5 benefits of dating in your feminine energy

September 19, 2021

5 benefits of dating in your feminine energy, an article for the modern day, sensitive, high-achieving woman who wants to enjoy the process of dating instead of haphazardly racing towards the outcome.


Dating in your feminine energy is one of the best gifts you can give yourself as a single, feminine-essenced woman.

Your feminine energy is your feeling, flowing, sensual state of being, one that’s naturally magnetic to high value, embodied masculine men. 

When you date in your feminine energy, you inspire the men in your dating circle to show up in their masculine energy for you. They want to

  • show up for you,
  • be there for you when you need them,
  • provide for you with their most generous acts of service,
  • be around you all the time,

…simply because they cannot resist it.

In such a dynamic, the love, the spark, the so called chemistry is unimaginably easy and effortless.

By showing up in your polar opposite energies (feminine & masculine), you are supporting the building of romantic polarity in your dating interactions.

Shared below for you are 5 of the many delicious benefits you receive when dating in your feminine energy.

1. No more pressure to audition for, impress or please your date.

An embodied feminine woman is rooted in her authenticity, her worthiness and her magnetism. As a result, she doesn’t need any scripts or tricks to navigate her every day dating situations.

She feels relaxed and confident in her enough-ness. And shows up for her dates from that space.

She can rely upon her (divine) intuition to guide her when dating gets tricky. She knows that her only job is to show up in her full light and beauty inside out.

To a man, she feels like a breath of fresh air in the claustrophobic modern-dating world.

2. No more working hard for love

An embodied woman lives her life in trust and surrender to the infinite possibilities around her. She knows that anything that is meant for her won’t pass her.

This faith in the unknown and unseen gives her the superpower to attract easy, flowing love in her life.

She also understands and lives by the power of feminine masculine polarity in romance. She knows that it’s a masculine man’s honour and privilege to do the work in winning her heart. And not vice-versa.

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3. Dating with fun, ease and flow

An embodied woman understands that dating is the most fun way to explore her options in the world. And that not all the men she meets in her dating circle are going to be her soulmate.

She looks at every experience as a chance to get to meet new people, hear their stories and exchange a part of her life with them. As a result, she dates with non-attachment to the outcome. Because she knows that when it comes to dating, no one owes anything to anyone.

Moreover, she understands that just like her, the men in her circle are on an exploration too. This way of dating- in non-attachment, devoid of control, is the beautiful art of feminine dating. It attracts high value masculine men to her like bees to honey.

Whereas the feminine is about surrender and flow, the masculine is about control and structure. If the feminine is about the process, the masculine is about the outcome. Two opposite ends of a spectrum right? Exactly the reason why the opposite energies of feminine and masculine attract each other so effortlessly!

4. Feeling safe with expressing your vulnerability

An embodied woman understands that vulnerability is the language of the heart.

She routinely brings her vulnerability to her dating interactions and shows her imperfections to her man/the men in her dating circle. 

Over a period of getting to know a man, she allows her romantic interactions to gain depth by letting him see her at her less than best. As a result, he feels safe to show her his heart too. 

Because her safety in expressing her vulnerability is rooted in her embodied boundaries, she doesn’t feel scared to place her trust and surrender in the unknown.

Her confidence in her enough-ness serves her as a reminder that a high value man, one who is truly deserving of her, won’t be offended by her boundaries and would only feel more inspired to step up and win her heart.

5. Feeling comfortable with trusting your date to lead the way

A woman connected with her feminine essence does’t compete with the men in her dating circle.

She is replete in her self-worth and doesn’t feel the need to prove her worth by leading the dating process.

She enjoys being the prize in love and is aware that the best way she can give back to man is by receiving his efforts, affection and attention with her joy, warmth and radiance.

And most importantly, she knows that leading, initiating, providing, doing, are the masculine elements in a romantic relationship. She knows that if she starts doing any of the above, she would be:

  • preventing a masculine man’s emotional investment in the relationship,
  • making the man feel emasculated, or
  • pushing him farther away with her own masculine energy (remember: as per the laws of romantic polarity, opposite energies attract, similar ones repel).

And so, as a feminine energy woman who desires an electrifying romantic relationship, her best bet is to let the man take the lead. By doing so, she also is filtering out any men who are not yet connected with their divine masculine energy.

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