life.


Every once in a while, I think of my past disembodied relationships and who I used to be then. 

As a hyper-masculine, disconnected woman, the only way I knew to operate was to lead my romantic relationships, playing Mommy to my ex-partners, providing for them, rescuing them from their money problems and what not. 

I was so deeply drowning in that way of living with no hope of a life beyond that reality.

In retrospect, it feels like the blessing of a karmic gift that I experienced everything I went through in those years. Towards the end of which, in my 3D reality, my body came to my rescue.

After landing in the hospital for an emergency surgery amidst my ‘busy’ life of over-working, I was forced to slow down.  

As I slowed down physically, my inner world started slowing down as well, helping me connect with my heart, my feelings, my desires, my essence.

Opening my soul’s eyes to the mess I had got myself in. 

The rest, as they say, is history. 

Three months later, I had walked away from the longest adult relationship of my life only to fall so deeply in love with myself. And then slowly and gradually cultivate the feminine art of receiving in my being, creating an infinitely large space within me to receive from men, and from the rest of the world. 

In less than a year, I had gone from being a depleted woman to a deeply nourished woman who felt comfortable :

..allowing the men in her dating circle to travel >100kms to pick her for their date and drop her back safely home.

..receiving the acts of service from those men without feeling the slightest need to return those loving gestures.

..pacing out her suitors to honour her preferences and standards around intimacy and commitment. 

If you asked me today, what was the most pivotal aspect of my healing, I’d tell you- it was healing the shadow side of my Mother archetype and reconnecting with my inner magnetic woman.

Want to learn the secrets that make a woman magnetic? Download your free copy of the Magnetic Woman guide here.

As the eldest of my siblings, I had the giver and doer energy activated in me from an early age.

But meeting wounded masculine/passive men in the early years of my young adult life drew that energy out of me in unhealthy proportions. 

I was hopelessly trapped in the cycles of over-giving and then feeling resentfulover-doing and then feeling bitter to my core. 

When you keep pouring from a cup for years without filling it back, it runs dry to an extent that you can see the marks of dried out tea at its bottom. That cup desperately needs to be washed and cleaned inside out, and refilled again. 

When this beautiful value of nurturing and caring for others is practiced from an under-resourced and under-supported state of being (especially in the area of our romantic relationships), it can lead to SO much self-harm. 

Not only does it end up depleting us but also does it lead to extinguishing any possibility of romantic polarity that could have been established in that relationship. 

What weakens the polarity in our romantic relationships

A man who may have taken on his embodied role of leading, providing, initiating, taking care of you and your relationship when treated like a toddler, mothered and smothered by his woman starts behaving like one. 

And then we are left wondering why does this man never lead.

We expect the man to be the leader in our relationship but when he does, the wounded side of our Mother feminine archetype is standing over his head with a list of ways he could have done it correctly.

This shadow side of our Mother archetype isn’t just limited to when we are in partnered dynamics. 

If it’s part of our deeper conditioning, it can show up in how we date as well. 

~ Meeting a date halfway to make it easier and more convenient for him.. 

~ Offering to pay the check when you’re meeting a man who asked you out on a romantic date.. 

And at a deeper level, 

~ Leaning forward in your energy by thinking of a future with a man without he having mentioned about it ever! 

~ Being in the energetic state of leading the dating process forward, thinking of ways to “make things happen” in that courting process.

Everything around us is energy. And all of us feel it. 

Men, especially the embodied ones, feel the overpowering impact of your masculine leading energy and their inherent masculine nature feels repelled by your presence no matter how attractive they may find you at the physical level. 

Romantic polarity, that is the force of attraction between a masculine energy man and a feminine energy woman, keeps weakening with each instance of the two people abandoning their core energetic expression. 

So how do we turn this around? 

journey deeper

As a feminine energy woman, you take responsibility of your part by embodying the laws of feminine-masculine polarity at a somatic level, at your energetic level.

By staying relaxed and rooted in your powerful feminine essence. By understanding how polarity works and integrating that knowledge in your being, thus becoming a woman who is magnetic to (so many) men around her. 

In my work, I help my clients do that by sharing with them the skills of polarity through my powerful book Becoming a Goddess in love.

Consisting of 9 parts, this book will show you how to reclaim your feminine essence, radiance & power and use it all to revolutionise your love life. You will learn how to apply the laws of romantic polarity in your relationship/dating life and inspire the devotion of your man/the men you’re dating.

So many women around the globe have used the wisdom shared in this book to transform the way they show up in their love lives. If you’d like to learn more, you can explore its powerful contents here.

related reading

When you are embodying your feminine energy, that is when you are simply being, flowing, surrendering, receiving, the men who are already in embodiment of their masculine energy instantly feel and notice that. The ones who are just starting out, not so much. After all, not all men in the world have the potential to become the God in love at the same time, right? Read this article to learn the 7 ways an embodied woman can awaken the God in a man. 

4 reasons why we women need embodied boundaries in our relationships

4 reasons why we women need embodied boundaries in our relationships

4 reasons why we women need embodied boundaries in our relationships, an article for the woman who wants to reconnect with her feminine power by learning the art of setting and upholding boundaries.


Like a lot of us, you too must have heard about the concept of boundaries on the Internet, through your peers or in your self-development books.

What I understood from the courses I participated in, the books I read and the practitioners I followed early in my journey, was that boundaries meant knowing what I like or don’t like and letting people around me know that.

Except back then, forming a boundary felt like a guarding system that I had to ‘put up’ to protect myself. It felt like a constant effort-requiring act that needed to be ‘maintained’ by me every single time. At the end of which, I’d feel so exhausted that most often, I would either end that act of putting up that boundary OR try to simply avoid being in situations that needed me to hold that boundary.

What I didn’t know or rather had not learnt until then was that when a boundary is set up in the right way, it becomes life-generating not life-depleting.

What made my back then process of setting up a boundary so exhausting was the fact that I was setting the boundary first and embodying (more like trying to) it later.

This outside-in process wasn’t serving me. I would either start doubting my own self in that process or be always scared of practising that boundary. 

It took me a long winding journey to learn that there indeed is an easier way to set and commit to our boundaries. 

Something that is also known as healthy or embodied boundaries.

Maybe you already know what those are. Maybe what you know about boundaries is what matches the definition of disembodied (unhealthy) boundaries. 

And while having an unhealthy or disembodied boundary is still much better than having no boundaries, for the sake of clarity, let’s first understand what distinguishes embodied boundaries from the opposite of it.

Boundaries by definition are personal rules or limits we create as a standard for interaction with other people/ situations. 

The way we choose to interact with the world, and with the people in it, is largely defined by the boundaries we hold, and embody. 

Boundaries also inform how we will respond if/when someone crosses those limits.

Our boundaries are a part of our essence, always pulsating, living, breathing in one way or the other. They’re constantly being fueled by our being, our heart, our standards and our preferences.

For us to be able to show up in our relationships as our authentic self, we need a set of boundaries to protect us in that process of sharing our beautiful vulnerabilities. 

So let’s go a little deeper today and understand the 4 reasons why we need our own individual set of embodied boundaries if we want to show up in the world in our feminine radiance:

1. Boundaries help us define our unique identity (to ourselves and to the world).

When we don’t know who we are or what types of behaviours/ conditions/ experiences we desire to consent to, we become no one. 

For us to know how we prefer to operate in this human world, we need to know what we like, what we don’t like, what we can say yes to, what we would like to say no to.   

Similarly for a person to know you as/ for something, they need to know what is acceptable when they are around you, what is not acceptable when they are with you. If you haven’t done the work to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t, it would really not be fair to expect another being to respect your ‘undefined’ preferences. 

We are all holding and embodying a boundary of some form at all times. Even an apparent ‘lack of boundaries’ is a boundary we are holding and embodying. Boundaries can be: 

~ Healthy: creating an empowering sense of identity, rooted in love and compassion, further enhancing our integrity and generosity.

~ Unhealthy: creating a sense of depletion, rooted in wounding and resentment, enhancing undesirable (for us) quality/ qualities. 

~ Absent: a sense of no direction or objective, depending on other’s preferences and standards (rather than embodying one’s own). 

In absence of boundaries, we tend to develop unhealthy forms of attachment like codependency. Something that is not recommendable when it comes to the health of our relationships. 

In order to fully actualise the vision you hold for yourself in different areas of your life, you need to clarify, create, embody and hold boundaries that serve you and help you thrive as the woman in that desirable version of you. 

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2. Boundaries help us in our decision-making process. 

Our boundaries have one of the following three orientations: 



Still deciding 

Where “still deciding” isn’t necessarily the same as maybe. Somewhere in between a yes and a no, it’s a choice we make when we are trying to avoid holding boundaries. It also means that we genuinely may not have an answer yet. Still deciding will lead to a yes, or a no, eventually. 

Every single decision you make in your life is informed by your boundaries. And without clear boundaries, it becomes increasingly difficult to make decisions (and thus move forward) in the world.

For instance, reflect upon your current dating life and explore if you have clear answers to the following questions.

Are you available to be a texting buddy to your dating match(es)?

Do you feel comfortable having sex with a man who hasn’t offered you a solid commitment yet?

Would you be okay to date a man who doesn’t match one of your minimum standards yet but feels good to be around with?

The answer to all of these questions depends on the health of your boundaries. 

Take some time out today to research in what part of your life, you’re in the ‘still deciding’ orientation. Drop into your heart and research the answers to all such questions and decide what it is that you truly would want to happen if anything was possible for you. 

3. Embodied boundaries help us honour ourselves 

Have you ever said yes, but meant no? 

Have you ever left your intention unclear, undefined, unsaid? 

or have you ever not fully asked for what you wanted? 

Do you remember how that felt to your inner world? Not good, I’m guessing. 

Every woman knows what it’s like to dishonour her boundaries as this is the part that inspires us to learn how to create healthy boundaries. 

If you’re unable to form a clear yes/no based on your own existing set of boundaries, then the natural result is that you’ll dishonour yourself. 

You’ll agree to going to a man’s house when you didn’t want to go to. You’ll agree to be penetrated when you are not prepared.

Each moment of dishonouring can lead to the build up of constrictions in our energy. Some may lead to shame, some may lead to a lot of buried pain and sadness, others may lead to resentment towards ourselves and the person who dishonoured us.

Experiences of such dishonour towards ourselves can leave us feeling rather powerless when actually we are immensely powerful beings.

When you learn how to embody your boundaries, it becomes so effortless and guilt free to be able to say no to what doesn’t serve you.

4. Boundaries help us eliminate resentment and birth compassion.

A lot of cultures around the globe perpetuate the belief that women are supposed to give first and take care of others first.

The same programming when fed to us in our formative years leads us to believe that we are ‘supposed’ to prioritise the needs of others before our own. 

When we don’t speak up for what we want/need, when we let others walk over us, and when we don’t embody strong boundaries we may be giving from a place of lack, or self-sacrifice. We’ve been trained to think this is a noble thing to do, and that it makes us a good person.

But is that really true? 

How do you feel when…

  • a man you’ve just met tries to force his ideologies upon you?
  • you give to a man your attention, time, energy in amounts that you very well know he hasn’t earned yet? 
  • you agree to sex but don’t want it?

Do you feel compassionate, generous, and inspired in those actions? Or do you feel resigned, resentful and angry at the end of it all? 

One of the most common reasons behind why the health of our relationships, the romantic ones in particular, declines over time is the resentment that women build within them as a result of their over-giving nature. 

In absence of boundaries around when and how much to give to a relationship, they end up feeling bitter and resentful of their partner. 

Not to forget that this over-giving approach is a very masculine one to begin with.

And so when we create, hold and embody the boundaries that serve our emotional health, we are able to show up in the outside world with integrity, compassion and generosity, all of which align with our feminine power.

We learn to give from the overflow of our cup, not the depth of it. 

There’s grace in our energy, there is honesty in our words and actions.

If you’re an empath/ sensitive woman like me, I can’t describe how uncomplicated your life will become once you start practicing this life-generating skill of setting embodied boundaries. 

You’ll no longer have to succumb to being the nice girl to any and every person.

You can hold your ground and yet be the most generous and compassionate woman when you show up in the world. You can honour yourself by respecting your own boundaries and honour the person in front of you by practising radical honesty. 

Your boundaries when embodied fuel your feminine power. A power that’s devoid of arrogance and is rooted in love and compassion.

A power state you were inherently assigned as a woman, one that may have been lost or forgotten on the way. One that can be regained, one that makes life so liveable, so much fun, so easy and so effortless.

Your boundaries are the simplest medium to channel that power in the 3D world we live in. 

Whether it’s your dating life, your social interactions, your workplace relationships, your embodied boundaries help you- define your identity, make your decision making process unimaginably easier, honour yourself with utmost sincerity and eliminate resentment while birthing compassion in your heart for yourself and for the world.

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