Letting our inner wild woman lead the way 

February 26, 2024

Letting our inner wild woman lead the way – notes from my life in the wilderness.

When I decided to quit my well-established corporate career out of the blue, everyone around me thought I had lost my mind.

There were a lot of conversations, some pleading me to recall my sanity, some requesting me to stay back coz they’d miss having someone like me around, others rejoicing that the exit of of a high-performer would open up work opportunities. 

Amidst it all, I lay there, unfazed, unaffected by the chaos I had stirred up around me. I didn’t know how to make sense of that decision myself. All I knew was that there was no going back from that point.

The once distant call of my inner wild woman asking me to walk away, walk away from everything known and comfortable, I could hear it so loud and clear. Asking me to run, lay, sleep, weep, dream, desire, in the lap of the wilderness that was awaiting me. 

It’s been 5 years in this wilderness but it feels like my forever home. Where I can be free, be me, be one with who I always was. 

My life in the wilderness 

On this path of reuniting with my inner wild woman, I have discovered things I didn’t know existed in me. I have made friends with my shadows, I have healed some long forgotten scars.

So many masculine shields that I was using to guard myself, have been melted away. I have learnt to suck the juice of life in moments that previously used to numb me to my core.

I’ve learnt to make friends with my rage, letting it guide me to do the things that mean the most to me. I’ve learnt to stand up for myself, stand up for what matters to me even if it has nothing to do with me. 

Acknowledging my anger before it turns into rage has helped me receive the medicine, the message it brings with it every time. Channeling that message in form of meaningful actions has helped me become the sovereign woman I am today. 

I’ve learnt to acknowledge my desires – the raw, the bold, the fierce, the unattainable – all of them as they are. Once upon a time suppressed and buried, I’ve witnessed all of them spring up one by one leading me to create the most delicious life ever. 

No desire feels big anymore. No desire feels scary anymore. 

When a new desire takes birth in my body, I listen to its sound, I feel its texture in my body. I let it tell me what it’s here to tell me. And then I get to doing the doing that needs to be done to call this desire in my three-dimensional reality.

When the world feels overwhelming and too scary, I close my eyes and turn to my inner universe, to my wilderness within. I soften into my body, I melt in my seat, and I let myself travel the seas and the mountains within, journeying deeper into my heart and soul to find peace within, to find love within, to find joy within, to receive my answers within.

It feels surreal to know that there’s been a universe inside of me all this while and I was going on living my life completely oblivious of it. 

Letting our inner wild woman lead the way

Can you close your eyes and listen to your inner wild woman today? 

What does she have to say to you? 

How would she like you to live? 

How would your life be different if you listened to your inner wild woman today? 

What would you say YES to? What would you say NO to? 

How differently would you love, how differently would you lead and create?

All of us have her with us- the inner wild woman. Some call her the dark feminine, some call her the huntress, some call her the Kali. 

She is the one who takes care of us, who sets the boundaries for us, who upholds those boundaries when the moment arrives. 

Our inner wild woman is the one who shows us the way to follow the beating of our hearts and walk in the direction of our desires.  

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She is the one who gives us courage to soften, to tend to our sensitivities when the world around us is burning, is hardening. 

Our inner protector, our inner Kali, she is the one that guards us without building walls around us. 

She is the one that reminds us of our inherent worthiness when we have forgotten our value, our glory, our magnificence. 

The most powerful archetype of our Divine Feminine, she is the one who takes care of our tender, feminine heart and guides us to protect the things and people we love.

What would our lives be without her, I often wonder. We’d be long lost in this wilderness of life if it wasn’t for her. 

She is our inner compass, our inner guide. 

She is the one who reminds us that even when we slow down to rest and recuperate, we are guided, we are protected, we are provided for. 

In her presence, we can remove our hard masculine shields and connect with our tenderness.

She is our inner Goddess, always watching over us, always taking care of us. 

Reconnecting with my inner wild woman has been one of the deepest joys of my life. She is the remembrance of who I always was.

The birth point of my rising, of my pleasure, of my magnetism. 

She has helped me break free from my societal mould of the nice girl and become the fiercely feminine woman I am today. 

journey deeper

Walking the path of this wilderness has been a blessing beyond imagination. Guiding women on this path an even bigger gift. 

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