How to embody your energy of surrender in love

April 08, 2023

How to embody your energy of surrender in love, an article for the woman who wants to be ravished in love.


Do you know what’s one of the biggest challenges we women face on our journey of feminine embodiment in love? 

It’s the struggle of relaxing back in our feminine energy of surrender.

Add to that a deeper sense of scarcity fed to us by our culture that constantly reminds us “if you do not go after what you want, you’ll never have it!” 

Now this control + outcome oriented masculine energy does practically help us in areas of our work or even in some areas of our love life where we need it to set up a lovely dating profile, respond to texts from the man/ men in our dating circle, etc. when we are single


letting our inner masculine take care of our inner feminine when we are in a committed partnership.

But when we zoom out and look at our overall love life, we realise that there’s nothing’s more powerful than our feminine energy of surrender. We were gifted this energy from the time we took birth as a woman, after all!

Surrender in our love life looks like staying rooted in the truth that

~ we are born worthy of love, 

~ a man who truly is interested/ invested in us will gladly make the efforts to win our heart,

~ our part in our love life is only our own inner work. 

There is so much power, so much strength in just the value of our feminine surrender. 

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Contrary to popular misconceptions, surrender isn’t about giving up.

It’s about giving over to something way more powerful than we can think or imagine to guide us in the direction of our desires. Trusting that this unknown power will take care of our desires without us pushing or chasing to make things happen in our life.

And this applies to our love life more than to anything else! 

Let’s go a little deeper to understand this. 

We know that our body has 5 dimensions.

The mental, the physical, the emotional, the energetic. All of which have an overarching dimension of the spiritual, that is the essence of the Divine, that’s present in each one of us. 

Let’s understand what does surrender look like by considering this example first. 

Think of how we are when we’re surrendered in our prayers. At our:

mental level, we’re not using our masculine energy of brainstorming or thinking of the answers we’re seeking in our prayers. We’re fully present in the moment without our mind wandering or wondering about what we need to do next to make things happen in that moment.

physical level, our body is relaxed, softened, calm, composed, willing to follow the lead of this masculine energy that is the Divine power we believe in. 

emotional level, we’re deeply connected with our truest feelings, we’re aware of the emotions that are flowing through us. 

energetic level, our faith is entrusted in the masculine energy source that’s the Divine, God, the Higher power we’re praying to. We’re in a state of receptivity, open to receiving our answers. 

At no point, we doubt our worthiness to receive what we have just asked in our prayers. We’re not trying to prove ourselves worthy of our desires. We’re anchored in the belief that we’re good enough for what we have asked for in our prayers.

Now let’s apply this same dynamic to when we’re on a date or in presence of our masculine energy romantic partner. 

Knowing that we’re around a masculine energy source that is this man, we can.. relaxed in our physical body, fully present with our thoughts in that moment,

..stay fully connected to our heart

..exuding an energy of openness and receptivity. 

This is what being in our feminine energy of surrender looks like in our love life. 

The more we practice connecting with our feminine essence of softness, flow, enough-ness and receptivity, the deeper our surrender grows in life and in love. 

We feel safe with trusting the empowered masculine energy men in our life to lead the way for us and our love life. 

Thus building on to the existing polarity between their masculine and our feminine energy.

Being able to practice surrender in love is such a powerful way to activate our feminine magnetism in our romantic relationships. 

journey deeper

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