Primal Feminine Moving Meditations

Oftentimes, I see the word feminine misinterpreted in a million ways online AND offline & I think to myself, how do I tell the world what it truly means.

I see so many wonderful women yearning, chasing, pining for a man & I ask myself,

how do I tell them that it’s they who are the sensual Goddesses, that its they who is the prize in love.

I see such extraordinary women hustling, twisting, turning themselves to call in their heart’s desires & I ask myself,

how do I tell them that they can magnetise any and all of the desires their heart holds with utmost ease.

I see so many magnificent femmes move through life with societal expectations, beliefs, opinions dragging them down & I think to myself,

how do I tell them they can liberate all that feels heavyin their heart and relish their lives the way it’s meant to be!

And then I realize, it’s not for me to do all of the above. I cannot walk the path for them.

I can only show them how to find what they’re searching.

By showing them how to turn within…to their Primal Feminine.

‘Coz that’s indeed where all their answers lie.

At the source of their primal feminine essence. Their feminine essence that is…

The source of their self-worth,

The source of their sensuality,

The source of their liberation,

The source of their innate magnetism.

Whatever it is that your heart desires, these powerful Primal Feminine Moving Meditations are the vehicle that will carry them to you.

Have something heavy weighing you down?

Release it from its roots in your body with the Liberate & Flow PFMM.

Feeling numb or disconnected from the sensual aliveness that’s pulsating in your body right-here-right-now?

Tune into the infinite, innate waves of pleasure in your body with the Sensual Flow practice.

Sick of the dry hustle and chase to fulfil your desires?

Call them in with ease & pleasure with the Flow in Magnetism moving meditation.

These Primal Feminine Moving Mediations (PFMMs) are somatic movement practices each designed in a way so you can use the 4 pillars of your feminine embodiment-

…your breath,
…your awareness of your sensations,
…your sound,
…your movement,

to establish your connection with your feminine essence at a primal level.

I invite you to connect with your primal feminine essence through the intention of the respective primal feminine moving meditation practice.

You may choose from the following 3 powerful PFMMs that will help you liberate your constrictions, connect with your pleasure + sensuality & help you activate your feminine magnetism.


Or simply, gift yourself the PFMM bundle that offers you all of these meditations at an incredibly supportive investment.


PFMM bundle- Limited Time Offer

Enjoy this limited-time bundle offering if you’d like to access the entire library of the powerful Primal Feminine Moving Meditations. The PFMM jukebox Includes all the elements of Liberate & Flow PFMM Kit, Sensual Flow PFMM Kit and Flow in magnetism PFMM Kit.

*The PFMM bundle is included as a bonus offering in both of my feminine energy courses Rise with the Feminine and Your Magnetic Femininity. You can explore these programs to see if they are a better match to what you’re looking for.


Flow in Magnetism PFMM Kit

This meditation kit is for you if you are fed up of the dry hustle culture, are desiring to attract your deepest (and wildest) desires with utmost ease and pleasure, and are looking for feminine feeling, embodied ways to actualise their goals.

Sensual Flow PFMM Kit

This meditation kit is for you if you feel disconnected from your heart’s desires, find yourself living too much in your head, experience recurrent burnouts in your every day life, and desire to connect with your senses at a deeper level and explore the richness of your life.

Liberate & Flow PFMM Kit

This meditation kit is for you if you are feeling trapped in your old patterns and beliefs, are suffering from your past trauma affecting your present desires, and are carrying the weight of external validation, expectations, shame and stress.

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