How to connect with your magnetic sensuality

January 21, 2022

How to connect with your magnetic sensuality, an article for the woman who wants to invite more pleasure and expansiveness in her life.


One of the most profound gifts I have given myself in this life is learning the skills to connect with my magnetic sensuality. 

As a female born in a traditional Indian family, I grew up seeing the idea of a woman’s sensuality being perceived as dirty and disgraceful.

Something that’s supposed to be explored within the 4 walls of a house. Something that’s reserved for moments of intimacy with your partner.

Evidently, the concept of which was often confused with a woman’s sexuality!

It wasn’t until my late 20s when I learnt that our sexuality is not equivalent to our sensuality but a beautiful subset of it.

I have lived and discovered in the last few years that our sensuality is..

our capacity to discover and connect with the aliveness, vitality and pleasure that’s pulsating through our body 24×7, 365 days a year, using our five external and infinite internal senses. 

This capacity can be cultivated by developing sensitivity to all the dimensions of our body- the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the energetic. By noticing the pulse, the texture, the feel of these sensations, we are able to..

  • create a toolkit of our internal senses to discover pleasure in our body, 
  • witness aliveness in the form of feel good sensations in our body, 
  • use this vitality as an emotional & energetic fuel for our day to day life interactions with the wider world.

Since this work is inside out, this enhanced sensitivity to our inner world leads to us being able to experience pleasure and aliveness using our external senses even more easily.

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And what does that result in? 

A sensually alive, an emotionally charged YOU who is not only magnetic to the humans around her but also to the invisible and endless possibilities her life holds for her. As a result of which, you

  • are able to experience life fully, intensely, wholly.
  • derive pleasure in breathing, moving, talking, eating, drinking a plain glass of water. 
  • feel incredibly softer in your energy to the men/ people around you.
  • feel inspired to carry out even the most routine tasks with joy and passion. 
  • are able to call in your heart’s deepest desires effortlessly.
  • develop a slowed down, calmer rhythm in the way you experience life, in the way you interact with the world. 
  • And of course, feel more sensually alive in moments of physical intimacy. 

4 ways to connect with your sensuality

So how do you connect with this innate, inherent, magnetic sensuality of yours? Here are 4 simple ways you can start reconnecting with your sensuality and aliveness in your day to day life:

One. Softening into your body in high pressure situations. 

Two. Slowing down and taking as much pleasure in everything you do. 

Three. Bringing your awareness to connect with a thread of pleasure in your body whenever you are navigating pain. 

Four. And finally, devoting just a few mins to your sensual flow practice everyday. 

journey deeper

If you’d like to learn the skills to connect with your magnetic sensuality, I invite you to explore my 7-step feminine energy activation program, Rise with the Feminine. In Step 5 of this programI share with you how you can somatically restore your connection with your pleasure and sensuality.

In this module, you will learn:

  • What is the true meaning of sensuality and female pleasure.
  • What pleasure is not.
  • What are the 4 types of pleasure a woman can experience.
  • What is the impact of our pleasure and sensuality in our individual life, in our love life and in our work life.
  • A somatic practice to connect with your pleasure and sacred sensuality.

You can learn more about this transformative offering here

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