Honouring the sacred wisdom of our menstrual cycle

May 03, 2024

Honouring the sacred wisdom of our menstrual cycle, an article for the woman who wants to understand and embrace the power of her feminine design.


Did you know that we women are cyclical beings? And that we are fully utilising our potential when we are living our lives in sync with our (menstrual/bleed) cycle? 

We all know that our cycle begins on the first day of our bleed and ends on the 28th (-ish) day from then. But what a lot of us do not know is that we are expected to live and in most cases thrive in a world that is designed according to a man’s 24-hour body cycle. 

Men go through all of the phases in a day, and women go through them in a month.

But because we live in a patriarchy that supports and celebrates the masculine over the feminine, our whole world is set up to support a 24-hour cycle, not a 28-day cycle.

We are expected to ignore the natural ebb and flow of our bodies, to show up at the same time every day and put in as much or more effort and intensity than we put in yesterday. 

The narrative is to hustle, to keep moving forward, to keep pushing, no matter what the cost to our bodies, our well-being, or our families.

There’s no surprise then as to why so many women feel disconnected from their womb- the creative centre of their feminine being, why our periods are demonised so often, why most women feel like the world just isn’t designed to support who they are at their core. Why we feel that in order to succeed in the current design of our world, we have to shut down our intuition, our emotions, disconnect from our sensitivity and live, lead and love like a man. 

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So now, what if I told you that there actually is a way to succeed in the current patriarchal design of the world while owning the full spectrum of your femininity? 

This is exactly where your menstrual wisdom comes in.

When we were entering our menarche at puberty, while we were given the sex ed needed to guide us in our grown up years, what no one told us about was the genius that our female bodies were going to be in these very years. (and even after!)

Just like nature, these 4 seasons that our body experiences every month in form of our 4 cycle phases, have a reason to their occurrence. 

Each of these four cycle phases play a significant role in the nourishment of our organic feminine design.

Think for a moment, what a world would we be living in if there was only the spring and summer season to experience? 

Not only would the human race be burnt out because of the heat on the outside & on the inside of our bodies, but also would our natural water bodies dry up, our crops burn/perish, our earth’s surface scorch because of the heat. 

Nature needs the balance of the masculine and the feminine forces to sustain itself. It needs both the outward, playful spring & summer months and the inward, hibernating autumn and winter months.

Similarly, we too need our pre-ovulation and ovulation phase to experience our playful, radiant, outward-masculine expression. And our pre-menstrual and menstrual phase to turn inwards in our feminine depth for rest and recalibration. 

~ There is a reason as to why we women, the most powerful feminine beings heal when brought in contact with nature. 

~ There is a reason as to why the women who follow the feminine way of living have their bleed cycle in sync with the moon’s cycles. 

That’s because we are the most essential parts of nature, where nature signifies ‘the feminine’. 

(Only in the 31st year of my life, did I learn that Mother Earth and its atmosphere that is our nature is the Big Mama, the Divine Feminine. And honestly, I wasn’t surprised!) 

Just how our Big Mama thrives by embracing her seasons, in order to thrive in our outward world AND feel aligned with our feminine essence in our inner world, we too need to put into practice the wisdom our menstrual cycle brings with it each month. 

That’s precisely why I had to include this life-changing subject in my core feminine embodiment course, Your Magnetic Femininity.

This all encompassing offering will help you peel the layers of your hyper-masculine conditioning and reconnect with the full spectrum of your femininity. In the Module 5 on menstrual wisdom, you will be learning:

  • the significance of each of the 4 seasons of your feminine cycle,
  • an embodied methodology to map your cycle and identify the patterns in your nature & needs in each of these seasons,
  • the relevance of this wisdom in your work life and your most intimate relationships, 
  • somatic practices to honour yourself in each of these seasons, and more.

Looking back, I feel deeply grateful for this wisdom for not only has it healed my relationship with my aspirational nature but has also helped me connect with my womb’s power and honour my femininity at its most primal level. 

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You too will notice how when you apply your menstrual wisdom in your day-day life, 

…you will develop an embodied relationship with your womb.

…your connection with your intuitive intelligence will be resurrected to life.

…you will be able to connect with the strength and gifts of your cyclic feminine nature, and work with them rather than against them.

…you will know when & how to speed up and to slow down; you will stop beating yourself up for a lack of ‘motivation’ or a dip in your productivity. 

…the intimacy of your romantic relationship(s) will deepen with your vulnerable expression around your core needs.

…you will start living, loving and working like a woman instead of blindly following the age-old conditioning of doing all of that like a man. 

If you’re looking for a self-study resource to understand + apply your menstrual wisdom in your life, love & leadership, I invite you to explore my all-encompassing feminine embodiment course Your Magnetic Femininity.

This deeply transforming course will help you peel the layers of your hyper-masculine conditioning, reconnect with the full spectrum of your femininity and restore your wholeness as a human, as a woman,

You can learn more about its rich curriculum here.

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