How to ignite a man’s desire for you

April 11, 2023

How to ignite a man’s desire for you, an article for the woman who wants to deepen the emotional attraction in her romantic relationship(s).


If there’s anything that does its magic in igniting a man’s desire for you, it is the powerful combination of your vulnerability and embodied boundaries. 

This hypnotic combination is what drives a man crazy for you regardless of how new or old your relationship is. It is what leaves your imprint on a man’s mind when he is getting to know you.

A man may eventually forget how physically attractive you were when he first met you. What he will never forget is how you made him feel by practising this hypnotic combination of your vulnerability + embodied boundaries. 

What he will never forget is that you were a woman who was brave enough to share her beautiful heart with him and wise enough to know how to protect it when he messed up. 

Every empowered masculine man knows what it takes to be vulnerable, to show your scars, to let the world see you for who you are. Every empowered masculine man also knows what boundaries look like and why we have them in place.

Men, the embodied masculine ones to be specific, start seeing you differently in their already crowded dating circle. They start feeling your pull in their already busy personal lives when you practise this hypnotic combination in your love life.

They notice it when you go from being an open energy woman to a woman who also knows how to protect that open energy. The idea of taking you for granted never crosses their mind. 

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They respectfully receive the subtle instructions you give them (via your boundaries) on how to treat you regardless of how sensually alive, how open, how free/ liberated you may come across. 

The only kind of men this combination disappoints are the wounded masculine energy men who are looking to attract women with the same disempowered energy.

The men with potential straighten up their act when they see you practicing your vulnerability with your embodied boundaries.

Of course it is a skill knowing how much of our vulnerability the different stages of our dating timeline/relationship need. 

How to ignite a man’s desire for you

When we are connected with our intuitive wisdom, we know when to show up in our softness (in form of our vulnerabilities) and when to exercise our personal power (in form of our boundaries) in our romantic interactions. (I show you how to do that in the second half of my book Becoming a Goddess in love)

The more adept you become at practising this combination, the deeper the emotional attraction & intimacy in your interactions grows.

Practising vulnerability with embodied boundaries is one of the TWO hypnotic combinations I talk about in my ebook Becoming a Goddess in love.

In Part 8- Awakening the God in a man, I show you how when married with the art of feminine communication, these two combinations have the power to inspire the Divine Masculine in a man and invite him to see you as the Goddess you are. 

After we have uncovered the differences between wounded & empowered masculine men and understood how differently men operate with regards to commitment & sex, I share with you how you can use these two hypnotic combinations to create the space for organic intimacy to build with an embodied masculine man. 

Here’s where you can learn more about this powerful book.

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