Practising vulnerability in your love life

August 12, 2022

Practising vulnerability in your love life, an article for the woman who wants to deepen the emotional richness of her romantic relationship(s).


Did you know that practising vulnerability in our love life is a skill, one that can be cultivated if we desire an emotionally rich romantic relationship in our life? In this article, I share with you how you can add this skill in your emotional intelligence toolkit.

So, vulnerability is the language of our heart. It is the hallmark of our feminine essence. 

In fact, when one goes to find the meaning of feminine energy, the first characteristic that comes to mind is that of vulnerability. Choosing to fully be ourselves and showing up in the 3D world from that place of connection with ourselves lies at the heart of our vulnerability.

Vulnerability is the art of showing up in the world- in our relationships, at our workplace- with an open heart, with the courage to be seen for who we are, how we feel, what we have to offer. 

Unless we are connected with our essence, our truth, our heart, our emotions, we cannot expect any relationship, any emotional bond to be developed with any other being. Essentially why this beautiful value of living makes us the emotional leader of our romantic relationships. 

The power of vulnerability in relationships

While in physical reality, it is the masculine, the embodied man who gets to take the lead and serve us and our relationship with his devoted leadership, at the emotional, spiritual, energetic level (the level of unseen and unknown), it is the feminine partner in the relationship who gets to lead the relationship.

Because the value of vulnerability is such an integral part of our feminine way of living, it also asks for our Divine surrender in the power of the Unknown.

When we show up in the world from such a deep place of authenticity, we (quite beautifully) expose ourselves to whatever may come our way in return. And that takes massive emotional strength, tenacity and courage.  

Courage to take the emotional risk our relationships need from us. Courage to be seen for who we are. 

Because without this value, our relationships would just be a transactional and mechanical way of communicating and connecting with the world. 

Where there is real connection, there is vulnerability. Where there is emotional richness, there is vulnerability. Precisely why vulnerability is an integral part of living an emotionally rich and connected life. 

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Now before we go deeper, I would like you to know and understand an important caveat here. 

Protecting your heart

Surrendering to the divine possibilities (in life and in love) by practising the art of vulnerability doesn’t have to feel like a life threatening act. 

Exactly why the other half of this equation of vulnerability involves having boundaries in our life. Not the trending, new age extension of spirituality that modern Instagram gurus talk about. But the boundaries, the embodied boundaries that are fuelled from our inside out. 

It is important to know and remember that vulnerability without boundaries can be dangerous. Especially in the space of your romantic life. 

In such a scenario where there’s an absence of boundaries, vulnerability can become an act of self sacrifice.

It can feel like being walked over when we’re lying on the ground with our heart opened up. It can feel like being mocked when we’re standing there, emotionally naked. 

By all means, it’s a path to be tread carefully. 

When it comes to your dating life/ romantic relationships, the key to success is knowing..

  • When to practice vulnerability.
  • How much of it is right.

Both of which depend upon what stage of your dating/ relationship timeline you are in.

Knowing the answers to these questions can work like a magic potion that further magnifies the polarity of romance in your relationship. 

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