7 ways to awaken the God in a man

7 ways to awaken the God in a man

7 ways to awaken the God in a man, an article for the woman who wants to awaken the Divine masculine in a man while embodying her Divine feminine.


If you’ve been here in my community for a while, you’d know that when you’re on your path to becoming a Goddess in love, you learn how to awaken the God in a man as well.

When you are embodying your feminine energy, that is when you are simply being, flowing, surrendering, receiving, the men who are already in embodiment of their masculine energy instantly feel and notice that.

The ones who are just starting out, not so much.

After all, not all men in the world have the potential to become the God in love at the same time, right?

Some are already there, some have just started, some are not even aware of the divinity of their masculine essence.

You beautiful woman are here for the first kind. The ones who are already there. Looking for their Goddess in every woman they meet. 

Seeking the Divine Feminine to come in Sacred Union with their Divine Masculine. 

In the practical world, as a woman desiring meaningful love, your part is to simply show up in connection with your feminine essence and be the divinely magnetic woman you were born as. The rest simply follows. 

In my lived experience, here are the 7 ways I have discovered an embodied woman has the power to awaken the God in a man. 

She does so by: 

1. Offering him the gift of his sacred space 

A woman deeply connected with her feminine essence understands that both her partner and herself are two different individuals with their unique set of needs. To be able to meet their respective emotional needs and wants, they need to be there for themselves first.

In the practical sense, this looks like putting the me first, then the you and then the us.

She understands that two evolved humans cannot show up in a relationship as the best versions of themselves unless they have the space, capacity and intent to do their own inner work. And so, as much as she celebrates having her own share of space and time, so much does she feel comfortable in offering it to her partner.

This, in turn, has a profound impact on an embodied man. He cannot help but notice this shift in the polarity of the relationship and feels even more attracted towards her.

2. Staying connected to her own deepest emotions 

When a woman feels safe connecting with her emotional world, she automatically creates a safe environment for her relationship and her partner as well.

By leading through her vulnerability, she sends an unspoken message to her man that he too can unpack his emotions here.

Her feminine energy of ease is what awakens the King in a man. He finds emotional safety in being around such a woman because now he can let his guard down and just be who he truly is.

In this process of staying connected to her most raw emotions, an embodied woman sets the tone for a romantic relationship that’s soaked in authenticity, vulnerability and courage.

In a world where humans are struggling to stay real, these behaviours infuse a sense of divinity in the relationship inspiring a man to show up and lead with integrity.

3. Letting him know she sees him (no fixing, no mothering, just acknowledging she understands and is around for him) 

A woman embodying her divine feminine essence lives the laws of feminine-masculine polarity like her second nature.

She understands that her sacred union with a masculine man is founded on these powerful laws of magnetism. And so it is not her place to mother, smother or fix her man’s problems without an invitation.

Her compassion for her embodied masculine man in distress runs through her energy. She witnesses him as he is, without trying to solve/ fix his problems and making him feel emasculated.

A man in deep connection with his masculine essence wants to feel like the leader, the problem- solver in his relationship. Not the other way round. And she understands that.

And yet, owing to the bountiful love she holds for him in her heart, she stays around. Offering her energy of warmth and radiance as a soothing balm to his distress.

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4. Communicating her desires with respect towards herself & towards him. 

When a woman lives in inner harmony of her masculine & feminine energies, she naturally is masterful in her feminine art of communication.

In that process, she learns how to express her desires without coming across as unreasonable or demanding.

Her communication is infused with respect for herself and for the man she is in love with.

Considering that respect happens to be the biggest aphrodisiac for a man, it not only brings him closer romantically but also sets a precedent for all future communication in the relationship.

5. Receiving his love and efforts with an open heart.

A woman in her feminine energy understands that nothing inspires a man more than her feminine energy of receiving.

After all, masculine energy is the giving, the providing, the leading energy. Which when comes in contact with her feminine energy of receiving, being, surrendering- the attraction in her relationship is inevitable.

And so she receives the love, attention, affection of her man with an open heart, radiating her joy as an acknowledgement to his efforts.

6. When the urge to reciprocate arises, remembering to return his efforts with her joy, warmth and radiance

An embodied woman understands that she doesn’t need to compete with her man’s efforts to show him her love.

She knows that doesn’t need to become his clone in order to feel loved, heard and cherished.

Her man sees her when she is embodying the polar opposite of his energy. Meaning, when he offers to give, she joyfully receives. When he wants to take the lead, she is happy to follow.

(this might sound counter-intuitive to the modern twisted definition of feminism you last heard. I encourage you to read my first book if you’d like to understand the science behind feminine-masculine polarity)

7. Trusting and surrendering in his devoted leadership towards their relationship 

Masculine energy signifies innate leadership. To a man embodying his masculine energy, it is an honour to be allowed to lead and provide for the people he loves.

When a feminine energy woman entrusts her faith in her man’s ability to take care of their relationship, she further fuels his connection with his divine masculine essence. It sets him on a path of devoted leadership to his woman & to their relationship for the times to come.

One of the best gifts you as a Goddess in love can offer to a man is your trust. Trust that he strives to earn with all his actions, small and big from the moment he meets you.


When you learn to just flow in your feminine energy, the above ways do not feel like work. They simply are a residual effect of your ease, of your flow and of your worthiness. 

By returning home to your divinely magnetic essence of a woman, you awaken the God in a man.

If what you’re calling in your love life right now is a man in deep connection with his masculine essence, perform a self-check and ask yourself,

  • How far have I come on my path of feminine embodiment?
  • How much closer am I from returning to my home, to my essence? 
  • What’s in my way and what can I do to liberate that and clear my path? 

At every heart break, at every self sabotage in love, the divine (feminine) in you is pulsating with your life force energy, hungering to come alive, asking you to let her animate you, let her come to life. 

Come, return home, begin your beautiful journey of feminine embodiment today.

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How do you measure your self-worth?

How do you measure your self-worth?

How do you measure your self-worth? An article for the woman who wants to reconnect with the unconditionality of her self-worth.


Do you measure your worthiness through your job? Or do you measure it through the amount of money you earn? Is there another external, transient factor that has got you attaching your inherent worth to it?

If you’re here reading this, chances are you have chosen to be a worldly being. And in that capacity, we obviously need most of the above mentioned forms of rewards to sustain life in the most thriving manner. 

The problem occurs when any of these become the source of self-worth for us. Even worse if these external sources run dry/ empty of their supply of worth for us.

We losing a job is a possibility. Our company going under a restructuring is possible too. The incoming flow of wealth getting disrupted is another scenario. The rapidly changing landscape of social relationships can cost us some of ours too.

The questions to reflect upon are, 

What happens to your life when any/all of these are gone? 

What happens to your sense of inner balance if one or more of these sources of your worthiness go missing? 

As you read the next few lines, take a moment to close your eyes and strip away everything you attach your worth to. Your job, your career, your money, your romantic/ social connections, everything outside of you. 

Who are you now? 

How does it feel to be with yourself? 

Do you like the woman you are? 

Can you wrap your arms around her and still tell her that you love and accept her, from the core of your heart? 

How we feel within ourselves, with this version of us sans all our external, transient sources of worth- is all that matters. 

If that relationship feels whole and complete, we celebrate it, we deepen it further. If it doesn’t, we give ourselves the permission to turn within and ask, “Why is it that I don’t feel worthy by just being me?

Our relationship with our worthiness is always an inside job, dear one. Our worth is innate, it’s ever-present, it is precious. 

We don’t need to downgrade it by measuring it up against a transient title, the dollar we earn, the status our romantic relationships hold. 


Let’s take a moment now and think of our self-worth as a naturally flowing waterfall that we are born with an exclusive access to. It is available with an unlimited source of water, ever present for us. 

We live under that waterfall, soaking ourselves with its water on harsh hot days any and every time we want. We don’t have to give, to do, to prove anything to keep that waterfall of self-worth flowing forever. 

Now imagine growing up in an environment where our self-worth starts to get compared and measured- in form of our looks, our grades, our size, our skin color, our voice, our achievements, etc.

What happens then?

We start depending on external validation to feel worthy. We start relying upon our community, our partner/the men in our dating circle to bring buckets of water to cool off the heat of unworthiness. Totally forgetting that we live under our own waterfall of self worth. And that we don’t need anyone else’s buckets of validation to feel worthy. 

When we begin our journey of feminine embodiment, we learn how to identify and liberate this dependency on all external sources of our self worth and connect with our enough-ness effortlessly. 

We start showing up in our love life anchored in this truth, no longer feeling the urge to give, to provide, to match the love, affection and attention we receive from the man/men we’re seeing.

As a result, we are able to receive all of that love, the compliments, the offerings like a Goddess exuding her warmth and gratitude without clinging onto any of those gifts. 

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Similarly in areas of our leadership & business, we can show up with as much integrity towards ourselves as we hold for the job we’re set out to complete. Thus living our life in connection with this enough-ness, under this waterfall of our innate self-worth once again. 

Not only are we able to release the need to chase a man begging him for buckets of validation but also let go of the urge to people-please just so they can see our worth in our work..and may be even reward us for that.

That is we embodying our feminine essence in its most natural, primal form.

This energy is what creates the magic for us. When we can sit across the table and look into the eyes of the person we’re negotiating with, we are telling them via more than just our words that I am here for more and I am not willing to settle for anything lesser.

This applies just as much as to our work front as much as it does to our preferences in dating/relationships. 

It is far more powerful than any negotiation tactic we’ll ever learn. Because this energy with which we approach our negotiations in life and relationships is oozing with our sincerity, our authenticity of our deservingness.

Our feminine essence, the one we were inherently born with, is replete with our worthiness, our enough-ness. When we are connected with this essence, we don’t need to measure our self-worth with anything outside of us. We understand that it just is.

journey deeper

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