Feminine embodiment in business

Learn all things feminine business & embodied wealth with Navdeep.


Hi beauty! I am Navdeep, a feminine embodiment coach, writer and meditation teacher.

Over the last three years, I have worked & interacted with women from around the globe sharing with them the skills of creating a thriving feminine business.

Business feels easy to me, I get it like not a lot of people around me do.

On most days of my life, I am thanking the Higher Power for letting me succumb to the deeply masculinised ways of the world in my old life. Only so I could find my way back home to myself. And create the most soul-aligned version of work that I like to call as my feminine business.

One that honours my sensitivities, that offers me the space to tend to my body’s needs as and when I want, one that makes me feel like I might be living out one of the many purposes of this beautiful life.

In full transparency, life wasn’t this way for me always. Work had a totally different (and complete opposite meaning for me).

I was deeply conditioned to believe that hustle and grind were the only ways to work (and be good at it).

After experiencing my fair share of burnouts at work, I decided to walk away from that life, slowly and very gently allowing myself to unlearn and relearn a new way of doing work.

At first, it felt like going against the current of life.

“How can you take your business so easy? Don’t you know running a business is a 24×7 job?”

“What about your business profits? It’s been a while since you’ve been at this!”

Some of the concerns that used to regularly come my way in the early months of my biz.

But here I was. Too drenched in the pleasure of creating a business around my life, not the other way round. Creating systems and structures that felt nourishing to me, that supported me at every level of my feminine being.

As for the ‘profits’, they came rushing in sooner than ‘I’ was expecting. But they felt like just a cherry on the cake, coz I was too busy relishing the cake in front of me.

I carved out this space to help you define your version of success and call that in by designing a business that’s aligned with your natural feminine design.

Here I share with you how you can continue leading, creating, transforming and making this world a better place, all while savouring your delicious life.

Read on as I share with you everything about feminine business & living, and embodied wealth.