Balancing your feminine and masculine energy in love

January 20, 2022

Balancing your feminine and masculine energy in love, an article for the woman who wants to restore the feminine-masculine polarity in her romantic life.


Let’s look at this little conversation taking place between your inner feminine and masculine energy before an evening date.

Your Inner Feminine (IF): I had such a fruitful day at work today, thank you for leading the way for us.

Your Inner Masculine (IM): Of course, I am here for us always. So…are you ready for your date?

IF: Absolutely!

IM: Aw..I’m so excited for you!

IF: And me, I am so grateful for you! Thank you for driving us till here!

IM: Anything for your beauty! comes your date. It’s time for me to go now. You shine your light!

So as you just witnessed here our masculine energy is our action oriented energy- the one that’s about leading, achieving, conquering, making things happen. In short, it’s our ‘doing’ energy.

And our feminine is our feeling oriented energy- the one that’s about surrendering, receiving, responding, being empathetic, staying connected to your sensations. In short, it’s our ‘being’ energy.

Now when we’re on our dates or in presence of our romantic partner, the key to building polarity in our interactions/ relationship is knowing when and how to melt our masculine energetic shield and simply be, simply relax in our feminine energy.

The important question here is- if we have both our feminine and masculine energy inherent in us, then why does the above not come to us instinctively?

Why do we struggle to relax in our feminine energy when we are around an already masculine energy man? Especially since we organically identify on the more feminine end of nature’s energy spectrum.

Let’s look at these two powerful reasons why:

Reason 1: Our hyper-masculine conditioning

We are doers by our conditioning. While living in this hyper- masculine world that values momentum, achievement and that hustle-oriented attitude more than anything else, we have been trained to believe in the importance of this masculine way of living life.

It is natural then, that we women too despite being abundantly endowed with our own feminine gifts, sign up to the masculine art of living. 

Like, going after what we want, working hard for our goals, trying to win at almost all walks of our life. No matter what the cost.

What no one tells us though is that this go-go, achievement oriented way of doing life, is not the way we were designed to do romantic relationships.

What no one teaches us is the art of our feminine embodiment in life and in love. What no one tells us about is the power of our innate feminine magnetism.

Unless it’s something we see role-modelled to us by the women in our homes, in our social circles, this art remains unknown to us. Until we reach a point where our masculine ways of loving & doing romantic relationships stop yielding any results!

As a result of which, we find ourselves

  • attracting the most disembodied masculine/ passive men,
  • repelling the high-value ones, 
  • repeatedly failing to have the love & commitment our heart truly yearns for.

It is then we start to wonder if there’s something wrong with us. That whether we are not worthy of love, drowning ourselves in a millions of doubts & fears about our enough-ness.

The truth all this while being- there is nothing wrong with us. There never was.

We didn’t learn in our schools the skills we needed to do life as a woman who is connected with her feminine essence and power.

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Our mentors didn’t necessarily train us to acknowledge & celebrate our powerful feminine gifts. We weren’t taught that in order to get equally successful in love, we need to do less & start being more (the core quality of our feminine essence).

And guess what, our inner masculine isn’t our foe. It’s a powerful energy after all. If it wasn’t for this action-oriented energy in us, we wouldn’t be able to even get out of the bed in the morning!

Of course, you need this energy to do what needs to be done in order to fulfil our aspirations, desires, goals and dreams. We all do, regardless of our energetic orientation.

However, this energy isn’t our best friend when it comes to our love life. Especially if we are dating or are already in a relationship with a man who is a high value, embodied masculine man.

Which brings me to the second reason as to why we struggle with balancing our feminine and masculine energy in our love life.

Reason 2. The lack of understanding about romantic polarity

If you have been following my work, you’d know I’m a science nerd. So let me explain this point to you via some powerful logic. 

We cannot force a magnet to be attracted to another piece of magnet. 

Simply because they are made up of the same energies.

But when we place it close to a metal, the force of attraction is so strong that it gets pulled towards the metal almost effortlessly.


Similar energies repel. Opposite energies attract.

An embodied man already has a lot of masculine energy in him. He wants to expend this energy, he is always waiting for a chance to put this energy into use.

In the practical world, when he comes across a woman, an individual who is bringing that same energy in their interactions, what happens as a result?

He feels repelled.

He is not able to find the space to use his masculine energy.

He wants to give to her, but she is not able to receive from him and is only concerned about giving him back.

He desires to be the leader in the relationship but she wants to lead too. (Imagine two people pulling the rope in opposite directions) 

He really wants to feel attracted to this woman who he finds really gorgeous, but he cannot do anything about it!

Just as a magnet cannot force itself to be attracted to another magnet, no matter how beautiful magnet that is.

Now imagine when he comes across a woman rooted in her sensual, soft, feeling, receiving feminine energy.

He offers, she receives.

He leads the way, she is happy to follow.

He pursues her, she lets him. 

The attraction is inevitable.

He can’t help it, he can’t resist it.

Just how even if a magnet doesn’t want to be attracted to the metal, it cannot help it.

It’s the powerful law of polarity in action. 

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I share about this phenomenon in my ebook Becoming a Goddess in love in so much depth because this knowledge is a life saver to romantic relationships, to your dating interactions and everything that has to do with attraction between two individuals who are of polar opposite energies- which in this case is you and your man/ your dates.

This book is for you if you’re desiring to learn the powerful skills of feminine embodiment in love and apply the laws of romantic polarity (also known as feminine-masculine polarity) in your love life.

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