4 ways to date like a Goddess

November 22, 2022

4 ways to date like a Goddess, an article for the woman who wants to learn how to date like a truly embodied woman.


As I was nearing the completion of my first book, I thought to myself, “I would be really bummed if I didn’t include a section solely about feminine dating in here.” 

In all honesty, looking at the number of single women that had been joining my inner circle, this felt too compelling to be missed out upon. All the theoretical and conceptual information needs to come with at least a small playbook of practical application, I thought. 

After all, husbands / lovers/ partners don’t fall from heaven.

Opening our heart and showing up in the world of dating is the bravest and the most powerful (masculine) action we can take in our single life to attract the kind of love our heart yearns for. 

And so here in this article, I am sharing with you a small excerpt about dating like a Goddess from my powerful book.

Call them pillars of success or tenets of feminine embodiment in dating, they’re simply 4 guidelines I want to offer you as a feminine embodiment expert whose one of the many jobs is to help singe women date like a Goddess. (You’ll find all 9 of them in my book Becoming a Goddess in love).

1. In the process of dating, don’t take anything personally 

It is in our most intimate relationships where our previously buried triggers find the space to rear their ugly head. 

When we have learnt to manage these emotional triggers by liberating them from their roots in our body, it becomes easier for us to not take anything personally when we show up in the world of dating.

We start taking responsibility for the volcanic eruptions of our suppressed emotions and stop taking everything that happens in our dating life personally. 

A woman connected with her feminine essence, a woman who embodies the Goddess within her in all parts of her life knows that in the space of dating, when men behave a certain way, they’re giving her a certain piece of information about them. She can objectively evaluate that piece of information and decide whether that inspires her to continue talking to them OR disengage and move on.

She is well aware that when both men and women show up in the world of dating, they bring with themselves their beauty, their radiance, their charm and sometimes their fair share of imperfections (in form of unhealed insecurities). 

She knows that when she has developed a habit of practicing compassion with herself, it becomes a little more easier to extend it to others as well and forgive them for their ignorance. 

So the next time you show up in the space of dating, remember to date like a Goddess, to not take everything personally, to not assume the worst of someone’s ambiguous words or actions. 

Clarify where there is lack of clarity, receive the message and act on it only if you find it valid. 

2. Make yourself your number One person

A Goddess in love knows that when she has a rich, fulfilling life of her own, she doesn’t have the space to pine for, yearn for, chase after men in her dating life.

Having a life of your own doesn’t just equate to having a wildly successful career and a big social network of friends. It also means that you have a healthy (and a very empowered one at that) relationship with yourself. 

An embodied woman knows how to understand her emotions, honour her feelings, validate them, sit with them, process them, all without dumping them on a man/ men/ people in general. She can take care of herself at all levels of her being- mental, physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual.

Taking responsibility in the matters of her heart is an everyday practice for her. She is not scared to practise her vulnerability in her love life and has the most embodied boundaries both inside and outside her dating life.

When you start dating like a Goddess, staying devoted to your heart’s deepest desires becomes your second nature.

You own your truth, you’re not afraid to express it.

You know that a man is a mortal being, a Divine medium to the feeling of love you truly desire, who may leave this world for another anytime in this unpredictable life. 

The one person who is going to stay with you from the beginning till the end of your mortal life is you. 

You owe it to yourself to build the most loving, empowering relationship with yourself, to protect your heart fiercely, to lead from a place of your unique truth, to love yourself in sickness and in health at all five levels of your being. 

No matter who comes and goes from your dating life, no matter who stays in till the end, you owe it to yourself to make yourself your priority.

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3. Recalibrate and then recalibrate one more time 

A Goddess in love knows that it is absolutely normal to feel jaded with her dating experiences every once in a while. In such moments, she gives herself the permission to take breaks, enjoy sacred pauses, going away from her dating field to reset and recalibrate her energy.

If you’re someone who has the habit of regularly recalibrating your intentions, you may skip this point. If not, then please know it is absolutely okay to take a break from dating every once in a while. 

This, in fact, is a brilliant example of taking responsibility for your emotional well being.

It is almost criminal to expect yourself to shine your radiance in your dating life from a burnt out state of being. It is equally unreasonable to expect yourself to flow in your sensuality if you’re feeling jaded from all your dating experiences.

This is one of the reasons I encourage my clients to incorporate a daily devotional practice of returning home to their heart, even if it’s for just ten minutes every morning or night.

When you show up in your dating life with the energy of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion, you’re basically trying to pour from an empty cup.

In contrast, when you show up feeling fully resourced in your being, dating doesn’t feel like work. You exude your energy, you shine your light without making any effort. That’s because now you’re pouring from the overflow in your saucer.

If you’re at a point in your dating life where you’re feeling depleted, I invite you to give yourself the time and space to recalibrate your feelings + intentions for your dating life and then see the magic.

4. Stay committed to your desires no matter what

They say it’s faith when you don’t see it happening and yet you believe that it’s happening for you.

So many times, when you don’t see results in your dating life, you end up questioning everything you are doing, you start doubting yourself and your desires. 

The process of staying committed to your desires involves trusting in the power of the Unknown. Trusting that when nothing feels like actually moving, it actually is. Living in surrender to the Divine orchestration of events, people, energies to call your desires in physical reality. 

We often mistake the meaning of surrender as giving up, when actually it means giving over to something way more powerful than we can imagine or see.

A Goddess in love knows that what she wants, exists. 

She knows that if she holds a desire in her heart for something, it exists for her. 

She truly believes that even if it may not show up in the same physical form she was hoping for or expecting, it will still show up for her.

This is where keeping an open heart helps tremendously.

When what you are looking for online is a committed relationship and all you get are matches looking for anything other than that, know that they’re leading you to your original desire. They’re just a small hurdle on the way that you can simply cross at the click of a button and move on towards your desired matches. 

When what you desire is marriage and you meet men who try to mansplain you into becoming their girlfriend first, know that they’re just some distractions that you can avoid by speaking from the place of your truth and owning what you want.

Each dating interaction in your life is only taking you one step closer to the love life you have envisioned for yourself.

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