My journey of feminine embodiment began with a deep yearning to feel at home with myself. I was overwhelmed with the noise of my outer world that had started to cast a dark shadow on my sacred inner world.

I kept following the signs of that yearning, slowly turning inwards to myself, understanding the language of my inner world,

eventually arriving home to myself.

In the last few years of serving women on a similar path, helping them return home to their feminine beings, I noticed the same pattern.

The yearning to live a life that feels true to their heart.

The desire to reconnect with their raw, untamed essence.

Which led me to gather my experiences of coaching women around their feminine embodiment and create an offering that could help those of us desiring to journey back to ourselves,

to reclaim our worth in life, love and work, and

rise with our feminine heart & power in all areas of our life.

If you’re desiring to learn how to live, love and lead from your feminine core, I welcome you to

Rise with the Feminine,

a powerful 7-step feminine energy activation program.

If you’re new to this work, it would help to know that our feminine energy is the energy of fully being in a given moment, of sensing, feeling, receiving, surrendering, flowing. It is an energy that’s depth-oriented. This energy is what creates ease and pleasure in our lives.

The human character of feminine energy is FLOW.

In contrast to which, our masculine energy is the energy of constantly moving forward, leading, initiating, providing, penetrating, performing, taking action. It is an energy that’s direction-oriented. This energy is what creates structure and offers support to our lives.

The human character of masculine energy is GO.

Regardless of our gender identities and sexual orientation,

all of us humans have both masculine & feminine energy in us.

When we are in an inner harmony with our feminine and masculine energies, we are able to live a life that’s full of emotional richness, balance and fulfilment.

To be noted, the balance in this case doesn’t look like a 50-50. Balance for a feminine energy woman looks like..

a connection with both her empowered masculine and feminine energies, with the scale tilting more towards the feminine end of her energy’s spectrum.

However, most of us have been conditioned to live a life where this balance has been tilted in the opposite direction.

We already have our masculine essence fully activated and put to good use (sometimes to excessive amounts).

We have been well trained to be driven, to have ambitions, to achieve our goals, to go after what we want.

But what no one taught us while growing up was the art of our feminine embodiment.

No one told us that our softness & sensitivity are not only integral to our overall nourishment but are also some of our biggest strengths.

Unless role-modelled to us, we grew up not knowing how to read and interpret the language of our sensitivities, we chose our default way of living to be that of suppressing our feelings and heavier emotions.

Living under the assumption that once suppressed, these emotions will dissipate on their own.

Not knowing that every unacknowledged feeling, every suppressed emotion gets stored in our body as frozen tension that affects us at our cellular-most level.

We feel the impact of this frozen tension

~ in our constricted nervous system,

~ in our emotional triggers that show up unannounced like volcanic eruptions and affect our relationships adversely,

~ in our inability to fully own our worth and our heart’s precious desires.

~ in our discontented inner orientation despite all the outwardly achievements,

~ in our dysfunctional relationship with our feminine sensuality & sexuality.

~ in our difficulty to embrace our sacred rage, our grief and other darker emotions,

~ in our inability to remove our hard masculine shield and practice receiving from God, men, money and the bigger world.

And so many other ways our life feels unfulfilled at the core of our being.


From the last 7 years of living, breathing, embodying and then teaching this art of feminine embodiment in the world,

this is what I can tell you about women who identify on the feminine end of nature’s energy spectrum.

We want to be ravished not extracted from.

Underneath our hyper-masculine conditioning, we yearn to slow down and experience life fully and wholly.

We want to melt our masculine shields and become vast reservoirs who can receive- receive from the Higher Power, receive from money, receive from the men in our lives.

We want to own and express our rage in a way that gets shit moving in the world without burning us on the inside.

We want to feel more connected with our bodies, our pleasure, our flow, our erotic feminine nature.

At our raw, deepest levels of being, we want to learn how to ditch the hustle and magnetise our heart’s wildest and deepest desires with utmost ease and pleasure.

We want to activate our feminine power by owning who we are by our natural design.

All of which starts with slowing down, turning inwards and connecting with our (feminine) essence.


If you’re desiring to embody your soft, sensitive, sensually magnetic feminine essence, one that’s rooted in your worthiness and power, you’re in the right place.


This offering is for you:

🪷 if you understand feminine energy at the intellectual level but want to experience it somatically (in your body).

🪷 if you want to learn how to live, love and lead in connection with your feminine essence,

🪷 if you’d like to learn a simple (and proven) step-by-step process that will help you melt your masculine armour & reconnect with your feminine magnetism.

Our feminine energy is the life force energy running through us as long we are alive.

When we are embodying this energy, we are tuned into our (inherent) power, we develop embodied confidence, we shine our luminating radiance, and are magnetic to our heart’s desires.

But how many of us are connected with this life-giving energy?

Our deeply-masculinised conditioning has so expertly disconnected us from the essence that nature gifted to us from the time we took birth earth-side.

Taking inspiration from my experiences of coaching women around their feminine embodiment, I created

Rise with the Feminine, a program for sensitive, heart-led women who are desiring to rebuild this lost connection with their feminine, feeling energy.

This step-by-step process will show you the path to return home to your essence, your unique organic feminine nature.

We begin with the embodiment of the basics of feminine energy in Modules 1 and 2.

And then move on to learning about the core qualities of feminine energy in Modules 3-7, sharing with you the skills to somatically embody them in all areas of your life, love and leadership.

What women who have deeply benefitted from this 7-step process are saying..
I truly loved working with Navdeep.

Navdeep had the awareness and skills to help me identify and work through the true underlying issues in my relationship.

It all came down to beliefs and bad habits I could not see for myself. We not only dismantled those beliefs holding me back, but replaced them with new, more loving skills.

I am in a tremendously different place since working with her. The obstacles that weighed too heavy on me are just in my memory.

I would sincerely recommend Navdeep to any woman. She is a truly profound and transformative woman that I have been blessed to work with on my path.


United States

In just 4 sessions, Navdeep helped me to remember my strengths and find the motivation that I needed to begin my new business venture.

Before working with Navdeep, I had a lot of doubts and worry about how to start my business but she enabled me to gain the confidence in myself, listen to my heart and take those first initial baby steps.

I would highly recommend Navdeep as a coach for any women wanting to find and live from their inner truth, strength and feminine power.

She is a warm hearted and inspirational coach whose sessions always left me feeling like anything was possible!


United Kingdom

And I know this from my lived experience that you too can connect with your feminine heart + power using this wisdom.

Come, let’s take a look at the course curriculum now.

Step 1 Module 1: Understanding feminine energy
Step 2 Module 2: Unblocking your feminine energy
Step 3 Module 3: Restoring your self-worth
Step 4 Module 4: Practicing embodied self-love
Step 5 Module 5: Connecting with your pleasure and sensuality
Step 6 Module 6: Healing your sacred sexuality 
Step 7 Module 7: Activating your feminine magnetism

As part of the bonus elements, you also receive these delicious gifts:

Bonus 1. A 30-min lesson on differences between your Wounded & Empowered feminine energy.

Bonus 2. A 7-day feminine energy activation workbook.

Bonus 3. A beautiful collection of 21 feminine rituals to reconnect with your sensuality.

Bonus 4. Complimentary access to the PFMM bundle, the entire collection of my Primal Feminine Moving Meditation programs. (NEWLY ADDED)
Bonus 5. Lifetime access to my client-exclusive community for on-going support.
Bonus 6. Two secret bonuses that might change your life.
Bonus 7. Lifetime access to all contents of this program.
Bonus 8. Access to all future updates made to this program at no additional investment.

Come, learn the skills to reconnect with your feminine heart & power.

*this program’s price is soon rising to $111. If this offering is what you need on your journey of feminine embodiment, you can avail this price before it increases forver.
Navdeep is a true gift to this world.

Her calm, nurturing presence allowed me to feel immediately at ease and like my full heart could open in the session.

In our time together, I moved through layers of pain and into an incredible expression of joy. Navdeep was with me every step of the way, listening and guiding me deeper into my body.

If you are looking to embody your power, your joy, your essence, then give yourself the gift of working with Navdeep!


United States

Navdeep is a wonderful coach.

I felt safe to dive deep into vulnerable topics and get to the heart of what was weighing heavily on me during our time together.

As a result, I feel an increased sense of confidence around my ability to reach my professional goals and to do it with more fun and ease.

After working with Navdeep, I have so many ideas and insights around how to move forward practically to ensure productivity without burning out.

I highly recommend Navdeep if you’re an ambitious woman who wants to succeed in business and life while enjoying the ride.



As to your Qs!

When does this program begin?

This is a self-study offering. You receive full access to the program as soon as you complete your purchase.

How long do I get access to this program?

When you sign up today, you receive lifetime access to all the program contents as well as to the future updates at no additional investment.

What does this program include?

This program offers you 6 hours of content that comprises of video lessons, audio recordings of embodiment techniques, somatic meditations and breathing practices.

Each module is accompanied with a deep-reflection journaling workbook.

This program also includes 8 bonus elements as shared on this page above.

How is this program delivered?

All content is made available to you online in form of self-paced video lessons, that you can instantly download, learn from and practice in your own time and space.

Could you tell me a little more about what to expect from this program?

Women who have learnt from my offerings share a common theme in their experience. They say my work evokes a deep sense of self-connection in them. For most, this connection has been lost for years, if not decades. They say that the design of my courses facilitates their feminine embodiment at the soul level, a process that feels effortlessly organic.

This resonates with me as their course guide considering I center my offerings in somatic practices that take you beyond words and deeper into your emotional embodiment.

I would describe this particular offering as non-prescriptive and self-affirming, one that creates space for your natural unraveling and liberation.

You will learn about the nuances of your organic, feminine design in this program. And reconnect with your powerfully unique and sovereign feminine expression in life, love and leadership.

How much individual support will I receive around my questions related to this program’s learning?

As part of the bonus inclusions, you receive complimentary access to my client exclusive community for on-going support. You’re welcome to bring your questions to me there and receive clarity around them.

However, if you’re desiring deeper 1-1 support, please see the next steps here.

Do you offer refunds?
I don’t. Transparency is a core value of my business, I ensure to offer an accurate representation of my offerings and I am happy to answer your Qs in advance. Because this program is a digital good that is instantly delivered to you upon purchase, the sales are final and non-refundable. I encourage you to go through all the inclusions of this program and make an informed decision of signing up.
I am confused between buying this program or the 'Your Magnetic Femininity' course. How do I decide?
If you’re new to this work and want to learn how to somatically embody your feminine energy, I recommend beginning with this program as it will help you build a solid foundation of your feminine embodiment.

As part of the bonus elements of this program, you receive a discount code of $100 off Your Magnetic Femininity, which is my advanced feminine embodiment course. If you feel you want to go deeper in reconnecting with the full spectrum of your femininity, you can then sign up for it while redeeming your investment in this program.

I am interested in this offering but it’s out of reach for me right now. Do you offer community-supported pricing?

Yes, I do. Please write to me with your request at [email protected] and I’ll share the next steps with you. x

Navdeep is an incredibly talented Feminine Embodiment Coach.

She holds a really gentle and yet powerful space for growth.

I approached Navdeep for a session around money and my career and from just 1 session I moved from a space of fear to great strength and gratitude and have noticed how I can show up so differently at work now.

I highly recommend working with Navdeep and I look forward to my next session.



I really enjoyed and appreciated the body check-ins, drop ins, and just slowing down.

Navdeep had a very calm, soothing presence, and my systems appreciated the time and slow approach to dropping in, letting things present themselves, and the pace of the session.

It felt good to reconnect and remember the wisdom my body holds; the truths that I KNOW in there, and to have that supported by her.

Our session was a good touchstone for me, something to feel back to.

Kara K

By the end of this program,
you will know how to..

🪄 reclaim your heart’s desires in life, love and leadership.

🪄 reconnect with your worthiness in moments of doubts around your enough-ness.

🪄 step out into the world with confidence in your unique feminine design.

🪄 develop a deep level of self-trust and and let it guide you when life gets tricky.

🪄 redesign your life in a way that honours your sacred sensuality & sexuality.

🪄 prioritise your pleasure and fill your own cup before pouring into others.

🪄 receive from the masculine energy sources in the world: God, men and money and more.

Come learn how to embody your feminine energy & live, love and lead from your feminine core.

I was finding it really difficult to make decisions and move forward in certain areas of my life. I was feeling so overwhelmed and lost and wanted to find clarity and peace with the choices I had to make.

I saw that I had lost my power and passion for life. I too often felt like the victim. I felt I had no control over my life and I had lost my way.

The work with Navdeep helped me to work out what is important to me and how to shift my perception. I’m still me, but a more positive, self-assured version of myself.

I feel more gratitude and more love for myself.

The coaching was empowering and I harnessed the inner strength that I have always had, I just needed to re-discover it.



Prior to working with Navdeep, I was feeling caught up in my thoughts and anxious about all the things I needed to do in order to move forward towards my goals.

Navdeep safely and lovingly guided me into my truth and into a place inside myself and my body that felt powerful and grounded.

After working with Navdeep, I felt confident that I was on the right path and had a clear connection with taking continued inspired action.

As a result, I was able to eliminate the anxiety I was feeling and instead hold compassion and space for my own blossoming and unfolding.


United States

Navdeep has a very gentle and empathetic way of coaching.

I felt very much at ease and in good hands as we explored some of my challenges together in our session.

She also made sure that I walked away with something concrete and actionable, which made me feel like I could immediately change something about my situation.

Overall a very nourishing and enriching coaching experience. Thank you Navdeep!



Navdeep is a dual-certified feminine embodiment coach, writer and meditation teacher. She helps sensitive, high-achieving women reconnect with their magnetic feminine essence and call in their deepest (and wildest) desires in life, love, business & money with utmost ease and pleasure.

An ever-evolving practitioner of feminine arts, her current expertise lies in the areas of somatic embodiment of feminine energy, shame liberation, sensual embodiment, menstrual wisdom, feminine magnetism, romantic polarity, feminine dating, embodied self-care, inner child healing, intuitive intelligence, feminine business and money magnetism.

In the last three years, through her private coaching offerings, e-courses, meditation programs, writings and her first book, she has helped over 3000 women around the globe melt their masculine shield and reconnect with their feminine radiance.

She believes that being a woman is truly a superpower and that any woman who knows how to turn within and connect with her body’s feminine wisdom can have it all, the definition of that ‘all’ being her sole discretion.

A previously hustle-oriented, disconnected, disembodied woman, through a long series of divinely orchestrated events, she discovered her way to this deeply fulfilling way of living, loving and working by returning home to her feminine essence. And now, she shares this life-generating wisdom with women from all walks of life.

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