How to connect with your womb wisdom

April 28, 2023

How to connect with your womb wisdom, an article for the woman who wants to opt out of the masculine hustle and embrace the feminine flow.


I’ve been noticing a recurrent theme in the present state of our world.

A theme widely celebrated in the unhealthy boss-babe culture that perpetuates the belief that for us women to be successful in life, we gotta match the pace, the design, the natural rhythm of men.

A theme that encourages us women to abandon our inherent feminine gifts and sells to us the idea that the best way to get ahead in life, love and leadership is to follow the inner design of men (around whom our hyper-masculine cultures are unfortunately designed). 

When I say the natural rhythm of men, I’m referring to the organic masculine energy traits of pushing, thrusting, constantly forward-moving, hunting, striving; the traits that are all about effort-ing, striving and using the head/logic most of the time.

Which is the polar opposite of the natural rhythm of women, that is our organic feminine energy traits of being, feeling, connecting, sensing, receiving, surrendering; the traits that are all about ease, flow, play and using their heart/intuition most of the time.

The point being missed here is that there’s a BIG difference between..

women stepping into their power and becoming one with their unique truth 


the boss babe hustle culture that we’re getting influenced by. 

Think about it: 

Women are not men. 

We are designed differently. 

We create differently. 

Women love differently. 

Women lead differently. 

We connect differently. 

And yet, when it comes to these modern hustle mantras, we are trained to believe that the path to our success is the same as the one men follow.

Not many of us women realise this but being trained, guided, influenced and sometimes even being convinced to live, love and lead like men is harming us in more ways than one. It is not only messing up with the polarity in our romantic relationships but also adversely affecting the way we women show up in all other areas of our life. 

There’s a reason, a very solid one, as to why we women are experiencing more burnouts than ever, as to why we are feeling more & more unfulfilled despite our worldly achievements. 

There’s a reason why even after following the much celebrated – hustle filled way of living, we come home in the evenings feeling dissatisfied, often crying ourselves to sleep, hoping to find that fulfilment outside of us next day in another goal, in another box on our list. 

The heart-breaking part here being, we are forgetting that we were wired differently for a reason. That we were gifted differently so that when our feminine energies came in contact with the masculine energies, the world could attain its balance.

~ We represent the Yin in the interplay of Yin and Yang, after all.

~ We represent the Shakti in the Divine Union of Shiva and Shakti, after all.

All of these systems of nature would break down if there was only the masculine, the Yang, the Shiva. 

Just like how all our visible systems are currently breaking apart with all of us hustling, following the one-size-fits-all formula to create our desired realities. 

I invite you to consider this example of the womb. 

Every month, the womb of a woman (who menstruates) prepares to welcome a new life created by the fusion of an egg and a sperm.

Let’s take a few steps back and explore what happens in that process.

The ovary releases just one egg every month. Millions of sperm cells swim towards that one egg to fertilise it and create a life. 

Whether you say that the sperms chase the egg or the egg attracts the sperms, the essence of this monthly occurrence is this- 

The egg that is the embodiment of the feminine energy is magnetic to the millions of those sperms that are symbolic of the masculine energy. 

~ The sperm cell’s primal design is to hunt for and pursue the egg.

~ The egg’s primal design is to choose & receive from one of those millions of sperms. 

Our womb wisdom reminds us that a person in true embodiment of their feminine energy is inherently magnetic to the visible and invisible forces of masculine energy in the Universe. 

Since I work with heterosexual women, I’ll say that women who identify themselves more on the feminine end of nature’s spectrum are inherently magnetic to all the masculine sources in their life- the men, the Almighty power (the Divine masculine), money, opportunities, etc. 

It’s high time we realised this part of our womb wisdom. It’s high time we changed the above ongoing narrative and created our new normal.

A ‘new normal’ where we..

~ stop chasing the desires of our heart in love, leadership, life and instead connect back to our essence thus becoming an embodiment of our inherent magnetism, where we

~ get so anchored in our innate self-worth that life would become as simple as a game of choosing what speaks the most to our heart, where we

~ attentively listen to, honour and follow the innate wisdom that oozes from our body, where we

~ become intentional about the ‘create & rest’ dance, the integration of our inner masculine & feminine, that is the key to a truly embodied life, where we

~ remember that our body is the most important tool for all creation & the most ‘productive’ thing we can do is align our energy and become a magnet to our desires instead of going on producing until we are drained from our life force energy, where we

~ know that the true metrics for success aren’t our work titles and annual income, but our nervous system regulation and deep fulfilment, where we

~ understand that our power is in our womb – the centre of all creation, where we let our work flow in tandem with our inner cycles & seasons than let it stop altogether, trusting that even in the stillness of life, there is something magical being created for us, where we

~ know how to stop the ‘doing’ the moment it feels like effort-ing, the moment it feels like going against the flow, where we

~ know how to do the ‘doing’ in life, love and work from a place of flow, ease, playfulness, joy and heart, where we

~ decide to not push anymore and use the pull of our inherent magnetic nature to call our desires in our three-dimensional reality, where we

~ reprogram our hyper-controlling conditioning and learn how to co-live and co-create with our Divine surrender to the power of the Unknown.

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So how do we then create this new normal? 

The simplest way to do that is to reconnect with our precious & much forgotten quality of feminine magnetism. A quality that once we have regained and reconnected with, there’s no more room for hustle in our gifted lives.

Which is one of the many skills I share with you in my core feminine embodiment course, Your Magnetic Femininity.

This offering is for you if you want to peel the layers of your deep rooted hyper-masculine conditioning, embody the full spectrum of your femininity & become a magnetic woman in life, love and leadership.

Here’s where you can learn more about this life-transforming course.

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